A dinner date for my history book: Part 2

Part One

We drove to the restaurant, talking about driving styles, swearing with our children in the car, and again it was just easy and seamless. The kind of conversation of people who have known each other forever…or who just “click”.

We parked near the restaurant. I didn’t wait for him to come open my door – it didn’t even occur to me. Unlike Fox, I was not scolded. Fox would get super irritated when I’d dare open my own door. I enjoy a gentleman but his rigidity was unattractive.

As Jack and I walked, I noted his shoulder seemed lower than mine, and I wondered whether I was actually taller than he. It didn’t matter – of course I’d like someone taller but it is not a deal breaker. 

I was ahead of him when we arrived at the door and realized when I opened the door myself that he wanted to open it for me. So I backed off and he opened the inner door while I apologized for making it hard for him to be well-mannered.

It’s the little things that make me realize in my day-to-day life, I’m the boss, the leader, the one who is in charge. I’m sure it can be off-putting for some men. When a host says hi, I’m used to saying “table for two, please”. When a bartender asks if we’d like drinks, I’m used to answering first.

I held back. It’s not difficult (unless I get impatient) but I do need to remind myself to do it.

We sat at the bar while we waited for our table. I ordered prosecco and he ordered a microbrew on tap. He couldn’t read the taps at the end of the bar, so told me about his bad eyesight and how it will “just happen one day”, which is what all of my older friends tell me. He said “just wait, you’ll turn 45 and Bam!” I liked that he could joke about his age and aging.

There are so many small clues about someone if you are paying attention. Jack sat close to me, angling his body toward mine, and his legs were on either side of me. I liked it. He drank his beer slowly. He looked me in the eye when he asked me questions and when we toasted each other (pro tip: its bad manners to not do so). He made reference to things I’d told him.

We arrived at the restaurant around 8:45 and didn’t get up from our table until 11:30. It would take multiple posts to cover everything we talked about.

He’s been split from his ex-wife for 8 years, and several months ago he ended a 5-year relationship with a girlfriend he lived with. When he said yes, they were still under the same roof but not speaking, he looked me in the eye and said “Ann, it’s OVER.”

I told him it was a potential sore point given my last boyfriend moved back in with his ex girlfriend. With Jack, I’m not worried – they’ve sold the house and he’s moving out next week. His definitive statement on our second date was more than I ever received from Tony.

Jack has already figured out a lot about me. He’s in sales so he’s good at reading people. He listens. I’d told him about my job and that I was a planner at heart, and very analytical. He commented over dinner that it may be hard for me to be in the moment as a result.

He’s not wrong. And it wasn’t a criticism. He got me thinking nonetheless.

He didn’t hold my hand or try to touch me across the table. But shortly before we left, he got up from the table to come sit next to me on the banquette. He said “I wanted to sit next to you” but that’s not all he did. He enveloped one of my hands in his, and leaned in to put his lips behind my ear. He kissed me several times, moving his mouth lower on my neck.

I had shivers through my entire body. I cared not about the patrons next to us. It was such a turn on. Not just the act itself but how and when he did it. And that he did it in a busy restaurant.

At that point we mutually agreed it was time to leave. It was an excruciating wait to pay when all I wanted was to kiss him again. He paid, I thanked him. He grabbed my hand to hold it as we walked back to the car. He again opened my door for me and instead of getting in, I kissed him. We stood on the sidewalk kissing for several minutes before we pulled apart. He said “you’d better get in the car”.

I wasn’t sure he was going to come inside when he got to my place. I really wanted him to but I didn’t want to assume either way. But there was no question. We parked and he came upstairs. He wanted only water and it took us seconds before we were kissing again. The desire had been building over a three-hour dinner and we were not satiated by the earlier kisses.

We had what I would call an epic make out session on my couch.

Absolutely. Fucking. Epic.

14 thoughts on “A dinner date for my history book: Part 2

  1. Oh Ann! I can’t wait to read the rest!
    But just this is already more than a good start!
    About height… my ex was taller than me by about an inch. But his hips were lower than mine.
    And I’ve been with a very dominant man who was shorter than me. In the end, it didn’t really matter. He still made me feel much better about myself, through words and deed, than my ex ever had.
    I believe you are right: height isn’t everything!
    Looking forward to reading more about Jack.

  2. Hurry up and write part 2, please. I’m happy for you to feel so giddy! I hope things get even better as time progresses.

  3. I’m so happy for you!! I have been reading along but not making comments although I am enthralled like always. I love reading your writing. I can’t wait for Part 3!

  4. Wow! This Jack fellow seems a stand up guy like the other Jacks I’ve known….but I’ve got a feeling you didn’t let him stand for long.*wink*

    I am looking forward to the next installment, but I’m comfortable waiting, since these first 2 hint that part 3 was a success…for both of you!!! It’s the cliffhangers you write without a clue of the outcome…that drive me crazy…but, that’s a very short trip!!

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