The pursuit of Kyle.

I’ve avoided writing about him, but granted there is little to say. I’ve admitted I can’t get him out of my head – the man with whom I have three great times together, physical and intellectual chemistry, and who has a terrible track record of bailing on dates.


His appeal to me isn’t the chase; he’s on the surface very close to what I’m looking for, with some added bonuses. Crazily tall, dark, and handsome. A good job and unthreatened by mine, long-ago divorced with a good relationship with his ex, a family man who has taken his Mom on vacations. Intellectual banter and humor. Great kissing chemistry. And although I haven’t seen it, he seems to be packing a lot in his pants.

And yes, he has an annoying habit to go silent and be petulant when reminded of broken promises.

So yeah, there’s that too.

The last broken date was in December or early January. I’d reached out a few weeks earlier and we’d had a steady but infrequent text conversation. He planned to come for lunch, then had to cancel due to a sick child. I don’t fault him for the cancel, and he told me as soon as he found out, but given our history I expected more from him by way of apology or making up for it.

I send him a well worded text about misalignment of expectations and never heard back.

A few months later I reached out by text, saying I knew it had been a few months but wondering if he was still too busy or if he wanted to try again.

His quick reply? No, still busy but yes, wanted to meet.

It’s been several weeks of the usual communication style and us trying to match schedules. My travel schedule was way busier than usual which didn’t help.

It’s been just over a year since our first date. When I mentioned it, he texted “Happy Anniversary!”, and shortly after he asked me for dinner.


The excitement I felt at the prospect is exactly the feeling I’ve been missing for months. I knew I had to temper my excitement because the chance of him cancelling was 95%. I tried to ignore the signs that could mean this time was different, because I’ve been down this road with him before.

I failed at tempering my excitement. The “xoxo” after his Happy Mother’s Day text I tried to dismiss as habit. Him telling me he really looked forward to seeing me I discounted as… no, I’m lying. I couldn’t discount that one at all. I know intentions mean nothing without action, but there is something about this guy that seriously excites me.

As far as I know, our date is still on. We confirmed yesterday, including a time and rough location. Here’s hoping something can come of this.

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