The guy who won’t even spring for a coffee before sex

Online Dating Fail: I had to share this ridiculous exchange which occurred over a couple of days on Plenty of Fish. I met this guy (never wrote about him) on a hookup site when I first became single. We never met in person because he kept insisting we meet directly at a hotel.

But he reached out to me on POF and after reading his profile it seemed he may have shifted what he was looking for. It said he was looking for a relationship and he’d done a bunch of traveling. Here for your reading pleasure is our unedited exchange (my replies are inΒ italics):

i believe we chatted b4

Yes, we did. Probably over three years ago.

it was if i recall just to hookup sexually

Yes that’s correct. And we never managed to make that happen. We may have met on AFF? What are you looking for these days?

same as b4

Your profile says looking for a relationship lol

i keep my options open. you never know

Seems like a good approach

right now just want to please someone proper

That’s a very noble cause!

know of anyone who is deserving of pleasure

I have a friend who is, but I suppose I’d add myself to that list as well!

[later that day]

I was cleaning up some old emails this morning and found our old exchange. You kept insisting we meet for the first time at a hotel – if that’s still your M.O. then this won’t work πŸ™‚

or i can go back to thailand again

What does that have to do you with preferences for first meetings?

it would be only sex. why meet anywhere else

Because it’s not guaranteed sex if I don’t feel a connection. But have fun with the women willing to do that. If this approach works for you then great.

thanks for wastin my time again. no shock you took that route

25 thoughts on “The guy who won’t even spring for a coffee before sex

  1. What a gem! LMAO! Reminds me of far too many I’ve exchanged chats with that want to just come right over to my place! Ummm… NO!

    • Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous 3 years ago and the same thing again now. But I LOVED that he says he’s looking for a relationship on his profile and it just reinforces for me that people lie!
      Here’s the thing… it must work for him if he’s been doing the same thing for this long, right?

    • I’m surprised too, but I think it must. Even in my horniest days I only once or twice met someone at my place for a first meeting. It was dumb, but I’d even put that ahead of just straight up going to a hotel! I do remember a couple of other guys who refused to meet for a coffee or drink first – it was really inconceivable to me even if at the time I was pretty much a sure thing.

  2. Wow!
    I mean, the whole exchange is awful, but that last comment? What a narcissistic guy! Wasting his time?
    Gosh, I am sorry for whoever met him for real. Ugh!

    • I mean that you are assuming something about his makeup and desires, that if he continues down this path he will one day be unhappy. And while I will admit to agreeing with you that a lone wolf might suddenly find at 70 they made the wrong choices, I’m sure there are people out there content to be without a partner.

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