The way he feels.

He greets me with my favorite flowers (peonies) and champagne. Flowers that no other man has placed in my hands. Real champagne. He smiles at my response, telling me I deserve them, enveloping me in the kind of hug that fills my body and heart.

As I fuss with the flowers at the sink he comes up behind me to brush the hair off the back of my neck and kiss me, first tenderly then with increasing pressure as he buries his mouth in that sensitive spot behind my left ear, I feel his hot breath, and he grabs a hipbone in each hand with a groan.

I can barely get the flowers in the vase.

I turn around and we kiss – the kiss of lips long known to each other. He presses me against the counter and I can feel his hardness through his jeans.

His right hands slides from my hip to the back of my neck. He holds it firmly as he kisses me. A move known by few but which should be in every man’s repertoire.

We break apart to talk about work and family but before long he is pulling me by the hand to take me upstairs.

Standing face to face I have to tilt my face up to kiss him. I slowly unbutton his shirt to get my hands on his furry strong chest. “Oh god Ann, I miss your touch.” I relieve him of his shirt, and he removes my clothes to discover a strapless black lace bodysuit. He loves the snaps at the crotch. The bodysuit stays on.

I know what else he misses so slowly lower myself to my knees, kissing as I go. I tease my tongue along the waistband of his jeans. Looking up and smiling, I unbuckle his belt and take my time with his button fly.

I know he’s chosen his boxers for me and I murmur my approval as my fingers play with the growing shape within. His pants, boxers, and socks are deftly removed with one motion.

Soon after I make him feel like a goddamn rock star: I’m worshiping his cock. But my still-recovering ankle won’t let me stay in that position for long so we move so he’s sitting on the bench at the foot of my bed, and I kneel between his legs. We each love the view this provides. Every time I look up at him, over my dark-rimmed glasses, he is looking intently back at me with his dark brown eyes.Β 

“You’re so beautiful, especially with a cock in your mouth….well, with my cock in your mouth” he says, and he can feel me smile at the joke. I tease and lick and suck and ensure I take his balls in my mouth as well: I know how much he likes that.

He can’t take any more and sits up, lifting me by the shoulders and steering me to the bed. He gently pushes me back and I bounce off the sheets.

And it begins.

He takes his time between my legs, and my orgasms start. He’s gotten so much better at oral. since we first met. He takes him time and knows how to find the right spots, how to keep going even when I squirm, and how to add his fingers to better effect.

When he pulls himself on top of me, entering me with a smooth motion, I gasp. I think I always do with him; he commented once how much he loves to hear the little noises I make. He slides one arm under my shoulder-blade so his hand is beneath my neck, cradling it. It keeps us close. He bites my shoulders, hard. All the time we are moving together in sync, my hand on his waist and the other on his ass. This is some seriously passionate sex.

We switch positions numerous times: my legs on his shoulders, him holding my legs in front of him, me on my knees with my face pressed into the bed, him behind me. But this time, we end the way we started, him looking down at me with the rhythm building until he can’t take it anymore.

Afterwards, as I lay in the crook of his arm, my fingers twisting themselves through his chest hair, I reflect wistfully how nice it would be to have this all of the time. To be able to wake up to him pulling me into him, his morning hardness against my ass, and to go to sleep with his warm body next to mine.

It’s midday and we have a glorious afternoon nap. It’s rare for both of us thatΒ we can sleep this way, intertwined together. He tells me he I’m the only person he’s ever been able to sleep with like this.

But then again, it’s all rare with him.

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    • Anyway this was supposed to be about the moments and I was trying to write about intimacy and sex which I don’t do very often. Wouldn’t mind some comments on that lol…

      • Wow! Super hot! I haven’t read any blogs in years, this was a great one to get started with πŸ˜†

        Well-written and descriptive. Especially when it comes to his experience of the events, you capture it well. The humor adds a bit of charm to his character. You have dialogue that makes it more personal but doesn’t sound corny. You recount the day from a more generous and less selfish persepctive. You definitley capture the intimacy and the sex – nothing to be said there. The whole afternoon sounds very real to the reader.

        Since you aks for helpful comments, I’ll try my best. Basically, as a reader I still want vivid descriptions of the surroundings, scents and sounds, not just the sexual and intimate part. It makes the whole story more real to me.

        What kind of champagne was it? Was it already cold? Did he touch it to your skin? What color were the flowers? What material were the sheets? Did things get sweaty? What did his breath sound like? Was there music playing? Sensory elelemts like these help me as a reader better imagine myself in a situation (if that is the objective) Also, I might be better able to imagine things with a little more description of the space. I know you were in the kitchen then went upstairs to the bedroom – did you just walk up the stairs and resume activity in the bedroom or did you get propped up on the bannister and knock over a tonka truck (but I think your kid is older?) or something. I like to have information about the space to see the story.

        Also, I’d say maybe more build up about the sensations leading up to your orgasm – it kind of seems to happen suddenly (even though I am sure it didn’t – it just sounds this way because you focus on him) and the build up could have an effect on female readers. If you were starting to get there there doing what you were doing to him, you could call our attention to that fact and what it felt like – down there. We get a great description of the buildup to his orgasm, which makes sense coming from a generous person – and also makes it great for male readers. The female O is such a wonderful thing it deserves lots of attention, build up and description πŸ™‚

        Very courageous of you!! I hope you know I could also make an equally lengthy commen with praise, but I think that is not what you are asking for.

        Keep having fun gathering material for the next piece! πŸ˜‰

        • Thanks Albany! I didn’t expect such lengthy feedback but I do appreciate it – I had a number of readers who spent more time trying to figure out who this was about than commenting on the event πŸ™‚
          I don’t usually write this kind of stuff – I describe sex but it’s not often the focus of my posts.

          • I noticed that! I hope it was not too much – I know how it can be to try to get feedback. I was trying to be helpful. You are great at this and if it is a genre you would want to pursue, I see fantastic potential! πŸ™‚

      • Obvi. Didnt need to be said πŸ™‚

        Funny. I ran into Beaut last week. It did not end this way… but I wish it did. I miss our equivalent scenes, together. Some sex just cant be matched!

          • I panicked. Made sure to surround myself with the best male dancers and dance non-stop. He didn’t need to know that I suddenly developed two left feet.

            Took me about 40 mins before I could concentrate on dancing. The whole night, I new exactly where he was how close, how far, who he was talking to, how well he was dancing. That magnetic connection still is strong.

            The whole thing made me sad. But at least I looked fabulous.

  1. You took us(me) by surprise with this one. You have been posting about current events.

    You have not lost the touch. Your passion leaps off the page.

  2. Yes, this makes me wish for my lover’s arms. Could use them right about now.
    I like how you wrote about this Ann. (Since that’s the feedback you are trying to get, about the writing)

  3. Such wonderful passion!!!!!
    Okay.. It’s either Jake or Leo.. since you said it’s a rare thing and I know Leo has brought you peonies before.. but I could be all wrong. doesn’t matter…
    I long for a lover I used to see that makes love to me with such passion…

    • Leo has never brought me peonies. Flowers, yes. But actually I realize that the sailor guy last summer (can’t remember his blog name) had flowers for me on his boat but they were from his garden and not for me to take home… so I don’t count that πŸ™‚
      And yes, that feeling is why I wanted to dedicate a post solely to that intimacy and passion πŸ™‚

      • “[T]he sailor guy” was pseudonymously dubbed “Doug.” (Did that require research? Sadly, it did not. πŸ˜‰)

        Ah, good Ms. St. Vincent, you remain maven of—in all its forms—the attention-galvanizing blog-post. πŸ”₯πŸ†

  4. Ok, sitting here at work, reading your blog, and throbbing between my legs. I need to go do some work now, thankyouverymuch! πŸ˜‰ Very very nice writing, btw!

      • I think you’d be quite good at it. You seem to have natural knack for painting a picture with your words. You clearly have plenty of life-material to draw inspiration from. And you’ve already got the perfect pen-name for this genre. You could write your own books and publish them through Amazon.

        • Thank you JR. I’m sincerely flattered you think so. I am trying to figure out whether to do anything with what I’ve already written, but I hadn’t considered writing fiction.

      • Your words, as always paint a picture and set a mood that moves me! I’m sorry that my focus yesterday was on identification instead of the passion your writing so powerfully depicted. That said, if our attempts at an ID are correct, I remember a powerful poignant image from your last intimate encounter with this ex. Thank-you for sharing your talents with us.😊

  5. The finer moments of my life have played out just like that and looking back it’s the small wins that make life worthwhile. That was one damn hot read and I had to adjust myself too. Ever thought of about writing a book. There’s the opening lines?

    • Writing a book has crossed my mind, only because some of my readers have told me I should. Thank you very much for saying so. I’d like to do something with my content, but that isn’t the purpose of my blog, so at some point I may make a concerted effort.
      I’m glad you liked this post!

  6. “His right hands slides from my hip to the back of my neck. He holds it firmly as he kisses me. A move known by few but which should be in every man’s repertoire.”

    GREAT ADVICE!!!! I did this last night and she melted in my arms…..and then we sat down to dinner….not the best timing….

    • Hahaha! Yes, like Ann said… try again, you set the timing this time. And well… sometimes, dinner can wait! (I’m thinking of a post I’m currently writing…)

    • This is not a bad move for women either!
      This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I leaned down to touch Mrs. Nbrat’s arm to wake her. I needed to find out if she needed the alarm set. I’ve been scolded for waking her on the way out when she has the chance to sleep in, so I was surprised with her reaction this morning. She reached up behind my neck and pulled me to her and kissed me with a passion that I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t been able to concentrate since. I will go STRAIGHT home today!!!

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