a threesome with two stallions

A very thorough f*cking.

I’m sore in many places, from my core to my ass. And by ass, I mean anus ;), thanks to a particularly awesome threesome.

I have been thoroughly fucked, perhaps in the way only possible when you’ve had two lovers tag team you for hours.

If you don’t know that pleasure, add it to your list now.

I have seen both Lewis and Clark since my injury, but only once each and not together.

Clark travels frequently for work and he’s been gone much of the last couple of months. When he was last away, we set a date to see each other.

When the day came, I also reached out to Lewis to see what he was up to later. His response? “Fucking your face.” I cringed at the crassness but wasn’t disappointed I might have both of them in my bed.

I love it when a plan comes together. ย Clark arrived first and we had a chance to get caught up. Shortly after Lewis arrived we went upstairs.

Lewis and Clark quickly stripped off their clothes. I’ve trained Lewis well: he knows I like to be undressed (I find stripping oneself down to be unceremonious and unerotic), and now always does. It’s a small thing but it tells me there is at least a modicum of respect and interest. I’m not only a pussy – maybe 95% pussy ๐Ÿ˜‚.

I shouldn’t ever say a threesome is boring, but there is a certain drudgery to getting spitroasted and switching back and forth between partners over and over. It feels good, but there’s more to sex than that.

This time was better than any other experience I’ve ever had, as there was some serious creativity going on.

It started with the usual back and forth – each of them on a side of my bed, and my taking turns. I can’t even remember the sequence of events, but sometime after the usual positions, I was on my back with my legs over my head and knees almost touching the bed, Lewis at my head, his cock shoved down my throat and his hands holding my ankles. Clark’s hands were gripped on the back of my knees and he slammed into me over and over.

When I looked up, all I could see was Lewis’s chest, and portions of their faces. Their bodies were almost touching and for a moment I hoped they’d be making out – but this was not Andrew and Jason.

Lewis is a big man – 6’4″, muscular, with thighs as big as my waist. He is a former rugby and American football player. He does crossfit, yet moans about the extra pounds around his middle, not being in as good shape as he was 20 years ago, and that his penis occasionally lets him down. I have no problem with any of his woes.

Clark is almost a decade younger, and slightly shorter than I. He is sleeker than Lewis yet insanely muscular with a rock hard body and a harder cock. Although he’s smaller than Lewis, he’s still at least 8″, so plentyย for me.

When I’m with the two of them, if I’m forming any coherent thought it’s usually “sweet fuck, am I a lucky girl”.

Later, Clark asked if I wanted to be DP’d (double penetrated), so I asked which type they had in mind. We tried a semi-failed attempt at double vaginal, as Lewis couldn’t stay as hard as necessary. The mechanics are a little tricky!

There was a desire to try vaginal and anal at the same time, but I was frankly a little nervous and told Lewis he’d have to go slow. The man packs a girthy 9″ after all.

I don’t remember exactly how it all happened, but at one point I was on all fours sucking Lewis’s cock while Clark was behind me. He finger fucked me, and then slowly added more and more fingers until his whole fist was inside me. Lewis chipped in with his own hands and I came over and over.

Then Clark moved to my ass. There were fingers in both orifices and more orgasms. I muttered to him I wasn’t prepared for it – I was thinking about poo, honestly, and was worried of making a big mess. See “prior experience with an anal threesome”.

I don’t know what Lewis was doing; I may have been giving him oral, as slowly Clark worked his big dick into my ass. It felt incredible enough I stopped worrying about what would happen when he pulled out. It did cross my mind that taking my ass was something Lewis has always wanted, and I wondered whether he’d care that Clark got there first. But there was no space in my mind for such worrying – my mind that could only think guttural thoughts while body parts were tended to by these lovers.

Clark came inside me with a loud exclamation. I tottered to my bathroom with weak legs clean up and to get him a towel. I have dark red sex towels because white is such a bad idea.ย I prayed it wouldn’t be too messy. Then I started giggling nervously and when they inquired, I told them the story of Jason and Andrew. They had a similar “so what” reaction, and my anxiety that perhaps Clark would never be back after a shitty (ahem) experience, diminished.

Clark got dressed while Lewis kissed me and said “I’m not done fucking you yet.” Clark showed himself out and Lewis and I got back down to business. I was ready for more and he gave it to me.

Making Lewis cum is a distinct pleasure, because it doesn’t happen easily. He’s self-trained to last a long time, so when we do manage to make it work, I feel particularly pleased with myself.ย 

It made two of us.

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  1. Darn girl, that sounds like you had a great time. I love a DP also except as you say, sometimes the mechanics are a little tough. We buy bar towels for sex, a.k.a. fuck towels, as they come by the dozen and you can bleach them or just pitch if necessary.

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