Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Leo comes clean.

“Can we talk? My head has been churning all week and there is something I need to tell you.”

This from Leo, the day I left for my overnight business trip. In order to skip ahead to the good stuff, suffice it to say I agreed to hear what he had to say, and he came over to my place the evening I returned.

I was prepared for a semi-desperate attempt on Leo’s behalf to win me back or for him to argue me out of what I was feeling or wanting. And while yes, what he chose to share with me was about trying to keep me in his life, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

And in the face of Leo’s honesty, I was honest in return.

We talked for almost three hours.

There is so much to write and I have no time at the moment. So lest I be accused of any deliberate cliff hanger creation, here’s the outcome of those three hours:

  • Leo and I are going to date again. Based on what he’s told me, I’m giving us another chance.
  • We are NOT going to be exclusive.

There you have it.

Somehow I don’t think knowing the conclusion makes it better 🙂

16 thoughts on “Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Leo comes clean.

  1. Well good!! All in all I’ve always thought highly of Leo in how caring he was throughout your surgery and recovery.
    He really is a good friend to you Ann. And sounds like he’s still going to be your lover too.. just not exclusive.
    You know what you need and I’m sure he does too now.

  2. Ahahaha, THIS is your attempt at avoiding cliffhangers? lolololol.

    If you are happy, I’m happy.

    Meanwhile BlogPost Boy STILL has not acknowledged the initial lovely blog post, or anything subsequent, including yesterday’s. I conclude that he deems me a Stage 17 clinger, and is only refraining from a restraining order bc of the ocean that separates us.

    I wanna crawl under a rock. How did this happen? I am adorable, I think?!

    Men. Dating. The worst.

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