Two steps forward and one step back.

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I had some decisions to make. Did I believe him? Mostly. I knew there was a chance he was telling me what he thought I wanted to hear, but seeing how uncomfortable he was, and the way he told me, led me to believe there was far more truth to his words than lies.

I didn’t write it all out, but I did challenge him on a number of things during our conversation. The most important for me was how it was possible he didn’t feel comfortable with me, given how open I’d been with him about my own sexuality.

We talked about his attitudes toward women. How he made the transition from looking for casual to meeting me and wanting more. Why he said he wasn’t sure he could be exclusive. Whether it was true I surprised him on our trip by asking about exclusivity (which I thought was a load of BS).

I explained how disappointed I was to have served up lots of opportunity for us to be more sexually adventurous, and he never took me up on it. That I needed to have a more interesting sexual relationship. That I needed him to sort out his weight and associated ED issues. That I needed to be with someone who could be open and honest with me. That I needed him to tell me when he thinks I’m beautiful and to whisper encouraging and dirty things in my ear when we were intimate.

We had a frank discussion of my liking being told to “cum for me” but “are you my dirty slut” is too much. There was quite a lot of laughter at that point.

I verbally pushed and prodded and looked for holes in his logic and what he was telling me. I asked him a lot  of questions. We covered a lot of ground. I didn’t simply accept what he said, and I told him what I needed.

Bottom line? I believed him enough to try again – to a point. I was (and still am) cynical about his ability to follow through on his intentions. After all, if Tony taught me anything, it’s that I am far too patient with intentions unsupported by actions. However, after what was a heartfelt and seemingly honest opening up, I couldn’t stay broken up.

I no longer remember how we verbally got there, but when he said he hoped I’d be willing to keep seeing him, I agreed. Then I told him I wasn’t ready to be exclusive with him just yet. He said that was fine, and I challenged him. “Why Leo? Why are you okay with being with me but not exclusively, when you told me before you didn’t think you could knowingly share me?”

He didn’t really know how to explain it but he said he knew it would be fine. He said he doesn’t know what the future holds for us, but he wants a chance to be with me. He asked why I thought I’d be okay with it. I said “well, to be honest I’m not sure you’ll be able to act on the things you are telling me, so I want to take it a bit slower to see how we progress, but I also want to continue to see you to give us a chance.”

He said “Ann, you’re able to put into words what I think but can’t say myself. Thank you.”

He crossed my living room to my couch to kiss me, hard. He pulled away and said “I don’t want to start what I can’t finish”.

Incredulous, I said “I’m sorry, what? You came to my house to tell me all of this and now you’re going to leave?”

He texted his ex to see if she could cover the pick up one of their children needed. He was back kissing me in 2 minutes.

We went upstairs, where I was eager to see whether I would see, hear, or feel a difference. He was a bit more verbal, but he had hydraulics issues which limited my research opportunity. I wasn’t disappointed, nor was I elated.

But there had been a buzzing thought in my brain for a couple of hours by then. A thought which acknowledged how much he had opened up to me, and laid himself bare. A thought which kept repeating like a broken record: “Ann, you have a secret.”

I’d pushed it to the side but laying in my bed with him, I could no longer ignore it. I took a deep breath and said

“Leo, there’s something I need to tell you.”


Image from the 1955 movie “Stella”

28 thoughts on “Two steps forward and one step back.

  1. Ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! So I’m going to guess that you came clean Ann?
    I know, I know.. I’ll have to wait till your next post. Lol!

  2. I love a good cliffhanger!

    …as long as it’s a short cliff…I can wait…for a while…please…I’m ok…post soon…

    I’m going to set an alarm to wake up each hour to see if you’ve posted your secret.

  3. For whatever it’s worth I don’t think things add up with this guy. If he has erectile issues with a women that he is comfortable with, how is he sleeping with an average of three women a month? And while you don’t have to be wild and kinky to have a lot of sex, you have to be pretty comfortable with your body and your sexuality to make that happen. It just doesn’t really add up.

    • His ED issues are new and related to two things: recent (last 6 months) significant weight gain, and his mental issues with me and an inability to be his free self. I don’t think I’ve said, a few months prior to his meeting me he was not pursuing casual stuff with the same intensity. He was getting tired of it.

      Does that make a difference to your opinion?

        • Actually I realized something about this… he didn’t have an issue (I believe / hope) with my “whoreness”, he had an issue with his own. Which is a bit different. Again I could be proven wrong but this is based on what I observed before as well as what he’s said.

          • No. You’re the madonna: relationship-worthy, a good girl. And therefore unfuckable in ‘all the ways’ because only dirty sluts do that and he can’t be doing that dirty stuff with women he actually likes and respects etc. THAT’S how his madonna-whore thing works.

            The complex is always about the person who has it and it demonstrates a fundamental level of misogyny (which he/they will deny: “but I LOVE women”).

            So to have the great sex, his head needs to turn you into the whore. Which is a problem because whores are a different, lower level of woman. Because, you know, good women aren’t capable of sexual agency or desire or mad passionate dirty sex because ‘that’s what whores do and whores don’t get respect, I can’t like a whore’.

            He pretty much said out loud that he thinks this way, so it doesn’t seem like an unknown.


          • Hmm. I am really thinking about this, so thank you for bringing it up. I didn’t hear him say it that way, it was all about him and his comfort with his sexuality, but perhaps that is just a cover for what’s really going on?

      • No, it really just doesn’t add up to me still. You’ve mentioned his weight numerous times and his rapid weight gain which I know supposedly has connection to ED. If his weight gain was that significant in a short period of time then he has some other psychological issues to deal with beyond the uncooperative cock. I also don’t buy that he was so hung up about his feelings for you that his willy wouldn’t work. Either he’s making up the women, or he’s making up the excuse. That’s my 2 cents for what it is worth, which is not much at all! lol

        • I’m not sure that his weight gain was rapid; I suppose I should define my terms 🙂

          He’s been gaining weight steadily for a while, I think about the past year. He also had a surgical procedure, after which he said he noticed the ED also occurring. And to be very clear, he hasn’t said that his feelings for me caused the issue. But I do believe it’s true that sometimes ED can be mental as well, and if he was conflicted about whether to tell me about his sexual history and desires, then that could play into it.
          I 100% don’t think he’s lying about the other women. There’s also no doubt in my mind that his weight plays a big role in the ED. So I’m not sure whether any of that helps clarify or change your mind but wanted to share those other tidbits.

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