Period sex, exclusivity, and a boyfriend.

I’m writing this on my phone, on the beach on the sun, whilst Leo is playing beach volleyball 100 metres  away. Apologies for any mistakes…I will fix them when I’m at my computer again.

We are on Day 3 of 5. It’s been very nice so far.

My body failed me and decided to start my period the first day of our trip. I knew there would be some overlap but was expecting it to be wrapping up by the start. Leo said he didn’t care, thank goodness. But menstrual cramps and having to jump to the bathroom to take out a tampon as a man starts to put his hands down your pants is super annoying.

Shortly after getting our room the afternoon of Day 1, we got messy. REALLY messy. Leo fisted and fucked me and made me squirt. There was a large puddle of blood and wetness and bloody hand prints on the sheets and pillows. When we later discovered the maids changed the sheets during the turn-down service I commented we should make sure to leave a big tip.

Laying in bed one night I asked Leo the question I’d been putting off – why hadn’t he asked about exclusivity. He looked puzzled for a moment and I filled in “or was it because you thought we already were?” And he said “yeah”.

He said he knew I wasn’t dating anyone else and neither was he. I was waiting for him to ask for confirmation, but he didn’t. It’s a true statement I haven’t been dating anyone else, but I have fucked a couple of guys. Nobody new, if that matters.

He didn’t ask, and I didn’t volunteer.

I said “so does that mean you’re my boyfriend?” Yup. And although he hasn’t referred to me as his girlfriend to anyone, he thinks of me as such.

It’s a nice thing, to not have to fight for this and to not worry. But neither am I over the moon… and clearly I need to figure out why. I suspect it has to do with Tony and continuing to let him go. Maybe not. But at the moment we are going to go make out in the ocean and perhaps I won’t think about it for a few minutes at least.


Image from the 1955 movie “Stella”

20 thoughts on “Period sex, exclusivity, and a boyfriend.

  1. Well if you’re not over the moon happy I am for you!!!!!!
    Ann…. have a great time and keep on smiling and loving Leo!

  2. He didn’t mind the convo? It would have made me SO nervous.

    How mature you guys are.

    Love it. Love that you are honest with your feelings too. Looking forward to following your self-analysis.

  3. Why am I getting the feeling you are just going through the motions with Leo? You sound a bit detached. Are you missing the drama?

    You are on a beautiful tropical 🌴 vacation with a man who adores you and doesn’t give you angst. He seems to be mature, thoughtful, monogamous & satisfies you in bed, but I get the feeling you aren’t all in on this. Am I wrong? I hope so – you deserve a good man and a loving relationship.


    • I’m not missing the drama – not at all – but there are some things which aren’t wonderful. I know that’s probably normal so am working through it. His penis hasn’t been working which is frustrating. There are a few other things as well – none of it a show stopper – and the shadow of Tony isn’t completely gone. So I’m giving it time, not trying to get ahead of myself. Letting myself enjoy it and seeing how I feel 🙂

      • I know that sexual satisfaction comes in many forms…but for me…good old intercourse*…with plenty of skin contact…is important for sexual intimacy. There was a time that weight issues(both of us) made it (almost) impossible, and the intimacy suffered.
        However talented Leo is with his hands, etc, I hope he addresses his “problem”…before it becomes a deal breaker.
        *i couldn’t make myself write f–king above!

  4. I know I’m dangerously close to my comment limit, but….was that a collective groan of disappointment I heard from Lewis, Clark, and Todd?

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