I’m popular because I made a f*ck machine

I was playing around with Google Analytics today and doing some blog maintenance. While I knew “making a sex machine” and its derivatives is often one of the top searches that gets people to my blog, I didn’t realize how often.

Over 39,000 times – since I switched to self-hosted last Spring. I know that post gets around 120 hits a day, so seems right.

It’s funny – it drives my site traffic but not engagement. People don’t hang around and read my story – they are looking for instructions.

I re-read the post today and it still makes me giggle. Because really, it’s ridiculous. The box has sat under my bed since the time I tried it. The reciprocating saw hasn’t been used. Somehow I think if I tell Leo, he’ll try it.

Here’s the post link: Making my own f*ck machine.

9 thoughts on “I’m popular because I made a f*ck machine

  1. I found you by reading comments on The Bloggess when she was announcing book tour dates. I can’t find it now, but your latest post was listed and it had a title that similarly caught my attention. I had no idea that I would be caught up in your greater story.

  2. I remember the story well. The idea terrified me at the time and it still makes my eyes water. I wouldn’t stick my tool in a power tool!!! Bravo Ann. You’re a brave woman.

    It’s interesting that that post drives site traffic but not engagement. My review of the Fleahlight servers a very similar role for my blog. I think the folk that stick around are usually those who’ve read my comments on other people’s blogs.

  3. I had forgotten about that story, and had to go back and read it. I love your candor and humor. I actually think that you ought to write a book some day as I think your experiences would make a very shocking (for most people) best seller!

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