Alan breaks the 5-minute barrier by a long shot

While I’m doing a great job not getting ahead of myself with Alan – or writing him off too fast – I will admit I was a wee bit worried sex with him was going to be unsatisfying.

While I’m hardly the model of athleticism (despite some new muscles gained from 6 months of twice-weekly visits to my trainer) I can fuck like a demon. I can only think of a few men who made me beg for no more sex. And that includes a fair number much younger than I.

If sex had prizes, I’m told I would win “best rider” and “most insatiable”. I have no idea whether the men who said it were genuine, and I don’t particularly care. I mention it only to demonstrate that despite any extra padding around my middle and my ass, I’m a champion fucker.

I mention it only because I don’t automatically assume someone a bit heavier won’t be a great lay. Alan is a big boy. He’s strong and muscular but has a significant gut. He’s also losing weight through better eating and exercise. This is important to me because I’m trying to do the same.

But after having sex twice with neither times lasting more than several minutes, I was a little concerned.

One date, I greeted him at my front door wearing nothing but a sports jersey and thigh-high socks from Tony. I wanted to create a non-Tony memory in them. Even then, with him ravishing me on my entrance steps, it didn’t last. On second thought, maybe that’s why it didn’t.

He mentioned earlier he was resisting masturbating because he wanted to have a big load for me. I wasn’t sure how to suggest perhaps the exact opposite approach would be better. Every man I’ve had sex with who can last a long time credits extensive masturbatory practice. He came to the right conclusion on his own, texting perhaps it would be better for him to increase stamina instead.


Then we had our next date.

Although we easily could have just made out in my house for the whole evening, he wanted to go out for a drink, so we went to a local pub. A few drinks, food, and good conversation later, we went back to my place…

…and proceeded to have pretty stellar sex by any measurement. Can you give me a “hooray”?

Alan is the type of man who gets off on getting me off. He is therefore motivated by being even better at doing so. He is keenly interested in learning how to work my body. He asks questions and likes feedback. He’s a quick learner. He’s very tactile; loves to touch. If we are together, his hands are touching me and his mouth is kissing me.

It’s really rather delightful. I’m lapping it up.

I like his bulk on me. I like the way he slides his arm under my arm pit, across my back, to hold the back of my neck (by the way, that’s one of my favorite moves. Tony did it too. Not sure why more men haven’t figured it out.) I like how he growls when he’s excited. I like his strong hands and firm grip. I like how he explores every part of my body like he’s trying to memorize it. I like that he likes to massage.

I simply like him.

He kissed and rubbed and thrusted and teased. I came over and over and over and over again. He asked whether he got the right spot for a g-spot orgasm with his hands and I didn’t need to say anything other than “oooooohhhhhhh” for him to know he got it right. He’s trying to make me squirt and pretty sure he will succeed.

It was amazing. As I said, it was great sex by any measurement.

Better yet, perhaps?

He has never shown up empty-handed. The first time it was a bounty of wonder. Next time, he’d made homemade soup – which was delicious. This time, it was a caramel covered apple.

He sends humorous yet sexy text messages. He’s affectionate. Seems to have his mental shit together and no relationship baggage.

The next morning, I woke up to an empty bed but something wonderful tickling my nose. He’d made me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. Eggs, bacon, toast, some cheese, berries… the only thing he didn’t do is make a latte, because the machine is not the most intuitive. But later he did ask me to show him how to use it.

He refused to let me do anything….he went back downstairs to grab the thing that was missing.

I was tended to and adored.

And it was really fucking awesome.

23 thoughts on “Alan breaks the 5-minute barrier by a long shot

  1. Sounds like a keeper to me also. If he wants to make you squirt have him research the a-zone as that’s almost a guaranteed way to turn you into a fountain. Get a thick towel or water proof protector on your mattress also.

  2. Hmmm… breakfast in bed? Yummy (in more than a tasty way)!
    I like how you describe all this Ann. You seem to really like this guy. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.

  3. I think Ann you are provided with solid evidence that most of men worthy to date first need to flirt with you,get to know you,get charmed by you, and…. then they unwrap their sexual prowess.
    Hope you agree that sex is really great when partners use it to conquer each other and not just for releasing their lust.Ballistic sex at first sight does exist,but alone is rarely good enough.A homemade soup or caramel covered apple are equally necessary ingredients,even for fucking demons!

  4. Home made soup, candy apple and eggs & bacon? Perhaps he should cut down on all that?
    Only joking! I’d be over the moon if someone brought be breakfast in bed. Especially if they’d fucked me that well.
    Long may it (and he) last.

  5. Awesome!! You’re getting treated and tended to the way you richly deserve Ann! A+ for Allen!!! And I’m still waiting to meet his twin dammit! LOL!

  6. “I was tended to and adored.
    And it was really fucking awesome.”

    And about fucking time!!!
    Give that man a shot and a Bud!! Or, a draught mild and bottled brown!!(Boilermaker à l’Américain or continental. [Maybe a Purdue University banner?])

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