Who needs a man?

My toilets have been acting up.

Many months ago, the one in Liam’s bathroom started to sigh when it flushed. Literally sounded like a high pitched human sigh. But it still worked so we just laughed about it, but I occasionally gave it a backwards glance when leaving to make sure there were no ghosts in the room.

Then there was drama of my toilet overflowing – which resulted in not only water damage to the living room ceiling below, but to my smoke detector, which decided to go insane when filled with water. It cycled through every sound it could make. My nanny was too panicked and too short to reach to turn it off. The net result was a freaked out nanny and a child scared to flush a toilet πŸ™„.

Then the main floor toilet started acting up. It got really loud every time it flushed, perhaps in protest of the treatment of its kin.

And like unionized workers who decide enough is enough, all three toilets decided to continually flush. Lifting the tank cover to push down the flap each time was a pain.

My child started talking of fear of toilets and flooding.

So one weekend morning we took a trip to the local hardware store. I had done some online research on the various internal parts of a toilet. I asked a store employee a few questions, and we left with three kits to replace the internal parts.

Over lunch I scanned some videos on you tube to see what I’d gotten myself into and to pick up pro tips.

And the over the course of the next hour and a half, I proceeded to fix every toilet in my house. The kid decided to videotape some of the fun. He helped with a few things; I wanted him to lose the fear he had.

They are now perfect. Quiet and obedient.

Well, Liam’s still sighs sometimes, but I’ve concluded the root cause is literally deeper than I could address.

I was disproportionately pleased with myself. Liam was interested in knowing how much money we saved by not hiring a plumber. Everyone I have mentioned my project to has been impressed. Tony said it was “hot”.

If only other things were so easy.

19 thoughts on “Who needs a man?

  1. Awesome job Ann! And bonus…you didn’t have to see a plumbers butt crack! (Of course in my mind he’d have a really cute butt!) πŸ˜‰

  2. My single mom did it all. She had to.\. As a result all three of us girls learned to do what we had to. Men are nice to have, but we need to know that they are not absolutely necessary…

  3. It feels good to know you can do it, doesn’t it?
    As for the sighing toilet… do you live in an area with lots of limestone? If so, the lime dissolved in the water can slowly clog up pipes and other areas, especially where water stays stagnant (and where more than a toilet?).
    If that’s the case, one way t help is to use vinegar to dissolve the lime. Add some to the tank regularly, and you may need to take down the inflow pipe and soak it overnight in vinegar (coke works as well).

    It may not be that at all, but… it’s a cheap fix when your water has high concentrations of lime πŸ™‚

    Yes, if only the rest could be that easy, or that empowering! Oh, but wait… maybe it is, it’s just that there are no Youtube videos with step by step instructions and we’ve got to figure it out by ourselves πŸ™


  4. I had to change the toilet inners of my first place when I moved out. I felt like such a bad ass when I figured it all out. That’s when I realized that all home repair jobs can be figured out with a YouTube video – LOL. You were smart to include Liam on the repair process — a handy, capable man is so attractive……

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