3 nights of 2am (Part 1)

I wrote about Lewis and Todd last week. I was smitten and smiling randomly the next day – I always find the dichotomy of being a mom and corporate suit as well as the woman who has threesomes pretty amusing.

I told Lewis I would love a repeat before Todd went back home. The text reply that made me smile even more?

How about tomorrow night, 8:30?


It was on. I had trouble focusing at work if I let my mind wander for even a few seconds. But it was all good.

I got my period that night; there was no way I’d be lucky enough for it to hold off another day. I knew Lewis was cool with it and hoped Todd would be the same, but had to let Lewis know and waited impatiently to hear the verdict.

I had been day dreaming about seeing Todd again; I wanted to get to know him better and perhaps just 1:1. So when Lewis told me he may not be able to join because he had an event for his daughter’s school, I wasn’t heartbroken. I suggested I would be be okay seeing Todd alone, if he was also willing.

Sometimes I can be subtle. 

Then Lewis told me he had arranged a third man for me, someone I hadn’t met before, but he really wanted to be there “for introductions” so would cancel the third. He told me the thought of me alone with Todd really turned him on. He asked me to tell him everything that happened, and expressed a bit of jealousy Todd could get my ass before he did.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Lewis?

I didn’t know until much later in the day whether Todd was still coming. But he was, later in the evening.

But as it turned out, Lewis arrived first, after his school event. I was exceedingly nervous and had made a pitcher of dark n’ stormys, with alcoholic ginger beer of course. I was making my way through the pitcher. Lewis joined me.

Todd arrived well after 10. We smoked up together, had drinks, talked about politics and the recent killings in the USA. Not a great pick me up topic but mentally stimulating.

Then Lewis said he had to go home. We hadn’t touched each other yet. We had a quick rendezvous in my kitchen, he told us to have fun, he kissed me goodbye and wished us well.

As he released his hold of me, over his shoulder watching a naked Todd traipse up my stairs, I whispered “are you sure?”

He said “yes”.

I followed Todd up the stairs.

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17 thoughts on “3 nights of 2am (Part 1)

  1. Looking forward to part 2! You just know that the line “expressed a bit of jealousy Todd could get my ass before he did” caught my attention, not because of the jealousy part though 🙂

  2. Oh the images this has caused in my head!! Love a nice ass on a man and I’m just hanging on to hear the rest. Lewis sounds like a gem!!

  3. Patience being one of my (hardest to go along!) professional requirements,I am confidently looking forward to Part 2
    .Give,please, each other a break.Your affair will only exist&consumed, if posted!

  4. It was meant to urge you to post.
    At the same time it was an attempt (failed it seems) to joke on an ages-old philosophical question: when do things happen?when they actually do or when we perceive them and take notice of?
    Not to elaborate “in abstracto”,my hint was that what happened upstairs (have no doubt it did!) is in limbo, as long as it is not communicated/posted.
    In my humble opinion, the experiences of your marvelous journey through marriage etc take full effect ,are fully consumed at the time you post them and we read them. Isnt`it your reason for writing this blog?
    Anyway I wouldn`t ever be interested and hooked, should I had the slightest suspicion I `ve been reading fiction.The whole value of your blog is that it mercilessly records lived experiences,it records you and your life…

    • Thank you Jules, sincerely. Love the philosophical question. You are quite right that sometimes writing about something makes it more real for me. Certainly makes me face what I’m doing – so at times when I don’t want to write about it, it means I don’t want to face it. I pay close attention when that happens. Tony is a good example, but it’s also because I feel I have nothing new to say.
      And for good or for bad, this is my life. xo

  5. Hope,sincerely, one day we will discuss, over a decent drink, your journey (that you so generously share), its impact on us,the motley crowd of your readers, and the relevant philosophical questions.But I have miles to go and promises to keep before I return somewhere close to your city…

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