We made our own BBC party.

Lewis and I hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks – mostly due to my vacation schedule. Unless I’m willing to see someone when I have Liam, I’m on a two week cycle. And sex with Lewis is rather, ahem, vigorous.

I wrote my last post while waiting for him to come over. It was a mostly typical Lewis encounter that night. We have a drink, talk about work (this time there wasn’t much talking), we go upstairs, undress, but of foreplay, he pounds away forever, we talk more, he goes home.

In some ways it was a bit different.

I greeted him at the door naked except for lace panties, with his drink in my hand. Hence why the shop talk was cut short.ย 

He actually orgasmed, which is unusual (it takes a reallyย long time).ย It was through manual stimulation which he’s also not done in front of me. He falls asleep right away after cumming, and this time he stayed overnight. The last time he saw the morning sun at my place was the first time we were dating, last summer.

After a bit of spooning in the morning we had another round of sex. And if I don’t sound excited about it – I’m aware my language is rather flat – it’s not that it’s not good, it’s just always the same and it doesn’t engage my heart. He’s technically proficient, with a stunningly muscular body and big cock. None of these are bad things. But I can’t write about great-but-mechanical sex with the same language I would describe the sensuality that is Tony, for example.

And I refuse to see any of the little intimacies with Lewis as anything other than a) oxytocin in the moment or b) a reasonable level of mutual liking of each other.


At some point in the week, Lewis told me about a weekend afternoon BBC party at a sex club a half an hour from my place. We planned to go together. I hadn’t been to a sex club in a year. Last summer, between breaking up with Tony and meeting Fox, I had many crazy / fun / wicked experiences. Despite some invitations, I just haven’t felt it since. When this girl can go to a gang bang party solo, I can certainly show up solo on a regular night.

I picked a hung-over-but-game Lewis up at his place. It was the first time I saw where he lived and the first time I ever had him in my car. We drove and we talked and when we arrived at the club we noticed the distinct lack of cars. Two juicy bottomed women were sitting outside in chairs, smoking. When we walked up to them the one complimented me on my dress and then mentioned the start time of the event was wrong on the website and it didn’t start for another 45 minutes.

I wondered whether Lewis made them wet just looking at him.

We returned to my car to talk and decided we would stay and see who showed up and then make a call. He did most of the talking – like many men he doesn’t ask questions, which I chalk up to a basic lack of interest in me as anything more than what we have.

By the start time we were still the only ones in the parking lot. Well us and the two smoking women. We decided we would make our own party at my house and promised each other we would go to the next BBC party that worked for our schedules.

We didn’t have much time but we made the most of it. See above for the standard description of sex with Lewis.

I will see him again in a couple of weeks. With none of my close male friends available and nobody in my dating pool, he is going to again accompany me to a formal event. There is something nice about having a reliable date. One who won’t bail or ghost, who will say nice things about how I look, engage me in decent conversation, and fuck me silly at the end of the night.

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  1. He sounds so self-absorbed. It’s simple manners and common courtesy to ask about you and your life, hobbies, interject something, etc. and not just talk about himself. Even though you like being around him, he’s very inconsiderate. I would pipe in and say ‘hey, can we do something really different and you listen to me for a change?’ Who cares if he gets miffed, it needs to brought to his attention that he’s being an inconsiderate egotist. You’re entitled to more than you’re receiving imho.

  2. When you can’t find the party, make your own!

    With his shortcomings as boyfriend material, at least he’s good for the occasional date and fucking you silly.

  3. A dating of convenience for you both.At least he keeps you sexually “en forme”,warm and ready for something/ someone exciting.Not a bad strategy,on condition it remains such (a strategy!)

  4. Ok, I have to ask at the risk of being gauche…is BBC all that it’s cracked up to be? So many folks fetishize it or seem kind of obsessed and I figure that it has to be a lot of hype.

    • Lol no worries. I enjoy larger men, haven’t had any crazy big ones, so that’s all it’s about. Not the first “B” part of it. But the contrast of our skin is pretty cool, and in my experience, tend to like big bottomed women so I always feel rather worshipped.

      • I have, and its a problem. Like a painful one, unenjoyable. The first time I saw it, I stepped back in horror, and told him the party was over, to zip it up, I wasn’t touching it. Which, looking back, is pretty hilarious, but not exactly sexy.

        I too LOVE the contrast in skin colors, especially when there are mirrors around. And similarly, I have the body shape that allows for quite a bit of mutual enjoyment ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I think I’m a bit like balletandboxing. Too big would probably scare me. For the record, all the black men I’ve been with (and there are now a good few, even if not an enormous amount) DIDN’t have a huge cock. It wasn’t lacking in any sense, but nothing huge about it. One had a very long cock but didn’t know how to use it or me for that matter, so it wasn’t much fun!

      But I do love the skin tone contrast, And I got to realize not long ago that so do the men. The Dancer mentioned that I shouldn’t tan too much, because alabaster looked good on me. He’s a lucky man, my skin barely saw the light last summer :/ (I’d have preferred it differently!)

      I do however agree that they tend to like women with generous curves, and I definitely fit the bill there too, so… it makes for some fun all around.
      This said, I once told a man this, and he exclaimed that my curves had nothing to do with the reason he was drawn to me. He apparently usually goes for lighter women… Ah well!

  5. PS> We Americans say BBD, big, black dick. I dated a black guy (who looked like Denzel Washington and drove a Porsche and he let me drive it on the Autobahn) and I’m white and all my friends asked if it was true about black guys and I said it was with this one. Also the saying: once you’ve gone black, you never go back. But that didn’t happen with me. I married a German.

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