A small-town hookup.

I was away for work for one night. A town I couldn’t get to on a direct flight, so I suffered annoying airport layovers and airplanes so tiny the smallest of carry on bags won’t fit.

Two days of travel for a few hour event; just for me to shake hands and congratulate team members and say thank you. Drink some wine and eat appetizers. I didn’t have Liam and was happy to do it. It’s a seaside town which I love.

I arrived without incident.

As I pulled the rental car into the valet parking for the hotel, I noticed a very cute, very young valet. He came over to retrieve my cars keys, and recited his script of “where are you joining us from today?”

Turns out he used to live in my city and was travelling there the next day. I asked what was taking him back and he sheepishly said “well I will be seeing an ex there…so you know…stuff might happen.” I tittered and said “well sure, that’s what happens with exes.” And then we were joking about it being too early in our relationship to talk about what happens between execs.

He said “well maybe if you’re at the hotel later we can talk about it”.Β My grin at being flirted with carried me right to the check in desk.

I worked for the couple of hours before my event, then ran a brush through my hair, applied minimal makeup (eyeliner and lipstick), and changed into a simple black fitted sheath dress with gold accent buttons and a mid-thigh side slit. I couldn’t wear that dress a month ago; it would seem my training is paying off.

Fewer colleagues showed up than expected, but I had a great time chatting with the small group there.

We were in a separate section just off the bar, and I observed a few men show up and take seats. They were close enough to practically be in our area. As their group swelled to six, one commented he wanted to be part of our group since the appetizers we had looked really good. We bantered a little bit across the room. He asked what the party was for and I offered him a job.

He looked to be in his late 40s, was handsome in a way, and gregarious.

I could see him continue to check me out off and on. At some point I pulled away from my colleagues to chat a little more.

His name was Ron.

When I saw them finishing up their oysters and paying the bill, I went over once more. I handed him my business card and asked if he was ever in my city; I told him he should give me a ring the next time he was in town. He asked what I was doing after the event that night and invited me to come hang out with them. I was non-committal but did say I couldn’t imagine I was going a whole lot of everything. He texted me to make sure I had his number and I said I’d connect with him when we wrapped up.

And that’s exactly what we did. I met him and six of his friends at a bar. He bought me a glass of wine which I nursed the rest of the night. I was already tipsy from the wine earlier and I knew if I continued to drink I wouldn’t feel great.

They were a fun and interesting bunch. One was a plastic surgeon who I spoke to for quite a while, fascinated was I about the job, others ran companies or were “into chemicals”. They were obviously a group of successful men, college buddies and business partners. They were deceptively casual as is the nature of that geographic area.

After I made the conversational rounds I focussed on Ron. He made a cute but nervous comment about my interest in his plastic surgeon friend, and I reassured him I was simply fascinated by how one gets into that job and whether liposuction was all that dangerous.

We sat at the bar facing each other, and talked – about everything. I liked him and our banter. I liked being the only woman in a group of men; it happened to me in college many times when I was the only female bar manager client of a beverage representative. It happened frequently at work (less so now) when I was the only female executive or business representative.

On a side note, I still remember how powerful it felt to be the only woman – and the client – at the New York City head office boardroom table of a huge international technology company. I especially enjoyed asking the client relationship manager how it was possible that none of the global leaders flown in for the meeting were women?

Things changed after that as they discovered they had women experts in some areas.

Anyway, back to Ron.

His friends gradually signed off for the night. Ron brings them together for a golf tournament every year. He needed to be up early to get the food for the day – but he didn’t want to stop talking to me.

Oh, and he was married. Something he said twigged and I asked him. He said yes but it was unhappy and ending. While “ending” can mean multiple things, he later mentioned he was living in that area now, his wife was at a different property and their kids are moving to where she is. So perhaps it was more than less ended, but ultimately I didn’t care.

He had a sweet yet bold flirtatious way about him. His hand brushed my leg at one point (several times, actually) and he stopped and said “oh my god you’re so smooth and skin is so soft”.

He told me champagne made him horny. I didn’t think I heard him correctly and he was then worried he’d said something offensive.
I reassured him I was cool, that very little offended me. If he only knew.

He told me he wanted to go to my hotel room (he was sharing his with a friend), drink a bottle of champagne, and talk more.Β I laughed at the latter – but said “sure lets go do that.”

We stopped at the hotel bar on the way up and he bought a bottle of bubbly.

We had maybe two sips each.

I had a perfectly delightful if not overwhelmingly pleasurable next two hours with Ron. His cock was a nice surprise but it was inconsistent in its ability to stand at attention. He was keen to try different things but overall was too cautious (“Is this okay, Ann?”, “Can I do this, Ann?”). But he was sweet and lovely and sexy and it was worth the lack of sleep.

He teased me with the idea he may come over the next morning, but I knew the late hour and his early grocery run would ensure it didn’t happen. I was right, and not sad about it – it gave me an extra hour of sleep which I sorely needed.

We’ve exchanged a few texts since; I will be not too far away from that area when I go on a short vacation with Liam in a couple of weeks. I’d enjoy seeing him again; we had a nice conversation and he was a lot of fun.

But I suspect my small-town hookup will be a one-time-only gig.

20 thoughts on “A small-town hookup.

  1. Nice story Ann. What I would call a “Brucie Bonus” situation (you have to have had to see the TV program). Xx

  2. Nice! Don’t expect too much, but don’t dismiss anything off hand either. Just stay open to possibilities, which I know you do quite well really πŸ˜‰

  3. Just out of curiosity Ann : was it the small town that made things happen or the mutual availability of time and disposition?Why such an at random encounter has less often happened in your big city`s anonymity? Perhaps more chances should be allowed for unplanned,spontaneous approaches.It used to work quite well for attractive women and men ,before the era of on-line tyranny…

  4. Perhaps you should allow more chances for unplanned,spontaneous encounters.It used to work quite well that way (at least for attractive persons) before the era of on-line tyranny…

  5. You definitely need to remember that you are a beautiful, astounding woman – and that can intimidate even the most confident of men. πŸ˜‰ perhaps next time, his nerves will have settled a bit…

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