The first date with Drew

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It wasn’t that he didn’t look like his pictures, but the way he was animated in real life was ever so slightly different. And when he opened his mouth in a big smile to greet me, I noticed he was missing a tooth.

I immediately thought of Ariel, and if you haven’t read that story, you should.

I also told myself not to be so bloody superficial and to just give it a chance. Off we went.

There is a large park near my house and we walked there, finding a park bench facing the full moon. It was a lovely summer evening – I was glad I brought a scarf as my bare shoulders got cold as the night progressed.

Drew made me laugh. The conversation flowed seamlessly from one topic to the next. Music, work, drinks, dating, relationships…it ran the gamut.

He is a year out of his marriage. Seemed to have a similar philosophy as me – while sure, there were reasons to split up, there’s no point being acrimonious. He’s dated here and there. Had some fun. He believes in karma. He’s not materialistic. He’s switched jobs and likes what he does.

He lives an hour outside the city – he moved there, into a house with a friend, when he broke up with his ex. He hasn’t sorted out his divorce but from what he shared it doesn’t seem like another Tony situation – they are clearly very over.

In addition to our mental connection, I simply liked how he was with me. I’ve had a recurring cough for a few weeks, which is super annoying. I apologized for it and he was very kind in response.

He was also affectionate. He would touch my leg or my arm, put his arm around me as we were talking, that kind of thing. He didn’t try to kiss me at all in the park. And it was lovely.

Hours passed, the moon shone down on us, and suddenly I was very tired. Although I didn’t have to work the next day I was trying to get some good sleep. And I knew he had to work early in the morning.

We walked back to my house.

I’d had a good time and was glad I’d mentally put aside any initial physical response. And to be perfectly clear – he was as tall as he said, he wasn’t 20 lbs heavier than his pictures, I liked his physical presence. It was simply a response to his smile and the missing tooth.

I stood at the bottom of my stairs to say goodbye. He leaned in to kiss me and


There have been few first kisses like this one. Ironically, Arial and I were the same. Tony and I were the same. No other men have so quickly connected with me so perfectly.

When it’s that good, it’s surprising, honestly. We had the same style and the same pacing. The same tease of tongues. It definitely helped that he’s so tall, he’s broad shouldered, and he’s strong. He wrapped his arms around me, tight. Y’all know I like that.

We kissed for what seemed like forever. I didn’t care who walked by. It became more than a kiss – his hands wandered from my shoulders to my waist to my ass. He pulled me into him even closer. I could feel his hardness against me.

We were breathless and would stop to comment on how good it was. We would say “we should stop” and then fell into it again. There’s only ever one first kiss and I didn’t want it to end. It was frankly, perfect.

We finally broke apart for good, kissed quickly once more and said goodbye. I texted him shortly afterwards, telling him I had fun and the kiss was great. He replied “I had a blast. Thanks for being you.”

Which made me smile huge. He said he wished he was still hanging out with me and told me I was a great kisser. And then he said “So when do I get to see you again? If you say tonight…I’ll walk back now :)”

And frankly, I loved that. After so much of the bullshit, it was nice to come across a man who wasn’t afraid to say he was excited to see me again. I declined that offer, saying I needed to sleep. We talked about the dates that week which would work, and he said “I would love to see you Wednesday or any day”. Again, with the honestly. Awesome. When I told him I was also free the following week he said “let’s try for both”.

It was a great end to a great first date.

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  1. I like him a lot and I think you do, too. Just remember, he can always get his tooth fixed and once you know him better and are more comfortable being brutally honest, you can gently suggest it and I’m sure he’ll hop to it and fix it for himself and for you. Have fun on your next dates!

    • Thanks Pam! So far it’s been good. I’ve been trying for a while to get beyond the superficial. I don’t really care about height and job and money (to a point). The true measure of a person is who they are inside… And I’ve been challenging my own assumptions and beliefs is the attempt to not repeat past mistakes and to find someone who will genuinely be a good match. So we will see how this plays out. I also don’t get ahead of myself any more πŸ™‚

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