Passing a chemistry test.

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The next morning around 10:30 Drew sent me a text: “Good morning.. Hope your having a great day so far”. We texted off and on throughout the day, and feeling positive that seeing him two nights in a row wouldn’t be weird, so I told him if Wednesday might not be able to work I was happy to see him that night. He was keen but needed to sort out work – he’s in a creative industry much like Tony where his schedule is rarely known in advance, nor is when his day ends.

It didn’t work out, which was completely fine, and he was very appreciative I was chill about it.

He sent proactive texts that day and the next. I asked if he was still good to get together that night and he told me he “would love to see” me. It felt nice.Β 

Drew knew I had Liam so he would need to come over after his bedtime and we’d have a drink on my patio.

When he arrived, I paid close attention to my physical reaction, and it was just fine. Yes, the tooth was still missing, but his height and bulk and happiness to see me overrode it. We hugged in greeting and he kissed me on the cheek.

I’m not used to beer drinkers and need to up my beer game – I pride myself on being a good host, and always have wine and alcohol and snacks. Thankfully I still had some beer in my fridge that Tony brought on his last visit. We sat on my couch and talked.

It was the same as our first date – again, the conversation ran the gamut of topics and there were lots of laughs. I can’t even remember all the things we discussed, but it was all good. We even talked about politics – specifically the shit show known as American election season – and managed just fine.

I liked that he asked me questions as much as he told me things. He had a good sense of humor, including teasing me and false bravado.

Bottom line? The time passed quickly.

He was also again affectionate – a hand on my knee, giving it a squeeze, his arm around my shoulders. I returned in kind, at one point leaning into him and putting my head on his shoulder.

Then, he kissed me.

And it proved the chemistry of our first kiss was no fluke.

Writing this post, I’m staring at the screen trying to remember the last time I had such an awesome make out session on my couch. Jake and I have fun, for sure. Kyle and I shared a good kiss. But it’s been a long time, if ever, that I turned into such a writhing mess on my couch without having sex.

To be very clear, I don’t believe the chemistry has to be perfect for something to be good. Often, people need to learn each other’s preferences and styles. While I’ve had really terrible kissers (who might be beyond redemption), usually a decent start is plenty good for me. In other words, I don’t write people off that easily.

But when styles mesh immediately? Wow, fucking awesome. And that’s what it was like with Drew. We established good kissing chemistry on the first date. This time, I learned more. It was as if he knew exactly what I liked (and no, pretty darn sure he doesn’t read this blog).

He would put his hands in my hair to tilt my face up to his. He would put his hand on my hip. He would pull me tight into him. He held my hair sightly hard and knew right away from my physical reaction it was something I liked. His mouth found the back of my neck and below my ear. He breathed deeply into my ear. His hand grabbed the outside of my thigh and he expertly moved me closer to him. Kissing the whole time.

It was positively glorious.

Despite coming up for air a few times, things just got hotter and hotter. Eventually he was laying on top of me on my couch. I liked how he felt, and how I felt with him. I stopped him from putting his hands into my underwear – despite extreme desire, I wanted to extend the delicious tension. And anyway, I had two lightning-bolt like tears in my labia from a sexual experience in New York that still had me in considerable pain. If not for that, I may have succumbed.

We managed pretty well nonetheless. His mouth was on my breasts, his hand did good work on the outside of my lace panties, and he even put my big toe in his mouth. Sweet god it was good.

He would grab either side of my hips and pull me toward him. He grabbed each leg, crossing my ankles so he could hold both legs together, and moved them to the side to explore. He lifted up my ass to put his face between my legs – panties still on – just to give me a sense of what was in store for me later.

All the while us saying to each other how much we were enjoying things, with him expressing an attractive amount of sexual bravado, promising me good things to come.

He said “Oh Ann, I think we are going to have a lot of fun together”, and I could do nothing but concur.

I’m glad I didn’t go farther with him that night. We went plenty far, but he didn’t cross my panty threshold. I didn’t see his cock (but I did feel it, very hard and seemingly decently sized). All of our clothes stayed on, although my dress was above my waist for a fair amount of time, so perhaps I’m splitting hairs with that statement.

Before he left that night, we made plans to see each other four days later. I was going to be away with a girlfriend and it was my first night back.

I find myself wondering if it’s possible we can fuck first and talk later. I’m dying to know what it will be like – but admittedly, I have very high physical hopes for Drew.

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  1. Omg go easy on a girl just coming out of surgery. I love the tease of holding off full sex for a while. It will be hotter when it comes…no pun intended. πŸ˜‰

  2. GO DREW!! Is there a way to start an internet chant?
    BTW…I’m pleased that Drew was willing(as if he had a choice) to be patient….for a while….

    • We’ll see what happens… He’s gone a bit quiet this weekend but he’s working and he knows I’m away. The problem with so many bad experiences is I’m quick to assume the worst. Working on not going down that rabbit hole as we speak :/

  3. Is he missing one of his two, big front teeth? That would be awkward for me, too. Or is the tooth missing on the side and doesn’t show unless he’s smiling? I always wonder why people (usually men) don’t fix their teeth. I hope that’s in the future for him, and you. Have fun and be careful of your labia as you could tear it again or make existing tear worse. Have you thought about going to the doctor to ask and get some cream?

  4. I’m getting good vibes from Drew! And two other things: your posts are not showing in my feed now but did a couple weeks ago…wonder why?? And you really should not do first meet ups at your house…you are gambling big time with your safety (I know this post was about your 2nd date and I even think that is taking some chances).

    • I haven’t changed anything on my end (that I’m aware of) but I know sometimes WordPress “hiccups” and people suddenly don’t get notices anymore. If I re-sign up it usually works.

      And with regard to safety – yes, this was a second date, and I hear you. But, I had talked to him for a couple weeks, we had a good first date with no weird / bad vibes, nor did he push for anything more than what we did, I had validated he was who he said he was. I also gave my Mom his full info just in case. So I felt as confident as I was ever going to be that I was safe.

  5. I was so happy for you until I read your comments. Hopefully this wont be too long a cliffhanger for either you or for us, one way or another (obvi, I hope for a happy ending, all meanings intended πŸ™‚ )

    Also, good you are being gentle with those tears. Oye do they hurt (and heaven forbid they get infected!!!!)

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