Six weeks of personal training

Sometimes I feel like my weight and fitness level is the remaining area of my life where I don’t have a good handle on things. I think I can write that here without eye rolling or backlash, because hopefully any of you who’ve read more than a handful of my posts know I believe I can always progress further in everything. I never sit back and say “wow hey I’m all that and anyone should be lucky to have me.” I’m not egotistical. Yuck.

I guess said another way, I’m confident about having my shit together with work and career, parenting (most days), friendships, money… so many of the things by which we tend to measure life success. I also think I can improve on those fronts. But while I am confident about how I look most days (biologically gifted with height, a decently pleasing countenance, and hair my stylist reminds me every time I see her that people pay literally hundreds of dollars to achieve), I’m not as fit as I should be. I’d like to weigh about 15 lbs less, and have a smoother ass.

As much as I have come to love my body in the last few years, its ability to feel pleasure from so many things other women struggle with (orgasms every which way – yay!), and the pleasure it gives to others… I want to be fitter.

But so far, that pursuit hasn’t been a priority. We make things for the things that matter. I won’t ever be a gym bunny. I can’t ever see myself posting endless gym selfies on Instagram with #doessheevenlift hashtags.

As I wrote a couple of months ago, I had a very thorough fitness and health assessment, and despite the fitness assessor not accepting my invitation to go on a date with me, due to his very justified engaged-to-be-married status, I signed up for six months of personal training twice a week – and pre-paid.Β 

I love my trainer (and he’s not the one who did the assessment). He’s very thorough, precise, and kicks my butt. Β I’ve seen him twice a week each week and have only cancelled due to illness once. Although I’m more aware of what I’m consuming, I haven’t changed my eating or drinking habits – he said “Ann, don’t stress about that; cortisol is bad for you. We’ll get you there, don’t worry.”

He warned me to not weigh myself and get worried – I’m building muscle and at first my weight could go up, not down. So while I’ve been monitoring maybe one a week or every two weeks, and have actually lost five pounds (hooray!), the weight loss happened before I started with my trainer.

I can feel myself getting stronger and the imbalances in my body are being corrected. There are things I can do and weights I can lift I couldn’t six weeks ago. He watches me like a hawk and knows when a movement is getting too easy. I haven’t had to see my chiropractor in a month – while the chronic pain flares up when I’m stressed and sitting for long times, it has resolved itself without intervention. “Don’t take offense to this,” I said to my chiropractor when telling him about the personal training Β “but my goal is to notΒ see you anymore.”

In some ways being so busy during this time has helped. I have the sessions booked in advance and I just go and do my thing and – poof – all of a sudden not only do I feel better but I’m seeing small physical changes as well.

One day I was shaving my legs in the shower and noticed definition in my inter thigh which didn’t exist before. Wearing a sleeveless dress, I reached out to pick something up and flexing my arm looked different.

I have told myself my butt can’t possibly be looking better yet because I think it’s just wishful thinking. But I swear it’s changing too.

And then, someone who is well acquainted with my body also commented on it – how my legs feel stronger and “tighter” and they could see new muscle definition in my back. It was awesome to hear.

What prompted this post however was me getting ready recently for an after-work event. I put on heels, was in a dress and bare legs and looked at my rear reflection in a full-length mirror. I noticed a shadow on a calf and moved to see what it was. Imagine my delighted surprise when I realized the definition between the two muscles is starting to show.

I literally laughed out loud.

And just had to share.

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  1. Love this, Ann! i’m in the gym 6 days per week and alternate between OMG! My ass is HUGE! and my DH’s assessment that my ass is higher, tighter, and more defined. In this, DH’s opinion wins.

    But honestly, I think it’s so fabulous that you’re doing this for yourself. I am not a gym bunny either (and I hate, Hate, HATE taking pictures of myself) despite my addictive nature about the practices and sessions with my trainer – for me it’s all about improving my health. In the last year I have probably dropped 10 to 15 lbs. and a few dress sizes, but my real gains are internal and those mean far more to me. However, it is nice when one of my coworkers tells me my arms (in a sleeveless top) are showing a lot of definition and my husband can point out every new crease between muscles and how much better, stronger, healthier I am becoming.

    • I’m not sure what happened to my reply to you!! Your gym stories always inspire me. I admire your commitment… It’s awesome to have such great feedback, lose weight, feel good… All of those things. Xo

      • I was just researching the effects of exercise on mental health, because I did not feel depressed or negative before, but I have felt so much more upbeat and positive and relaxed now. Good things, all.

  2. Great. Just remember Rome wasnt built in a day. Take your time and make some time each week for keeping fit. Well done Ann.

  3. Good for you Ann. If and when you alter your diet in concert, you’ll see the changes go on hyperdrive, and results you never thought possible become possible. When I decided to transform my physique a few years ago, I started doing the workouts without changing my diet, and saw some minor changes, but not to the degree I was hoping.

    But then after about 4 weeks I altered my diet to support my workouts and physique goals, and it was like somebody flipped a switch. It really is true that abs are made in the kitchen, as they say:

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  4. That is fantastic!

    I like taking pictures for myself to track my progress but I never post them on social media as they are just for me. Well..I have put some on my blog recently but no one in real life sees them. Noticing muscles happening where they weren’t before is such great motivation to keep going.

    I also agree with the not weighing yourself thing..I used to weigh myself daily but stopped that over a year ago…now I strictly judge myself on the fit of my clothes..weight is just a number.

  5. Good on you! I’ve been struggling with what I think is 15 pounds extra weight and I know there are changes I need to make, to make that disappear. You are inspiring. <3

  6. Awesome job! I am so envious. I really should work out more but there isn’t anything close to me. That is the problem of living the rural life. πŸ™‚

    • Most of what he has me do I could do at home. Very few exercises are with a machine. But I know myself well enough to know I won’t do it at home – I’ve had my yoga stuff out for three years and keep saying “oh I should really get back into my yoga practice” and I just haven’t done it. Maybe some day πŸ˜‰

  7. An added thought. I’m tall (5’11”) and thin, hard to gain weight but my area just started receiving Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I’ve been eating them for about 5 weeks and noticed I gained 5 lbs. so I stopped eating them. Josh is right about eating. Healthy foods, not processed foods, little sweets and alcohol (which is highly caloric). Then you’ll notice more of a change. Good luck.

    • Krispy Kreme’s are pretty evil!! I don’t eat a ton of sweets at all… savory is more my thing. But I do drink daily and I know that’s a source of lots of calories – I’ve been ill this week and just haven’t been drinking and I know it makes a big difference. I know the right things to do, “just” need to do them πŸ™‚

  8. Good job! I’m in the same place – personal trainer but not modifying food too much yet. I can only handle so much change!! The key is consistency. Josh – wow – well done!

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