juggling multiple sexual partners

I had sex with 4 different men in 5 days

Monday was Ian.

Wednesday was Tony.

Thursday was Lewis.

Friday was Jake.

Four men in five days. I turned down Clark although he’d asked to see me on the weekend since he missed out on Thursday.Β How did I feel about it? Mostly powerful. Definitely slutty.

I did it all because I wanted to. That alone is pretty cool.

I looked over four shoulders this week. Held on to four sets of biceps as heavy bodies moved on top of me. Kissed four mouths; tasted four tongues. Gasped at four unique penetrations.

Came many more than four times.

Each experience was different. I won’t say each were specialΒ because that would be bullshit. Not every sexual experience should be written about with gorgeous terms. Some are transactional more than anything, and some of you pick up on this through my writing.

I got pleasure out of every man this week, and that was my goal. Fill some time. Get out of my head. Have orgasms.

Check. Check. Check.

They were all so different. Ian is the least interesting to write about because it wasn’t technically excellent or emotionally noteworthy. When we were on his couch I couldn’t help wondering why we couldn’t use the bedroom – although it’s technically his parents condo so it’s also technically their bedroom. I got my answer later when he showed me the Murphy bed he sleeps on. Definitely not as sexy as the white leather couch with the panoramic view of the city.

Lewis continues to be a technically superior lover. Meaning he has the physical attributes I find appealing – tall, muscular, bulky, big cock – he can fuck for literally hours, he’s got great moves. He likes to fuck and finger and lick. Repeat.

And while it’s not entirely devoid of emotion, meaning we do like each other, this sex is no expression of love. It’s all lust. He doesn’t take his time exploring my body with tender touches. We don’t lay in bed and laugh – well, not often. I don’t put my head on his shoulder when we’re done. Maybe once. It’s fucking, not intimacy.

We had some slightly more intimate time in my living room, after our kitchen sex, where naked we stood pressed up against each other, me behind him, where I explored his body with my hands and mouth. But it was short lived and at my hands, not his.

Then there is Tony.

He has never been my most technically proficient lover, most of it borne out of his inexperience (you may recall he has not had many lovers – maybe in his entire life as many as I had this week). I don’t think he’s ever given me a g-spot orgasm (but he was the first to make me cum from nipple stimulation). But it has been immensely satisfying.

His touches alone provide more pleasure than some of the sex I’ve had. He’s aggressive and passionate. The love we feel for one another is physically manifested in the sex we have. We move as one. My brain, heart,and my body are satisfied.

We probably spend as much time talking and cuddling as we do having sex. It couldn’t be more different than Lewis.

And then there was Jake. Of all my experiences last week, ironically the man who knows me the least provided the most balanced experience. I don’t mean love; that’s just silly. But it was emotive and technically good. Few have ever made me squirt in the first five minutes. Poor Fox tried over and over again and never got there.

Jake undressed me – a must-have for me. Undressing myself and hopping into bed to them start reminds me too much of my sexless marriage. He touched me in ways that quickly sent me over the edge. He took care of my orgasm first. He was dominant, but not too much so. He kissed me during sex, he had me in his arms afterwards, he made me cum again, we talked for a long time.

I saw Tony again on SaturdayΒ night, after being out with a girlfriend (and yes, I’m winding down the contact). He left early the next morning and I couldn’t bring myself to go from that sexual experience to Clark, who I know is more like Lewis. It wasn’t so much about having sex with two different men in the same day, but just going from one to the extreme to the other was a bit much for my otherwise laid back Sunday.

50 thoughts on “I had sex with 4 different men in 5 days

  1. Good for you, Ann!
    If you were a man, no one would think anything was wrong with sleeping with four different partners consecutively. Personally, I think it’s great that you’re living your life to the fullest.

    Keep it up, baby!

  2. It is funny, isn’t it, how we can have such wonderfully different experiences with different men.
    I know that there are some things that Mike did to me that I still think of with longing.
    But the intimacy The Dancer gives me… it’s worth anything else (not to mention he sort of knows my body inside out too, by now).
    Just being in his arms is great.
    At the moment, I’m not so much seeking sex anywhere else, but it’s because I’m lucky πŸ™‚
    If sex finds me, then… great. Otherwise? I’m satisfied. But I do get the feeling of power that you must get from having had a week like this one. Good for you!

    • The intimacy is pretty amazing. Powerful was definitely one piece of it… but it wasn’t all positive. It’s hard to not judge my own actions as well or tell myself there must be something wrong with me. Especially after some of the discussions had about Kyle and Tony. But ultimately, it made me feel good.

      • That’s the most important, Ann. Remember, we all come here with our own stories, our own histories.
        You need to do what works for YOU πŸ™‚

  3. Ann, I am *so* coming back as you in my next life! You are one of the strongest, most inspirational women I know in blogland (and I’ll bet irl too).

    • My goodness Megan, thank you. I haven’t felt that way lately honestly. With my reaction to Kyle’s rejection and reaching back out to some old lovers… I felt weak. But I guess I found my footing again. xo

  4. I think it’s awesome that you are having so much fun! I know I’m no stranger to having multiple lovers in a weeks time. πŸ˜€ And no I don’t even bat an eye! Grab life by the horns and hang on for the ride so to speak. πŸ˜‰
    And you know what they say, the best way to get over a man is to get under another.
    In my case yes sometimes this has actually worked.

  5. Boy does your blog do me good. I aspire to be like you and reach a level of assertiveness and ownership of my emotional and sexual desires.

    The following is in NO WAY a backhanded compliment: I wish I could get to the point of seeing (never mind sleeping) with multiple guys at once, assuming no relationship with any of them. I.e. when you are single, so you can do what you want, which you do AND you are able to be in the moment and enjoy each guy.

    I compare that ability with my own current state: Not in a relationship with Beaut, but emotionally wrapped up in him, so that going on a DATE with another guy (no kissing, no fucking, no physical contact) gets me all confused and I feel like I am cheating (except not cheating bc we arent dating, but have a special relationship with Beaut – similar to you and Tony) and then I feel guilty bc I am not giving either Beaut or the dude I am on a date with my full attention… I am forfeiting MY pleasure, due to an over-concern for both dudes’ feelings.

    So yeah. Reading your blog reminds me of a world where a woman can be true to herself, and break away from some of the molds imposed on women in the dating/sex spheres.

    Keep on blogging and being fierce.


    • I’m so glad to hear you are getting something out of my writing. It makes me incredibly happy and I feel honored. Truly.

      Dating multiple guys at once never lasts for very long. I suppose if I ever found myself dating a bunch of strong relationship candidates then perhaps. But more often than not it’s one or two dates and I think they aren’t for me (or vice versa), and then maybe I get busy or tired of trying to find someone – or as has happened a few times and this is a great thing – I find someone worth dating exclusively and then it’s hard for me to give my attention to others. Once I know I really like someone, I do feel awkward pretending with others that I’m equally interested.

      But yes, what you describe… It’s tricky. If you think there could be a relationship I can understand why you couldn’t engage others. But perhaps it may be better to put yourself out there and go on a few days. I guarantee you there aren’t many men expecting that kind of emotional connection right away. And it may help you pull away in a good way, like I’m trying to do with Tony.

      I LOVE your hashtag. Thank you. xoxo

      • Yeah, its tricky.

        I went on a date yesterday morning (topic of my latest blog post about flowers), and as soon as I got home, I called Beaut and ended things formally. Officially. Unambiguously.

        It sucks, when the person you like/love is not the person you should be with. I’d kinda assumed that after being truly single for an eternity, never finding someone I had a real connection with, that having found the connection… that would be it! But no. That’s not how it works either with your Tony or with my Beaut.

        In the mean time, I have flowers. And your blog.

  6. It intrigues me how women either like to undress themselves or have me undress them.

    My favorite is women who undress in front of me as I direct their every move…best of both worlds. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t mind that at all if someone is watching and deriving pleasure from it. I find the “lets just take off our clothes on our own and hop into bed and then get started” depressing, that’s all.

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