Dinner, wine, and quality time with Jake

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I originally titled this post “Friday night was slutty even for me”, but in the grand scheme of things having sex with two men in the span of 6 hours isn’t the most extreme thing I’ve done. Not by a long shot.

In my car on the way to my girlfriends I called a blogging friend for a first-time phone call; it was a delightful way to spend the drive back into the center of the city.

My friend and I had a couple of hours together – she’d just come back from an amazing trip and regaled me with the stories. We ever so briefly touched on my pre- and post-dinner plans. She’s been dating the same man since shortly after I met Tony, so she’s comfortable in her year-long relationship and thankfully her dating chaos days are behind her. At least for the foreseeable future.

Jake and I texted back and forth about our timing so as to ensure he didn’t show up before I was home. I had enough time to wash some parts in the shower – because I couldn’t bear the thought of Jake’s mouth on me with the sweat of another man still on my body.

Our time together (is it a date?) had a very similar cadence to last week. Bottle of wine, talking on the couch, making out on the couch, upstairs to my bedroom, sex, snoozing with my head on his shoulder, him going home. None of that should sound like a complaint. Sometimes consistency is very good.

We talked a little about being on OK Cupid. He told me he goes online when he gets messages. I told him about some of the ridiculous ones I’ve received lately. He said he didn’t mind at this point of I was still meeting people for drinks and coffee. I deliberately didn’t take that conversation further because I didn’t want to talk about sex with others.

The man has moves. It’s sometimes the little things that make all the difference. Standing behind me after being undressed and kissing the back of my neck. Giving me oral sex and putting his forearm on one leg to prevent me from wiggling during an orgasm. Knowing how to give a g-spot orgasm.

Bottom line? Dude’s a good lover.

I don’t know there’s long-term potential with us – seems there may be too many practical differences between us. Interests and activities, that kind of thing. Perhaps we will be lovers who have good conversations without much additional expectations of one another. I’m not writing him off but nor am I particularly excited. My insides tingle when I see him but it’s physical more than mental.

And that’s perfectly fine right now.

I fell asleep in the crook of his shoulder but he had to leave eventually since he had an early morning with his son the next day.

Some good conversation, wine, sex, and cuddles? Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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