…and then there were five.

Alternate title: I think I hosted my first sex party.

I’ve been staring at this screen for a full five minutes. I’m not even sure where to start. The facts, I suppose.

Lewis and Clark were confirmed to come over. Lewis had asked me whether I’d be up for DP and I said sure as long as he was patient and worked me up to it. We had a plan.

He told me also wanted to invite a third man who had a “huge cock”.

Now please understand – Lewis has a huge cock, at least to me. My best guess it’s he’s a solid 9 inches. So a guy who is even bigger? Holy hell. I was admittedly excited at the prospect. Lewis had tried to get him to join us before but he couldn’t arrange childcare.

Yes, we are in a dual world of being parents and also naughty sex fiends.

Then Lewis told me he’d invited Val, from the last MFFM – and when I asked whether he didn’t think I could handle all three of them, he explained since he thought I wasn’t keen on DP he wanted to ensure there was no man left behind.

I wasn’t overjoyed she was joining but in hindsight it’s just as well. I can only have giant cock in my mouth for so long. My jaw gets sore. Another woman there to share them was definitely helpful.

Generally, I like her. She was the first to arrive and we had some girl talk. I think she was interested in knowing where things stood with me and Lewis. She asked whether we were dating and I was honest in my answer: no, but I would. I told her he and I had lots in common and finding that was rare for me. But I didn’t think he was interested because it hasn’t happened and we never talk about it.

Her experience with him is quite different. They met on AFF. She said they never talk and have only had one meal together (and joked even then they didn’t talk much). She plays with couples and says sometimes she tries to find women for him. But she doesn’t see him often.

She asked whether I would be okay with him having sex with others if he and I were dating. I told her I could see myself being okay with it if I was comfortable with how my partner felt about me andΒ if we played together. She laughingly gave me clearance for he and I to date.

Lewis showed up, asked to turn on a sports event, and wandered back and forth from my living room to watch, to my kitchen to chat with us, until Clark showed up. We made small talk for a bit and I made everyone drinks.

We retired to my bedroom. I joked with them they all got undressed so fast and I hated undressing myself, so Lewis came over to assist. Β Clark and Val were hanging out on my bed and getting cozy, while Lewis and I had some standing up action until he bent me over, I held my footboard and he started ramming me from behind. It’s one of his go-to moves.

It all becomes burry after that. One difference this time is Val and I didn’t sexually engage at all. Which was fine, I was hardly left unoccupied at any point. I fucked Lewis, he fucked Val, I fucked Clark, at one point Lewis fucked me while Clark fucked Val from behind and she had her hands and mouth on Lewis’s balls. That was fun.

I got used to not always knowing whose hands or mouth were on me.

And then our fifth showed up. Val was on my balcony smoking a joint, so she let him in. I was being spit roasted; fucked by Lewis and sucking Clark’s cock, but ever the hostess I shook his hand, told him it was nice to meet him and offered to get him a drink. I think everyone was quite amused by that.

He didn’t have a bigger cock. It was slightly thicker than Lewis’s (so still great!) but not noticeably longer. Not a complaint but a statement of fact. He was a few inches shorter than me, very built but not bulky, with huge soft lips and a smile that lit up the room. Val had told me he was sweet, and he was.

It was a lot of fun with three men. These guys don’t seem to have any issue sharing, they know how to keep women engaged, and how to rotate.

It could have been the oxytocin but I swear Lewis and I shared some intimate moments. In the context of a sex party, of course – he would whisper encouragements or requests in my ear. “That’s it Ann, take that big cock.” You know, romantic stuff. But all kidding aside, I did feel like I was his primary and also there was sensuality to our coupling that I thought was absent with him and Val.

On the other hand, perhaps I was too busy being railed by another guy to notice.

At least I have a sense of humor. Gets me through the day.

Clark had to leave shortly after midnight as he had to work early that next morning. The remaining foursome managed to rally but by 1:30am I was completely exhausted. I’d had too many orgasms to even count. My legs were weak. My pussy though? Ever the trooper, felt great. I wasn’t even sore the next day.

I kissed everyone goodnight, went back upstairs to my bedroom, removed the waterproof sheet I’d put under my fitted sheet, retrieved my pillow from the closet (the last thing I wanted was someone else’s ass all over my pillow), and crashed.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a spectacular evening. I really like the relaxed manner that everyone seemed to have had, everyone is focused on making sure that everyone has a good time and no-one needs to feel awkward or neglected. A really mature/spectacular way to have an orgy.

  2. Holy Hell is all I thought – in a good, playful, parental way but a good out loud laugh at the childcare issue. You are the hostess with the mostess! Hey – you can probably spin 7? nah – 12 plates at once!!

  3. I love this post. The humor in it, mostly, you’re great fun to read Ann. πŸ™‚

    But also, I can totally relate to a few things. Everyone laughing when you offered a drink? Yeah! That’ll stick in everyone’s memories I think.
    Also, the intimate moments? I totally get it too. Maybe because of my experiences. It is totally something that I can relate to. For me it was more of a “do you want to go with them?” sort of whispers, but… yes. It is completely possible to feel some connection with one person and fuck another within 5 minutes of one another. πŸ™‚

    Even when we become active on our swinging site, I’m not hosting a sex party at mine. I’m too loud already, and I’m sure the neighbors don’t have a great image of me, so I’m not about to add more female cries to the mix! Good for you that you were comfortable enough to do it.

    And good thinking on the pillow! πŸ˜‰

  4. Could you honestly date a guy like Lewis who was off doing his own thing. There’s a difference between having group fun with your guy and others and having what is an open relationship. Lewis strikes me as very selfish. You tend to like men who are a challenge and need changing. Lewis isn’t settling down any time soon Ann.

    • No I can’t be in an open relationship. What I was referring to is being in a relationship where we sometimes play with others. I like a challenge but have no illusions about people changing. And no, I know Lewis isn’t settling down and have no expectations that he will. The “could I date him” was answered theoretically from the perspective of we have lots in common… Except what we are looking for.

  5. I don’t think you hit on whether you were able to experience your DP? Or are those details that don’t get shared πŸ˜‰

    Either way! sounds like you had a blast! kudos

  6. I read your blog since a few weeks and I absolutely love it. Your writing style is awesome and your sexcapades fun to read and inspiring to have some more kinky fun myself.

  7. First – wow, can you throw a party!

    Totally off the wall thought – could have used Sacagawea as the alias for Val – what with Lewis & Clark there.

  8. Your self-possession and adventurous spirit are a perpetual marvel, Ms. St. Vincent.
    However, a woman who will interrupt her orgiastic recreation to ensure that a new arrival is properly welcomed? Baby, THAT is my kinda gal! πŸ˜„

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