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With the feedback I’d gotten from my friends, I was trying my hardest to not assume ‘s Kyle’s lack of confirmation 24 hours in advance meant anything. We had confirmed a date andΒ a time, just not a place. I was fairly certain he was interested in meeting and he didn’t strike me as the type to just bail.


I was mildly irritated because it was helpful to be able to plan in the morning what the hell I was doing after work. But I realized the way to deal with it was to just go about my arrangements, knowing it wasn’t a big deal, and based on what I knew we weren’t likely to meet downtown where I worked anyway. So either way, I was going home after my personal training session.

I got to work and tried to focus. Walking between meetings my phone pinged. It was Kyle: “Morning Ann. I should be back at the airport at 7pm. Does it make sense to for me to come pick you up and we can go for dinner?”

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel relief after seeing that text.

I told him I had a personal training session after work so would make my way home after that, and gave him my address. He told me roughly when he would be there.

My outlook was a little brighter and I started to get excited about our date.

I went for my personal training session (I’ve been going twice a week for a month now), went home to have a snack, pack for my (solo!!) weekend trip, and get ready.

He kept me updated after his plane landed – “en route, about 20 minutes away”. Β And then “2 minutes away.”

I looked pretty fierce if I do say so myself. Having no clue whether we would be going to a nice restaurant or a sports bar, I chose potentially overdressed. A dark blue silk sleeveless dress, well above the knee, plain except for a beaded gold collar. Gold patent high heels I could walk in for a while, should it be necessary.

Earlier in the week I finally succumbed and bought Spanx. I didn’t want to wear nylons and the silk dress showed everything bumpy underneath. I mention this only because the high waisted shorts malfunctioned 5 minutes into dinner. Never a dull moment.

He picked me up exactly when he said he would. He said I looked nice. He gave me a kiss on the corner of my mouth. And we sped off to a still-unknown location.

20 thoughts on “Kyle the tall man texts

  1. Glad to hear you had fun. Now you can relax and enjoy some alone time on your weekend getaway. Don’t keep us in suspense, write soon about your evening.

  2. A weekend getaway by yourself…hmmm.
    I’ll bet you are going where Hy is now!! Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.😜

  3. The always seem to malfunction, the spandex things I mean. Didn’t you read Bridget Jones? πŸ˜‰
    Honestly, sorry about that. Looking forward to read about the next bit.
    (and how could I miss 3 posts? Oh, wait, maybe it’s because I didn’t sign in for the past few days πŸ˜‰ All done now, so should become more regular again πŸ™‚ )

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