packed an overnight bag for our second date

I had an overnight bag for our second date

To start from the beginning with Ian please start here, or just go to the previous post.

In the absence of him being able to come to me, I chose to come to him. I love to drive and don’t get much of a chance, but I hate being stuck in city traffic.

I was able to get on the road a bit earlier that everyone else going home on Friday afternoon, but it was still a 2.5 hour drive. I called some girlfriends and took some work calls to pass the time, finally arriving around 6:30pm.Β 

He greeted me at my car, with a kiss. I had to pee very badly but I took the time to greet him properly.

He lives on a lake. A small waterfront cabin, very simple. The kind of place which has no matching glassware. I got the distinct sense he was worried I would judge his space – and it’s really not an issue for me. Nothing could be worse than Ariel’s or Tony’s.

I joked I didn’t usually pack an overnight bag for a second date. And in case anyone is wondering, I knew he expected me to stay over because he’d asked me earlier what time I had to leave the next morning to pick up Liam.

I also brought a bottle of wine. He said “oh! I went and got one for you” and I explained I knew it was rude to show up empty handed. He handed me a glass of wine and he opened a beer.

He walked me around his property and showed me his place, talking the whole time. Staring at the water, he asked me what I wanted to do for dinner and while I gave him some parameters I said ultimately it was up to him. He said to himself “yeah, Ian, you’re the host, make a decision.”

Reservations were swiftly procured at a local restaurant which featured a jazz band that night. It sounded perfect.

We went back inside where I deposited myself on his couch while he got ready. I had a glimpse of the Ian from our first date when he started to undress in my full view. Slow stripping his shirt off while staring right at me, then he disappeared to change his pants. Too bad.

He’s lanky, not bulky. I might just outweigh him, but am trying not to dwell on the fact. His height means I don’t feel big – which I really detest – but there was a distinct difference when he was on top of me compared to Lewis or Tony. He was a top athlete when he was younger and I’ve wondered to myself whether he prefers his women a little leaner.

I know there’s no benefit with that line of thinking, so I’ve been pushing it away.

He returned to his door frame to ask whether the shirt he’d picked was too wrinkled. It was pretty wrinkled, but I didn’t care. He also asked whether I needed him to shave and I reassured him I didn’t mind a little stubble.

After a few more kisses, we walked to my car which he drove to the restaurant.

As we pulled in, he said “oh, that looks like my Mom’s car…it did occur to me we might run into them.” While I asked him if that would be an issue (no), I thought how nice it was to be with someone who wasn’t trying to hide me. His parents weren’t there, but he knew a man at the table next to us and also a woman working in the kitchen.

The band was great – a nice bluesy trio – and the food was even better. We talked about all kinds of things, and can’t remember anything particularly worth repeating here (of course I know as soon as I publish this post I will remember something I want to share).

When we got back to his place we started kissing the moment we got through his front door. There was a trail of clothes from the front door to his bedroom. The kissing chemistry was at great as the first date.

He took off his belt and used it to pull me into him. It was a great move.

It didn’t take long before we were naked in his bed. The sex was amazing for a first time, frankly. It lasted a while, we moved around quite a bit (although he didn’t take me from behind, which I thought interesting), and I had some great orgasms. Although it was all in the dark, and I can’t think of the last time I had sex in complete darkness. He offered to turn on a light and I envisioned some horrible bright ceiling light, so said I was fine and I could certainly find my way around.

And what I discovered about Ian that night? He falls asleep right after he cums. Literally, right. after. he. cums.

I was pinned underneath him. And he snores like a goddamned freight train.

I had a terrible sleep. He was spread diagonally across his bed, and I was stuck on the side against the wall so couldn’t easily get up to take out my contacts and pee. He snored worse than my ex, Will, and that’s saying something. I was also way too cold, as he’d forgotten to feed his wood burning stove which is the source of heat.

I’m not sure what time I managed to fall asleep, but the sunrise came too fucking early. It was beautiful, however, and I climbed over him to pee and took some time to watch the colors from his window. He got up and brushed his teeth – it was 6 am – and when he came back I could feel his morning cock pressing against me. When I reached down to say hello with my hand, he muttered “too early” and went back to sleep.

Fine then.

I miraculously got a bit more sleep and woke up when he left the bed. I heard him in the bathroom (hard not to in his small place) and wondered whether we were going to have sex again. He put coffee on and my heart sank, figuring it meant he was up and I was going to have a sexless morning.

But then he came back into his bedroom with a big smile on his face. We had sex to the smell of coffee brewing. It was some nice morning sex, albeit too short.

He asked me how I liked my coffee and brought me a cup in bed. He made me breakfast – a great bacon and egg sandwich – and he finished a few chores he had to do in the early morning.

I had to leave soon after to drive back home and get Liam from my parents. All in all, despite the drive, it was a lovely, albeit unconventional, second date.

21 thoughts on “I had an overnight bag for our second date

  1. This post was worth waiting for, I think. I sense no electricity, tho. Anything to add? Btw, are we up to date?

  2. What he said ^^
    This said, I remember my first night with G. I was freezing the whole night, couldn’t go to sleep I was so cold, he slept with no worries, was used to taking up a lot of space too (a perk of being single?) and… told me off the next day for not waking him up to let him know I was uncomfortable that night. He worked hard to make sure the second night was better.

    I’ll wait for the next implement πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely post Ann. Your lack of comfort sleeping and the cold must be the next conversation. Many times my partner falls asleep after she ejaculates and I cuddle her nest style for our post coital bliss. I have to be conscious of her warmth, since we like it cool for sex, but need covers after.

  4. This post, while probably not meant to, made me giggle. It’s all just so funny… the lead up to what looks like it’s gonna be HOT and then …. zzzzzzzzzzz. LMAO. Sorry – I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing WITH you. Because I can sooo relate to this experience. Though nowadays it’s me who falls asleep right after, and I also do the snoring. I feel bad for my man, but I’m really really glad he doesn’t do it. Nevertheless, I loved this post and can’t wait to read more (though I’m with the first comment on the electricity factor).

    • Tara, I’m with you on the humor. I can definitely see the humor in it. Wait until the post about our next date. It’s positively riotous in it’s weirdness. I was telling Madeline about it on the drive home and she was in stitches. One of those funny-not-funny kind of situations.

  5. I was just starting to like this guy again, until he said “too early” and went back to sleep. But, it sounds like he redeemed himself and he did bring you coffee in bed and make you breakfast. Sounds like you had a nice time on your second third date.

    I love the photo… my first car was a ’55 TF-1500… red.

  6. He certainly seems like an open honest guy who’s not afraid to show you who he is, imperfections and all. It’s nice that he knows people when he goes places. That says something god about a person.

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