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A kiss shared with thousands | my first date with Ian

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He paid for dinner, and we went to the game. He didn’t lead me by the hand but was mindful of where I was in relation to him, as we threaded our way through the crowd.

He knew a few people we passed on the way, working the event. He stopped to chat with each of them and introduced me as his “friend Ann”. It was nice to get the opportunity to see how he interacted with other humans. He was polite and kind and just a touch awkward – not knowing how to close off a conversation seamlessly to let them let back to work.

I found it endearing and real.

We sat in cramped stadium seats not meant to be comfortable for my height, let alone his lanky 6’3″ frame. Our legs touched as much as from proximity than desire.

Tired of waiting, I made the first move, reaching my hand out to touch his. His hands are large and veined, just like I like. He enveloped my hand in his.

I forget exactly how the first kiss happened…we joked about it later and he said I leaned in first. But he’s the one who held my gaze, inviting it. His eyes are an amazing shade of light blue, and the sides crinkle when he smiles at me.

His lips were so soft and his kiss tender without being weak. It ranks with some of the best first kisses I’ve ever had. Unlike Fox and HWSNBN there was no tongue rammed down my throat. Fucking hooray. On that note, Lewis is not a great kisser; it does absolutely nothing for me. Nobody’s perfect.

The pace of the kiss was perfect too – our lips touched and then paused and then touched again. Like the tease a kiss truly is. We kept going, not caring who was sitting around us. Just tens of thousands of screaming sports fans.

It was a shitty choice for a first date. A critical event for my team, requiring some focus, when all I wanted to do was focus on Ian.

We talked almost constantly; it was so loud in the stadium however we weren’t bothering anyone. We paid attention at the key moments. Thank goodness for replays. He liked that I enjoyed sporting events.

At a break we went to get drinks, and the touching barricade had been blown through by our kissing. He put his arm around me as we made our way to the bar. I offered to pay and he we stood close together he realized he’d didn’t have his phone – so we got the drinks and he went back to the seats to see if it was there. I went to the ladies room.

While I waited in line, he texted me it was found. I went back to the seats and he took his turn relieving his beer-filled bladder. He sent me a text:

“Your lips are sooo soft πŸ’‹”

I don’t think it’s possible for me to have had a bigger smile on my face. I responded:

“Sorry I’m giggling to myself at that text. No idea how to respond.”

As I saw him climbing he stairs to our seats I saw another text:

“I keep thinking about what you’re wearing. Is that bad?”

It went back to the phone conversation we had where I flirted about carefully picking out my undergarments. In hindsight, I found it interesting he didn’t say those things but was comfortable texting them.

There was more hand holding and kissing. It was an amazing and intense game which certainly helped the overall atmosphere.

After the game he took charge and knew exactly which direction he was taking me. I wasn’t sure what Part Two of our date was going to be, but I was excited to find out.

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19 thoughts on “A kiss shared with thousands | my first date with Ian

  1. Oh oh oh…. what a place to leave us hanging. I love the description of this kiss, I could image exactly what the moment was like.


  2. Yes I agree with the asking/publishing what you have. In fact, I’d just visited your blog wondering whether WP had swallowed a post again.
    I love reading this description. The way you describe him is very endearing. I can tell there is more to discover to this man, and at least more you want (or wanted at the time) to discover about him.
    Looking forward to reading more πŸ™‚
    I know I should be writing too. I don’t seem to find the time, between essays due and all the texting/emailing/chat messages I’m writing at the moment! Sigh!
    Next weekend should be interesting, and hopefully I’ll have more time to write next week!

    • Thanks hon. Although there have been a couple more meetings I’m trying really hard to stick to how I felt that first time, and be biased either way but how things have played out since then.
      I’ve had such little time in the past week, but hoping to carve out some minutes here and there to get up to today!

      • I know the feeling, the wanting to write but not managing to find the time. Also, now I’ve recognized that, sometimes, me not writing about something has its own meaning that I need to figure out πŸ™‚

  3. Great Start! I guess half a date is better than none. You certainly know how to keep us interested online ….it seems you have that effect “in the flesh” as well.

    • Oh aren’t you sweet. I didn’t want anyone to think I fell into a hole or anything like that. I’m writing on my commute to and from work because that’s the only time I’ve had…and it’s not a long commute πŸ™‚

  4. This all sounds so sweet and normal and just fun. I’m guessing from your comments that it goes a little south somewhere.

  5. I’m pleased for you. Ann please don’t overthink it. I know it’s difficult when you write a dating blog. Just go with it. Don’t rush it just let it happen. Who knows you may have found someone to take you to the Gallery lol. All the best. Jay.

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