not just a first date kiss but oral sex on my couch

A kiss shared with thousands | Part Two

Part One

After the game he took charge and knew exactly which direction he was takingย me. We walked with the crowds and after a few minutes I asked whereย we were going.

He said since we hadn’t had dinner yet he thought we could get food. I was game.

We held hands the whole way. He took me to the neighborhood where he has his downtown flat. He chose a restaurant which happened to be a favorite of HWSNBN’s…. Shit.

He wasn’t there, at least not that I saw. I didn’t spend much time looking around, just in case.

Over more drinks and food, we talked. Everything from food allergies (his), past relationships (his – thank goodness), travel, and work.

He told me he’d come out of an 18-month relationship; I asked him if he was on the rebound. He said he didn’t know, it depended what the definition of rebound was. He was worried he was talking too much about exes. I told him they were a fact of our lives and no point hiding them.

I forget everything we talked about, but the conversation just flowed. He told me he was nervous meeting me… he wasn’t sure how it would be but hoped it was good given we had talked a lot on the phone

He said he really appreciated my giving him advice about his cousin in the hospital, even though he recognize it may have been awkward. I didn’t want to tell him I was simply being a good human.

He got up to go to the bathroom and I grabbed my phone. He sent me a text: “Wish this was the second date”

I responded “why” but he was already on his way back to table, so I never got my answer. Later I looked down at my watch and realized it was almost 11pm. I had promised my nanny I would be home around 10:30. I told him I really had to get going to let her go home, but I was having a great time and didn’t want to stop talking to him. I asked if he wanted to take a taxi back to my place so we could talk some more.

He said yes.

I ordered a taxi, and we made out the whole way home. It was fantastic. Neither of us were sober, but I didn’t feel out of control. I trusted him enough to bring him back to my house, although in hindsight I probably should have prioritized sleep.

In the taxi, he whispered in my ear “Oh Ann, our sex is going to be soooo good.”

It was not what I expected from this guy. He’s not mild-mannered exactly, but definitely not aggressive, and isn’t a player. He isn’t overt in his confidence or his sexuality. Later I wondered whether he uses alcohol to get some courage on this front.

We got to my place and my nanny left. While I was chatting with her, he sent me another text which I only saw when she left:

“Because I want you naked with heels on”

Oh, my.

While I offered him a drink right away, it took a while for him to get it. We started kissing. He put his arms around me and backed me up against a wall, kissing me hard. He crushed himself into me. It was fucking fantastic. He grabbed my leg and put it around him.

He told me he loved it that I was so tall.

We basically kissed and moved around my kitchen. At one point he had me up against my counter and he said “one day I want to fuck you in this kitchen.”

It was as if his inner sex dude got released. It was so contrary to the low key guy he’d seemed to be.

So at some level I felt comfortable enough to tell him, with my legs wrapped around him, sitting on my kitchen counter, “you know, I can be a little kinky”. He simply said “What does that mean?”

I wish I could remember all the things that tumbled out of my mouth. I remember telling him I was somewhat heteroflexible. That I liked it when he held my hair the way he did.

We broke off to get fizzy water.

He gathered my hair with his hands and held me tight. Our kisses went from intense to mouth crushing, with hands roaming everywhere. He pulled down my sweater and released a breast, bringing his mouth to it.

We moved to my couch and quickly got horizontal. When he put his hands down my pants I told him we weren’t having sex that night, and I was on my period. He still put his hand on my clit and brought me to a nice orgasm.

He pulled out his cock. It was very hard, average size, all good. I played with him with my hands then decided I wanted him in my mouth. I pushed him off me and pretty sure he thought I was saying no, as he made a comment about whether I was done, and then he realized what I intended.

We adjusted ourselves so I was sitting and he knelt on either side of me, I took him in my mouth again. I looked up at him and he exclaimed how fucking hot it was and how good it felt. After a while, he asked if could cum and I nodded assent, mouth full of cock.

He was not silent when he came – it was fantastic. I swallowed everything he gave me and we slowly broke apart and readjusted our clothes.

We finally noticed the late hour – almost 1am – and I told him I had to get to bed. We talked about when we could see each other again, and discovered we were both free that Friday, just three days later, and agreed to another date.

It was after 1:30am when we called him a taxi, we kissed at my doorstep and he went off into the late night.

36 thoughts on “A kiss shared with thousands | Part Two

  1. Yeah, I’d say his ‘inner sex dude’ came out. I think you gave him the confidence and sure as hell the inspiration. I liked his answer to your “why”, that was gutsy.

    Sounds like a successful date… and he seems like a nice guy, I’m glad.

    • It’s funny, I wouldn’t have thought about it as me giving him confidence, but I can see that in hindsight.
      It was a great date – I was so happy in the aftermath.

  2. Well, that sounds like an Ann date, not one I’d have expected from Mr nice guy, but I think sometimes we can surprise our dates ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking to hear about Friday!

  3. First, I do have to say, regarding past relationships: I agree that they are a fact of life and nothing to hide, but unless there is a specific legitimate reason for it to come up, I see NO reason for them to be a topic of conversation. I maintain and advice a strict “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy about that.

    And then there’s his habit of those little “cute” texts he’s sending while you’re actually on a date…you already know how I feel about texting in general, but to each is own.

    Still, overall, it sounds like it was great date, so good for you!

    • While I no longer remember how it came up, it was relevant to the discussion at hand, so it honestly didn’t feel odd to me.
      I thought the texts were cute at the time, but upon reflection it seemed odd that he couldn’t say those things to me. Not sure. Still not sure what to make of it. More odd things to come, interested to hear what you think!!

  4. Oh la la! I like this one. ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you enjoy those private fantasies you’ll no doubt be entertaining during your work day today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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