he fisted me in the middle of the night

He showed up in the middle of the night | In his words

If you haven’t read part one, you may want to. He finished his version before I finished my part two, so wanted to go ahead and share it with you.

These are his unedited words. You can see why I bask in them. Enjoy.


Honestly, I never thought we’d meet. Not out of lack of interest, mind you, but circumstances, distances and timing always seemed to work against us. But interest? Oh, interest was always there…how could it not be? For over two years, we’d danced a delicate dervish of flirtation and fantasy, getting to know one another’s nooks and crannies mentally, if not physically. From the start, she’d hooked me with her words; her passionate honesty, her fervid adventures, her moments of joy and yes, her moments of doubt. Every single word written with a delightful blend of intimate truthfulness and evident lust. The very combination that drives a man like me wild.

But the universe itself, it seems, conspires against the consummation of two such spirits as ours. Time and again, we’d think to meet and time and again circumstances would prevent it from happening. And so, when she let me know she was going to be a mere handful of hours away this last week, I made a vow…I wasn’t going to let this chance pass. Nothing, *nothing* was going to stop me from seeing her. Not that the universe wouldn’t try, mind you.

At first, the plan was to meet on Tuesday night. All was working according to plan, when I was ambushed by my boss to take on some work after my normal scheduled off time. We’d lost two employees the Friday before, and unfortunately, I was one of the only ones trained enough to handle the workload that one of them left behind. I ended up getting out a few hours later than expected, and the lovely Ann St. Vincent suggested that perhaps it were best we just reschedule for Wednesday, to save me a late night drive. The sounded great to me, so we agreed and shifted plans.

Of course, if we had knew then what we know now, I would have said screw it and driven out that moment! The rest of the week did *not* get easier, and each night I ended up getting out of work later and later (and eventually having my schedule shifted until more people could be trained to handle the workload). Thursday night was our last chance, and I was not, absolutely not, going to miss it. The previous three days had been so aggravating that I had barely slept a wink, so on top of working three 15+ hour days in a row, I was working on maybe 7 hours total sleep…but you know what? Sleep was a worthy sacrifice. I was going to see Ann, no matter what! Thursday night, just after ten, I was on the road. Two and half hours away, my dear, passionate, amazing friend was waiting…the drive, thankfully, was mostly peaceful. A few thunderstorms washed me along to where she lay.

I would be a liar to say I was not at least a little bit nervous. It is one thing to woo a woman from afar, to share with her thoughts through characters formed upon a screen or on occasion through voices sent through the stars themselves…and another entirely to come together in the same space, the same time. Though I have always been a man of confidence, there is, I think, always a momentary shadow of doubt that lingers in even the most stalwart of hearts. Would I meet her expectations? Would we spark as we always have in words? Would it be strange and awkward or would we fit together like it was always meant to be, like the proverbial glove? Such questions weighed on my mind and nerves as I drew ever closer to my destination, and they, along with the wind, the rain, and the mounting lack of sleep, had me a bit on edge…but happily so.

After all, regardless of everything, and with no expectations set otherwise, I was finally going to meet the amazing Ann St. Vincent, the woman who had, till this point, been my virtual muse, confidante, and more than all else, friend. Having a chance to put all we knew of each other into a living, breathing moment overrode all sense of anticipation and doubt. As we had discussed earlier, due to the lateness of my trip, I was to let myself in and wake her on my arrival…and so I did.

I wish I could capture accurately the way it felt to finally meet Ann face to face, but I fear my attempts will be clumsy at best. I can say this; she is as beautiful as the words she writes. Even waking from sleep, she was the very essence of charm and beauty, and though neither of us had planned or intended on such, it seemed both natural and necessary to seal our greeting with a kiss.

And ahhhhhh what a kiss. It was not awkward, not strange, neither forced nor hesitant. It was, in a word, perfect. Natural, honest, heartfelt, delightful. Beautiful. I use that word a lot, I know, but truly, it’s what she is. Physically, mentally, emotionally…Ann is a creature of character and beauty. From the light in her eyes, the curve of her smile, the warmth of her lips, the softness of her tongue, the release of her tension as I took her in my arms…every bit was beautiful.

When that kiss broke…how long had it lasted? It felt simultaneously like years and like seconds. The kind that feels like you’ve been kissing each other for so many years as to perfect the form while at the same time seems far too brief, leaving the heart aching for more. But break it we did. We talked, we kissed again. Talked more, kissed more. With every touch of her lips my need to know her more grew. My hands found her skin…soft and smooth and delightful. We laughed a bit, drank a bit of wine, kissed more. Clothing became obtrusive, and so I helped her from hers as my lips and tongue explored more and more of her body. At some point, I realized that she was delightfully naked and I was embarrassingly clothed, so we remedied that situation promptly.

We played, we explored, we touched and tasted. And god…what an amazing experience it was. I don’t know that I have ever been with a lover so responsive, so reactive, so ready for every touch and kiss and temptation. We loved…though the combination of sleeplessness, nerves, and sheer disbelief that this was actually happening led to some initial pauses in my readiness, I nevertheless pressed on with seeing her needs met…and in doing so, fulfilled a long time fantasy of mine.

I hesitate to use the term “fisting” because it sounds so brutal…and this was not an act of brutality. Instead, as I explored her body, as I caressed and felt and pressed to know her every detail through my fingertips, more and more of them joined the exploration. And then, suddenly…I was in her. Fully, deeply…inside and a part of her, more than I have ever been with another person. It was feeling of intense eroticism and even stronger intimacy, and the way her body shook and writhed as she was overcome with waves of pleasure was as indescribably beautiful as the way it felt to feel, honestly feel every pulse and movement of her body around my own. And so we played thus, until she was so overwhelmed with sensation we had to withdraw…but briefly.

We lay together after and talked, teased, tasted. And that moment, that surge of pleasure she had shared with me? It broke through all barriers. All sleeplessness. All nerves. All doubts. We loved again, and this time, completely. It was amazing, intense, and so, so needed. We played more, repeating some things and trying others. Alas, our time was limited…and when we realized that we had a scant two hours before I’d have to leave, we called it quits, settling into a wonderful, naked snuggle, to sleep away the remaining bit of time.

If I had one thing to change, it would be this – I would have gone Tuesday night! But even then, I don’t know that there are hours enough in a day, or a week, or a month to satisfy the craving that a woman like Ann invokes. She is indeed made of awesome, and I’m so very glad to have had the chance to bask in the glory that is she…no matter how short the time.

Till next time, my dear…

49 thoughts on “He showed up in the middle of the night | In his words

    • His words are incredible, always have been. I do think he could write the panties of anyone.
      I don’t for a moment think I’m that awesome, but I like that he thinks so. Or at least says so 😉

  1. He has described so eloquently, your beauty, his sensations with you, the emotions evoked by your presence, the overwhelming surge of sexual energy and a lover’s view of loving you. Absolutely well written and such a pleasure to read. You truly are blest.

    • I am blessed, in so many ways. His words are wonderful and I knew he would make me sound so incredible. I don’t for a moment see myself as awesome as he says, but I like that he writes me that way 🙂

  2. This was beautiful. Made me wonder whether The Dancer experienced the same thing when fisting me. I need to ask him 🙂
    and yes, I do understand why you’re charmed!
    Apparently, so was he 🙂

  3. If the man is half as good as his words imply he is a keeper and anything more than that is a bonus. If he does blog again count me in as a reader too.
    I think the things we have kept at a distance through no fault of our own but still work at have a better chance of longevity. Although this does still need work as life easily gets in the way.
    None of us sees ourselves as awesome but that does not mean we are not in somebodies eyes, looks like you have met your somebody.
    Through your “awesome” blog I found my way here and have learnt many things and long may that continue. I’m glad you have found some happiness after recent times, you do deserve it. Enjoy.

    • David, I’m so pleased to hear you have learned things from my blog… I’m honored to hear that. I have found happiness and peace lately, and I’m enjoying it while it lasts.
      I’m sure he’s reading these comments so he’ll be pleased to see he’s gained a potential reader!

  4. *gulp!*

    I love the way he shared the experience of not just meeting you but of you as a person and as his friend too. I’d say this was a pretty special meeting and I hope it’s not the last. 🙂

    • Thank you Kristi, I liked those things too. He has always been very good about seeing all of me. Not just some sex blogger who could fulfill a fantasy or two, but as a woman, mom, etc….

  5. I feel this way with my boy toy. Fisting is one of the things on our to-do list and so next visit I am arriving armed with a large bottle of baby oil and a rubber sheet.

    Beautiful writing, one can feel his admiration for you in his words. You are a lucky woman to have someone not shy to share his feeling about this way.

    • I guess baby oil could also do it! Key is to be super relaxed and for him to take his time. If you are tense, expecting it, etc., it’s less likely to work. Unless he’s got small hands I suppose. Let me know how it goes!

      I feel very lucky indeed.

  6. Aaaannnn, I think you’re teasing us…..or is it that you have to rewrite part 2 after you posted “HIS” version?

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