F*cking Lewis and Clark | An MFM Story

Lewis and I have kept up infrequent contact since I reached out to him after Chapter Two ended with Tony.

He went on a long string of daily gif texts – all MFM threesomes with two black men and a white woman, usually blonde. Sometimes many black men with one woman. All in all it was hot, but sometimes disconcerting to receive in the middle of a meeting when I’m playing corporate Barbie.

He arranged for us to get together with another couple but I cancelled it – I simply wasn’t up to those kinds of shenanigans at the time. I took a rain check.A second time we arranged for an MFM, the second gentleman, Clark, cancelled. I actually can’t remember if Lewis and I got together anyway. I know I’ve seen him a couple of times at least since things ended with Tony.

The last time Lewis and I were together we nailed down a date to see each other again. As two parents with children, it’s not the easiest to align schedules. Interestingly, since I’d cancelled and wasn’t in frequent contact, he pursued me more. He chastised me for how long I’d made him wait to see me again, and said the next time better be sooner.

He invited Clark and this time we were all free and nobody cancelled.

When Lewis told me Clark was “more buff” than he, with a similar sized cock, I got simultaneously nervous and excited. Lewis is 6’3″ and very buff himself.

That night, I had after work drinks with two girlfriends. Got home and paced around my house. I poured myself a very stiff drink… I needed some mental lubricant and liquid courage.

They showed up within five minutes of each other. Clark was shorter than Lewis, and slightly shorter than me, but I could make out his muscles under his shirt. He looked at me with obvious lust. We toasted to having fun. Lewis wanted what I was drinking but Clark drank the Chardonnay Lewis brought. I’m not sure why, but it was incongruous to me and made me giggle.

We made small talk; the three of us in my kitchen, until Lewis decided it was time to go upstairs.

I kind of lose track of things at that point.

I LOVE MFM threesomes. Probably not a surprise; where two hands are good, four are better. Why settle for one mouth when I can have two?

It wasn’t particularly kinky sex – there wasn’t DP or DVP as there was with Andrew and Jason. Never mind I’m a little afraid to have anal sex with Lewis; the dude is huge.

Despite a lack of kink, I still had two huge cocks. There was a lot of cock sucking. I stayed spit roasted for a long while, licking and kissing and slurping while getting fucked from behind. When one got tired the other took over. It’s perfect, actually. I like to keep going, yet they could take a break. They were on either side of my bed and I essentially just switched back and forth between them.

They did mix it up a little, and I had the significant pleasure of being pounded on my back by both of them, taking turns.

I love it when I lose count of orgasms…I don’t usually count so I guess I never actually keep track – so perhaps it’s better to say I love it when I have so many orgasms I couldn’t even begin to count. Clark was an absolute machine.

I was fucked very very well for a few hours.

Then Lewis had to leave to go to a party. I almost hoped Clark would have stayed, but I suppose that’s bad threesome etiquette when Lewis is my primary.

Goofy from all the sex and the oxytocin, I asked Lewis if we could perhaps go to a local art gallery together in the coming weeks. I may have told him I “dug him”. He may have said he “dug me too”. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes as I write that, but it’s true.

I kissed them both goodbye, them groping my ass and making appreciative sounds.

Shortly after they left, Lewis texted me to tell me they both had an amazing time and wanted a repeat. I did too.

And because I’m such a good girl, I washed up, crawled into bed, and invited Tony over.

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  1. I so enjoy reading about your dissolute escapades! And now I’m hoping you’ll write about the next morning with Tony- did he have any idea who preceded him by just a short while?

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