stand up interracial sex in my kitchen

A good kitchen f*ck

We hadn’t seen each other since the night of the fantastic MFM threesome.

He has been relatively silent and when I inquired as to the reason for his absence, he attributed it to busy weekends with his daughter and a busier than normal work schedule.

He said that last time and then disappeared completely, so I was somewhat skeptical. The difference this time is although on the surface he’s a man I could actually date, we are clearly only fucking each other, so it’s no issue for me to send a text here and there. I’m okay being an equal partner in moving things forward, when the result is getting laid by Lewis.

It’s a clear sign, for the record, when a man doesn’t ask you anything really – not about yourself, your life, your thoughts. While I volunteer information in the absence of inquiry, I know it means he either doesn’t really care or is too self-absorbed for my liking anyway.

I had been away for work most of the prior week, and busy with various events on the weekend, so I suggested an after work weekday rendezvous. He thought it was a great idea, so I followed up telling him if he wanted it to happen, I had only one night where it would work.

He came over around 9:30pm and I made us gin and tonics. We sat on my couch and talked, and later when I got up to make us a second round he relieved me of my nylons and hello kitty pink lace thong.

Following me into the kitchen, he was behind me and I could hear a slight rustling. I got no farther than pouring the gin when he put his long fingers between my legs to find the wetness hidden within, and then plunged that glorious huge cock into me.

Sidebar: not only is he very tall, but he also has an incredibly long reach. It comes in handy, pardon the pun.

I couldn’t have told you how long we were in that position, him railing into me from behind, but he did.

“Ann, we’ve been doing this for fifty minutes”, he exclaimed. He’d noticed the clock on the microwave a while after we started and had looked again.

We didn’t end then. After maybe another 15 minutes we took a pause. I tried to finish the drink but he decided to have another go.

All told we probably fucked that way in my kitchen for an hour and a half. My favorite part was when he let me back into him at my own pace, so I teased and went slowly and grinded hard and showed him just how this white ass could move.

The benefit of a man with a long hard cock is you can do shit like that. Glorious.

Actually, another favorite was when he spread his hands on either side of my ass, thumbs on each hip, and firmly guided my motion. I do not have a small butt, so this says more about the length of his hands than anything else. I was sure it would add bruises on my hips to the scattering of bruises on my shoulders and arms from Tony, but none appeared the next morning.

He told me again how much he enjoyed the threesome, and watching Clark fuck me. He told me he had a friend with an even fatter and longer cock than his, and he wanted to see me take it (yes please!). He has a female lover he hasn’t seen in a whole who wants to eat my pussy, according to him. He also wants to take me to a BBC party.

I told him for someone who has little time we were amassing quite the to-do list.

As he left, not before we had a few more rounds, he made me promise it would be less than two weeks before we saw each other again. We have a tentative date – and he is inviting Clark, and maybe his other friend, to join us.


13 thoughts on “A good kitchen f*ck

  1. There is just something I don’t like about Lewis…I get such a creepy vibe off this guy.

    If it was Tony wanting to invite friends to be with you then it would be a less worrisome story to me but with Lewis I just don’t like it. I feel like he is just happy to use you for sex and let his friends use you too….your the toy he gets to lend out. ..feels icky.

    • Sassy, I do appreciate your comment and have been pondering it. I suppose as much as I write about him using me, I’m using him as well. I’m not spending time with him because I hope to get something more than sex. Sure, perhaps if he was interested in more, I could date him. But he also knows I’m a fan of having multiple men at the same time, so it’s not like he’s pushing it on me at all. I don’t feel used by it, I feel like I’m the user.

    • If this was for dating, then no, I wouldn’t want that. But this is just a good fuck every now and then, and I’m okay with that. Yes, he’s probably arrogant, but he’s not unpleasant to be around, and he’s been responsive during sex.

  2. I haven’t liked Lewis since that early experience when you told him you were uncomfortable during sex and he told you to just take it. I thought that was so disrespectful and I was glad for you when he disappeared. But, you are a very intelligent woman and I don’t think you would put up with ongoing disrespect. Clearly you are enjoying these encounters with him. I don’t think he deserves you as even a FWB, but he’s lucky that you seem to disagree 😉

    • Holly, you are quite right about that first experience, and I didn’t like it either. However, the sex has been different since then – I was worried it would be the same and if so, I wouldn’t continue with him. But he’s been responsive to my needs and doesn’t push me too far.

  3. You enjoyed the Lewis & Clark duo and were very sore after, but happy. I not too sure about adding a third guy to the mix. It sounds like he is offering more people to the mix to get their pleasure from you. Adding a woman creates more of a blend to the group, but I not sure what combinations Lewis is proposing. You can handle it very well I am sure. You have been very strong of late and confident in yourself.

    • I will get pleasure from a third man, no question. Of course it’s also a male fantasy (for some) to be in such a situation, but what I get is fantastic sex that goes far longer than if with just one man.

      I do stick up for myself in sexual situations so if I’m uncomfortable or not having fun, I won’t continue.

      Lewis is open to different combinations. In the case of the woman it would be a FFM / FMF. He’s also been interested in getting us together with another couple. I’m not super comfortable with women yet, it would need to be in the right situation, but I’m open to it. Comes down to the situation, who is primary, and whether I can trust him.

  4. Yum, indeed!
    Once again, your happiness gives me great satisfaction. All I’ve ever wanted for you is a life of great sexual exploration with partners who appreciate you for the warm, wonderful, unbelievably-sensual person you are.

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