I’m thoroughly f*cked…

Hello everyone. I’ve had quite the active last 24 hours which I’m definitely going to write about as soon as I get some work done today. I think scandalous is probably an overstatement, but it was a very – ahem – busy night and morning.

In the interim, I wanted to post to let you know I transitioned to a self hosted site… so if you got this notification, I think we’re all good. I’m still here at annstvincent.com!

If you follow me on email then you shouldn’t notice a change. If you are a WordPress user, I’m supposed to still show up in your reader. What is different is you’ll now need to click to come to the site to read the post. Then when you make a comment, it should recognize your WordPress account and you shouldn’t have to add any additional information.

If it doesn’t work that way, please tell me! One thing I’m not sure of is whether you’ll get notified if someone responds to your comment here….would be great if you could let me know πŸ™‚


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  1. Ann, I was able to see your post when I clicked on the email notification. When I tried to go straight from the old WP link it bonked -said it didn’t exist. Some sites have a tag to click to get comment notifications. Yours does not but I do know how to go to my WP reader setting to change this permanently from my end. I have a few followers I have set to email notifications of posts (yours included) but there are very few I follow comments on because it just plain gums up the works.

    • Glad you got the email notification okay! I’d hate to have anyone follow all my comments… sometimes there are a lot of them πŸ™‚
      What I wasn’t sure of is whether you’ll automatically know I’ve responded to your specific comment… In WordPress I get a little notification and not sure it works on self-hosted blogs. Maybe I should talk to myself to find out πŸ™‚

    • I’m sure there will be some odd things for me to get used to here… but on the bright side, I was able to block some IP addresses today!!

      • Ah, you lost the likability of comments, so… I liked the fact you were able to block some IP addresses.
        Do you get notification of how many times they were blocked?

        • What? Comments can’t be liked? I just posted a comment the other day that had 5 likes! I was so exited! Of course, my comment was about how great someone else’s moment was!!!

          • Comments can’t be liked since she made the change, unless you do it from your reader, but then it means it is a comment made in reply to your own comment, so no way would you get 5 likes on a comment any more, if it’s important to you πŸ˜‰
            Or could you like a comment from a conversation you thought was particularly great :-/

      • Hooray! Take it from someone who has been cyber stalked on social media recently, it sucks the big one. I applaud what you are doing and will remain an avid follower wherever you go. We can’t let the assholes win can we ; )

          • I am OK but the attack was very cruel to my family. What sucked is it was a fellow blogger. There ought to be a code about that kind of behavior but alas, crazy trolls are everywhere.

  2. Displaying correctly. WordPress like and comment buttons working. I’ve set this post to Notify me of new comments, so someone click it and we’ll see if that works. Geek On!

  3. So far so good. Your post showed up in my feed and my email lol. And as I’m typing this it says I’ll post as my WP name. I’ll keep you posted about comment replies …… πŸ™‚ xo

  4. So you lead with a cliffhanger just to catch our attention? OK, it showed up in my reader, I can click to the post and make comments. Now tell us the damn story! 😘😍

  5. I couldn’t access your blog via safari on my phone and repeatedly got an error message despite the address being correct. I could get there by clicking on your Twitter link, so I knew the problem was on my end. Cleared my browser history, cookies, etc., and now I can access it directly.

    Looks great by the way.

  6. BTW, your “mini” Blogroll does not appear on the right as it used to, or at the bottom as it did on my phone.

    I know you have more important things to attend to now, so stay safe, in all ways, and check this out when you get time.

    I hope the scandalous item you refer to does not involve the lawyer! Good Luck!

  7. Hi Ann! I type your url into Safari to get here. I put in the password on my first visit, and it remembered on my next visit. I’m sorry Sevag escalated things. I hope you’re ok. Stay safe!

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