I really don’t want to lose my community.

I’ve decided to move to a self-hosted blog. There are lots of benefits: I’m at no risk of WordPress shutting me down because of adult content, I have more flexibility with some site features (admittedly not a big deal for me), apparently it can increase site traffic (definitely not a big deal), and I can block specific IP addresses from accessing it.

It’s really the last one that holds such appeal, perhaps for obvious reasons. It’s not a guarantee someone won’t just go to any other device, but it gives me a level of comfort.

However, it will make it harder for people to comment on my blog. While you will see me in your reader (assuming things get set up correctly), commenting becomes difficult. I know just the act of needing to open someone’s full site and enter my information is often enough for me to not bother. I’m still an engaged reader but I’m too lazy to weigh in unless I think it’s really important.

I’m frankly worried that the one thing that gives me the most value, other than the act of writing itself, is going to disappear. Your encouragement, challenges, and debate are cheaper than therapy and probably collectively, a better perspective. 

I can’t force anyone to remain engaged. I know there are many of you who have never commented but read everything – the number of password requests I’ve gotten are a testament to that. I just hope to not lose you through this process. You help me immensely and I remain flattered and humbled you choose to spend some of your time on my stories. 



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  1. It is not that commenting becomes difficult. Pretty sure it may take some attention and that is something most here always already have done.

    Ann you should not be worried as with true friends those who stick it out through the worst are to be most valued and cherished.

    Or so this little crow thinks.

    Go for it.

  2. I will follow. I’ve enjoying following you these last two years, and look forward to reading every time you post. You do what’s best for you. You always do. πŸ™‚

  3. No big deal for me. It’s not too much trouble to put in my info to comment. A lot of people have their own self hosted blogs and it doesn’t deter me from harassing them with my comments. Good luck with the transition.

  4. I have learned so much in the months I’ve been reading. You (and others) have enriched my life. I will follow you anywhere! ONLINE THAT IS

  5. No worries here. I keep myself signed out of sites most of the time anyway, and I only sign in when I need to, so there would be no functional change as far as I’m concerned. You do you, baby girl.

  6. Just do not forget to give us the new location. I follow you through RSS feed that comes to my work email and if that is going to change I will need to find another way.

  7. I’ve also been lazy and not requested the login info. One potential problem with your personal site is that unless you work it, new people will not find you as easily as you can get lost in the world wide web easily.

  8. Ann, I believe there is a plugin that allows you to block followers by IP address. Doing a quick google search, one of them is called IP blocker lite. I didn’t do any extensive research, but I think that would do what you want without requiring you to changing hosting.

  9. I did the same with another blog of mine, and it was fine:) Install the jetpack so it automatically moves your subscribers and allows them to follow you via the WordPress Reader. If you can’t keep the same domain, there’s a service on WordPress that lets you redirect and that it’s not too expensive (I think). Good luck, we will be here.

  10. I don’t know if you follow Aussa Lorens blog, but she switched to self-hosting and found a way to set it up (or rather got someone to do it for her I think) where, as long as you are already logged into WordPress, you can just comment without having to add any extra info or login details, so no different to a wordpress hosted site. See here if you don’t know her blog – http://aussalorens.com/ I’m sure she’d tell you how she did it if you asked.

  11. I’ll keep reading. I followed Hy, I followed Rita, I’ll follow you!
    The only thing that may make it difficult for me is if I have to request notification of new comments via email, as you get way too many comments for my liking at the moment (I really don’t have the time to read them all any more). So it’s a problem if I’m expecting to read your reply to my comment and it doesn’t show up in my reader. But if you find a way to let me know that you reply to my comment, I’m fine.
    And frankly, I’m fine one way or the other, as my course is only another few months, and then I should be back to my regular self, reading and responding to every comment πŸ˜‰
    And you need to do what’s best for you, and it’s obvioulsy to move to self hosted. So I say go for it!

      • Oh, you wouldn’t lose me, I’d follow, but it would be more of a strain and I may not comment as often πŸ™‚
        You asked, I’m telling you what would help me. But I adapt, that’s how I survived for 40+ years, so… whatever happens, I’ll work with it πŸ™‚
        The most important thing is that you do what is right for you. That’s all that counts. Always.

  12. I hope you will still show up in the Reader. πŸ™‚ I have a hard time keeping track of blogs outside of that.. But I am happy to follow you if I can still find you. πŸ™‚

  13. I think your move over to self-hosted was very smooth. I’ve seen it with other bloggers, and their movement was not a smooth! The only thing I see missing that I often use is the “like” button. Often times, I don’t feel ‘qualified’ to answer simply because the hopeful romantic in me can get carried away. You don’t nee that on this page!
    In the past, when I hit the ‘like’ button, it was my way of letting you know that I read your post and that I was sending you happy vibes and hugs.
    I’m not going anywhere – Tony, Sevag, Fox – in the long run, I am Team Ann! xo

  14. Ann: You are stepping out. Good for you. I will be among those looking to follow. I have followed both you and Hy since the beginning and just started commenting last year. Your adventures and growth have been amazing. Good luck.

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