My fiery Aries and me

Sevag and I first communicated on OK Cupid on Saturday, we had an hour long phone conversation on Sunday, met for a coffee date and kiss on Tuesday, had another hour long phone call on Tuesday night, had a drink and amazing sex on Thursday, he came over late on Friday for an overnight and didn’t leave until noon the next morning.

Sunday night he came over late and didn’t leave until 1am. We did nothing but talk and kiss. It was a pretty magical time. He is passionate and romantic and says such lovely things.

The OK Cupid statistics are proving correct; we see eye to eye on most things. Everything from attitudes on relationships to religion (although that’s our lowest match category) and life in general.

Monday we had lunch together, joking it was perhaps our first official date. He paid, had manners, and was a total gentleman. I stayed in my 3″ work heels to see how I felt. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. He told me again how beautiful I was, and that he could see every man staring at me as I walked by in my red dress.

That night he came over again at 9pm but we both insisted on my being asleep before 11pm. I should really write about the sex with him.

Although he’s not physically as big (height, bulk) as I would ideally prefer, he is muscular and strong and takes control in bed. He has gorgeous long curly dark hair streaked with silver, which is great to hold on to. He gets great sex hair. His face is rugged and handsome and although his eyes are so dark it’s hard to see his pupils, when he smiles his whole face lights up. Watching him go from an intense lustful sex face to that smile is one of my favorite mental images of him.

He jokes that outside the bedroom he knows I’m independent and strong and nobody can boss me around… But in the bedroom he’s the boss. He said this before we’d even discussed it. He’s right, of course. And he says everything (of course) in his delicious gravelly voice.

He rocks a black t-shirt and jeans. There’s just so something so bloody sexy about a man who looks good in that combination.

Yesterday we took a break. He was exhausted and I needed another good nights sleep; I’d been doing pretty well with the helpful reminders from my new Fitbit. The combination of work and Liam schedule has prevented me from being at the gym for the last 10 days. I miss it but know I can return next week.

He calls me “love” and “baby” and tells me constantly he misses me. It’s sweet, but I need to ask him to chill a bit because it’s freaking me out a little – because I have no way to differentiate sheer passionate expression from neediness. My gut jury is still out. I suspect it’s the former but can’t say for sure.

So I will ask. I think he will laugh and tell me not to worry and he’s just expressive.

We were supposed to have dinner and an overnight on Friday but my parents are sick and unlikely to be well enough to take Liam. I told Sevag this and he took it in stride. “It’s okay, Ann, don’t worry.” He said. “Kids always come first.”

There was no petulance or resentment. A good sign. The dinner and overnight will have to wait until Sunday.

We saw each other again on Wednesday night for a few hours. There was no lingering on the couch talking this time; as I got him a drink he came up behind me in the kitchen, put his mouth on the back of my neck and his hand between my legs. I felt his hardness against my ass and delighted at the sound of his buckle coming undone. But he changed his mind about the location and we went upstairs.

After a couple rounds of sweaty sex, laying in each other’s arms, as he discovered more about my body’s responsiveness, he told me I needed a strong man because most men can’t handle my sexuality. When I asked him why he thought that, he got it exactly right.

He says I’ve found the right man.

34 thoughts on “My fiery Aries and me

    • I’m trying to keep some balance and it’s helped that I’ve had Liam for an extended period. I need to keep space and just see where things go… But we’ve got a lovely physical and intellectual connection!

  1. Have you ever been a front seat passenger in a car with a fast and experienced driver? There is a tendency to apply imaginary brakes on your side & close your eyes. I feel a bit like that but I also feel the thrill of this. I would be on this ride too. I’m happy you get to experience it.

    • Yes I know exactly what you are saying. Funnily enough I wrote about driving styles of Tony and Fox. Fox was cautious, slow, and easily confused. Tony drove like me: in control, fast, expertly.

      Ali doesn’t have a car here because he lives and works downtown. He rents when he needs one. I need to let him drive my car and we’ll see if the driving to personality comparison works with him as well!

      But I’m happy to experience his non driving skills!!

  2. Oh Ann! This may sound too good to be true, but… just enjoy it, will you?

    I loved this “Watching him go from an intense lustful sex face to that smile is one of my favorite mental images of him.” I so totally get it!
    Going from this intense lust to that belly laugh with The Dancer is one of my favorite things too.
    As for the ‘kids always come first’… it’s nice when they get it, isn’t it? Even nicer that you don’t have to explain, that it’s obvious!

    It feels good watching this go by. I think I get the worry that this is all going too fast. That’s why I’m trying real hard not to say these words to him too often. Last night I failed miserably. But he didn’t seem to take offense, not at all. So I guess I’m safe πŸ˜‰

    Sending hugs. Thank you for sharing this journey!

    Also… how did I miss the last post? Sigh!

    • I don’t think your stuff is going to fast at all!! I couldn’t do what you’ve been doing with the Dancer and not desire some kind of commitment from him. I’m glad you can make it work.
      Ali fails at not saying the words to me too πŸ™‚

      • I don’t think it’s going too fast either, but I always worry he does πŸ˜‰
        To be honest, I wasn’t ready for much faster, I’m not in the same place as you are, and I have a crazy ex who I worried would use any knowledge of a relationship to my detriment in the divorce (obviously, the fact he himself had one had no bearing on that!).
        I just wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready, and it’s a good thing that it built slowly.
        The love I feel for this man is so strong that it trumps anything else, which is a bit scary, but… take it as something similar to Ali telling you that he’d like for you to be exclusive but is ready to go at your pace πŸ™‚

  3. Love the photo and the post that goes with it…he is turning out to be one heck of a man so far!

    While he might be saying very expressive things, he doesn’t seem pushy and oftentimes I feel like those would go together if he was truly the needy type.

    Enjoy every moment!

    • No he’s not pushy… It’s a recurring joke now that he is trying not to say certain things because it freaks me out a little, and he’s failing. Now, I need to see more stuff in action to know whether it’s neediness, but I don’t think it is.

  4. I read this post at the wrong time, in the wrong place. I had to get up and walk in front of others, mid post….awkward! I can’t wait to open and read each one tho….

  5. I have liked several comments in the previous posts that I found poignant. You are showing your strength much better now than you did several years ago. Your new relationship with Ali has started out very well with some exciting posts to support that. You definitely have better control over the relationship with Tony and can even keep a distance friendship quite successfully. As for Lewis, I would stick with the MF because he does provide that fullness and great sex that you enjoy. I do not see any exclusivity or potential for MFM with success just goof gratification. I look forward to your posts, you sound happy and positive.

  6. How exciting to be pursued and fully appreciated by a man who seems to be a good match with your intellect as well as your sexuality. This is still very new, I know, but it sounds like a much stronger connection for you than your recent suitors. Much more in common (chemistry, assuredness) and chemistry than Fox, a lot stronger the shit-together readiness for a true relationship place than Tony. Lots of hopeful, positive thoughts for you as things evolve and progress, Ann. I cannot recall if you said in prior posts about him, but is he European or an immigrant to your home country?

  7. Have just recently started following you Ann . And may I say that I love the way you express yourself . Your writing is so refreshingly irreverent and compact . But more importantly genuine . And that is rare . As for Ali thanks for giving passionate men who think without fear a chance .

    • He is pretty hot! Just so bloody passionate. I’m not used to it… I mean, Tony was passionate physically but Ali is just fiery all the time. He makes me laugh…and it freaks me out a little too.

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