Thank you, Molly.

If you don’t follow Molly Moore, you should. She’s a wonderful community builder and blogger who publishes daily and runs a number of memes and projects. And her photos are lovely.

For the last few years, she’s published an annual Top 20 sex bloggers list. It’s had what I consider to be true superstars of sex blogging and I’ve admired them all.

So I was surprised to find myself on the 2015 list two nights ago.

Completely. Fucking. Surprised.

Here’s the link, so you can verify I’m not delusional (and so you can find some new great blogs): Top 20 of 2015

The second thing I did (after I squealed with delight) was call Hyacinth Jones (now three-time list-maker). Molly found me through Hy, so I both wanted to congratulate her and say thank you. Friends are awesome, and blogging friends who know all of your dirty secrets and kinky fuckery and still love you? Fantastic.

So thank you, Molly. Thank you Hy, and thank you to all of you for continuing to visit my space in this vast internet.



19 thoughts on “Thank you, Molly.

    • Thanks Phil. I do remember early on not liking the thought of being a “sex blogger”… because I don’t write erotica and even more basic, didn’t consider myself to be a writer at all.

      I read a great post a while ago (and can’t remember who wrote it…if I do I will come back and link to it here) that talked about sex bloggers and why none of us seem to think we are actually sex bloggers. People like me who don’t write erotica therefore don’t consider themselves one. Or people who write erotica and then say because it’s not real life they aren’t worthy. Etc., etc.

      Regardless…I was thrilled to be on the list πŸ™‚

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