I got pissed off and shaved his head (2/2)

Part One

Tony and I made plans to see each other the next evening for an overnight. I had to drop my son Liam to Will’s house in late afternoon and had no plans afterwards. Tony was working and with his son for part of the day. He had a shoot on Monday and I had work, but he also had to take his car in for serviceย and his shoot was way closer to my house than his.

So a plan was hatched.

Earlier in the week when he expressed dismay he was going to have to change a car appointment because he had a shoot, I offered mine. I rarely drive during the week so it made no difference to me.

The first time I offered, he said something like “oh no that’s okay”. The second time he raised it, I said I was serious and it was honestly no issue at all for me. Then later he realized it was a good idea and we left it that he would come by my place Sunday night to pick up my car and he would leave from there the next morning.

I planned to go have a mani pedi after dropping Liam off. I checked in with Tony to ask him what the plan was and he saidย “7pm. My place.”

Oh. Okay.

I couldn’t squeeze my pampering in. The last one I had was in August before my boudoir photo shoot. Life goes on…he doesn’t seem to care my heels are a little rough.

Instead of the mani pedi I ran an errand and met Tony at his house. He’d picked up amazing sandwiches so we munched and I observed him in full-on tired and stressed-out mode.

Then the errands began:

Pick up his car, take his car to the shop, fill out the late night drop box info which practically needed his first born’s information, move stuff from his car to mine, drive back to his place, pick up the rental van for his shoot, drop the van to one of his staff, drive to my place.

He’s been complaining about his hair for a few weeks. He normally shaves his head and hasn’t done it. Like so many other guys I’ve dated in the last two years, he’s got a receding hairline so takes the bold approach of shaving it all. I don’t think bald is my particular type as much as I like a bold man and it seems to translate (Fox had a gorgeous full head of silver hair, for what it’s worth).

I offered to shave his head. Similar to the car offer, the first time he dismissed it. But I knew he had to do it, it was making him crazy, and it would be fast. And to be perfectly honest I was excited about doing something rather intimate like that.

Have I said yet I’ve never shaved a man’s head before?

He was so tired he was rather compliant. I told him to sit down on the edge of my tub, I got a towel around his neck, and took out the shaver. Off came the hair. He leaned his forehead on my stomach and took some deep breaths. I felt him relax.

I asked him whether he did it himself. He said it used to be his ex (and admittedly a part of me said – alright this is myย job now, back off and get your own sandwich, lady.) but now he sees a barber. I was happy to do it for him.

I did a pretty good job and he was pleased.

We went to bed.

Earlier he had told me there was no way we’d be having sex that night, but he promised me really great 5am sex.

But when I crawled into bed and took my preferred “little spoon” position, his energy changed.

I don’t think I have the words to describe how wonderful it feels when he pulls me tight against him with his left arm (he is strong), puts his right arm under my neck, and runs his hand all over my body. He bites the back of my shoulder and puts his full lips against the back of my neck. Often, he will growl.

I. Love. It.

And as he rolled his bulk on top of me and went for my lube, apologizing for the reduced foreplay, I was pleased and surprised.

As he held my hair and moved and thrusted I looked up at him (he always watches me) and asked how he found the energy. His response?

“I just wanted to show you how happy and thankful I am. Thank you, Ann.”

And that, my friends, made my night.

36 thoughts on “I got pissed off and shaved his head (2/2)

  1. I think all these domestic/couple-type chores were good for you both. It could deepen your relationship. I love a good, snuggling spoon with a healthy neck nibble and growl. Delicious!

  2. Awwww! Still no Internet access, so hard to access reader or blogs, and thus comment…
    but your head space seems to be great! I’m happy for you Ann ๐Ÿ™‚

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