A fantasy come true: lingerie under a trench coat 

It’s unseasonably warm here; we’ve been breaking records courtesy of El Niño.

I offered to Tony on Friday night to come to him, instead of having him come to my place, given how stressed he was. My team was coming over to my place for dinner and drinks but since I’d been sick I hadn’t had any alcohol; so I was perfectly fine to not imbibe with them.

We left the office early and they started drinking at my place before 3pm. I nursed sparkling water. The stories we shared could fill a few sexy blog posts. My gay male team member has a fantastic story of an encounter with a micro penis. Maybe I should write it; it’s a tragicomedy.

Another day, perhaps.

After they left I almost cancelled on Tony as I was exhausted. I’m still not 100% better from my illness. But I hatched a plan and it perked me up.

I changed out of my work outfit and put on black thigh highs with a gorgeous wide lace band. I slipped on a black lace camisole bodysuit with handy crotch snaps. And I pulled on 3″ pointed knee-high stiletto boots with a sexy silver plate on the heel.

I packed my overnight bag.

I put on a blue trench coat and left my house.

Yes, wearing nothing but a camisole and stockings.

As I slid into my dark blue sedan I adjusted the bodysuit and the snaps popped. So there I sat in my parking garage, hands between my legs, trying to reattach the snaps.

I got wet just thinking about Tony’s reaction, as I drove the 30 minutes to his place. He texted he was exhausted and I thought “bet you won’t be for long”. Getting stuck in traffic on the highway was a special kind of torture.

The snaps popped again as I strode to his front door. I had to duck surreptitiously into his bathroom after he kissed me hello to fix them again.

I put my bags down, kissed him hello, and asked him to remove my coat for me. A button popped off and fell onto the floor…he didn’t find it until the next morning.

He opened my coat and I could hear his breathing change as he saw what I was wearing underneath. He muttered “oh, Ann…”. He slipped my coat off my shoulders as I giggled and said I’d always wanted to do that and I was pretty sure the gate house guard saw my stockings and probably thought I was an escort.

Tony chucked and joked about others who may have benefited from my showing up at their door like this. I said “Oh I’ve never done this before.”

“Really, Ann?”

“Nope, NEVER.”

He spun me around and kissed me and said “we need to get you upstairs, now.”

The next 12 hours proved to be filled with the best sex we’ve ever had…

63 thoughts on “A fantasy come true: lingerie under a trench coat 

  1. Thanks. I’ve been lurking for a while, and just realized I could have an account without having a blog of my own! I love your writing and am enthralled with your story!!!

  2. That was just a surprise to me as well that you never done so before.
    But haha I am loving it… Ooh do it once.. do it twice but this time on order and boy the fun you have. Wet in a traffic and stuck grin… sorry for the dirty mind.

  3. Hmmm! I dream of doing something like this but am too chicken to do it. Not to mention I never have the proper occasion!
    Oh please Ann… don’t make us wait too long! 🙂

      • Well, I still have a pretty low body image of myself I guess, I’d feel worried that he would not enjoy, reject me, I don’t know :-/
        And by ‘he’ I don’t mean anyone in particular 🙂

        Plus, like you, at the moment, it’s either someone comes to mine (Dancer) or I go to his, but only after spending time in a public place (Bouncer). I don’t see how it would be feasible 🙂

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