Meeting the Grey Knight

This post is long overdue; but my world post-trip turned into a Fox shit show and I got completely sidetracked.

Some of you may follow the Grey Knight; a male blogger profiling the many dates and sexual escapades he’s had on his post-split dating journey.

Given the relatively rare number of male non-fiction dating / sex bloggers, I found him shortly after starting my own blog, and have read all of his posts since. 

We connected off-blog two years ago and had a very temporary flirtation which quickly turned into the sex-blogger equivalent of occasional pen pals. He’s always been blunt with me and sometimes infuriating in his interpretations. He definitely isn’t motivated by telling me what I want to hear.

But I respect him. He’s intelligent and funny; two things I hold in high esteem. He has a strength of character I admire.

According to his writing, he is also handsome with a huge cock.

How could I not meet him, when presented with the opportunity?

Ladies (and gentlemen): he is tall, dark, and handsome. Gentlemanly. He has warm eyes and they crinkle at the edges when he smiles. And when he reached out with lightning quick reflexes on the tube to prevent me from stumbling, I also determined he’s strong.

But sadly, there is no cock report.

I can say, at least from my perspective, if it wasn’t for Fox, I would have loved to experience Grey. He is charming and witty. We had quite the travel adventure around his town, and we talked non-stop the whole time. The nature of or writing meant no topic was taboo. But we spoke of way more than sex and dating.

It was one of the best non-date dates I had with a man in a long time. Our intellectual banter and laughs served to highlight yet again what I was missing with Fox (and Grey was no fan of his).

I wish we had more opportunities to see each other – not because he could have been a potential lover (although that doesn’t hurt), but because I can count him among the friends I’ve made through this blog. He knows my craziest secrets and still likes me.

It goes both ways, Grey.

The next bottle is on me 🙂

10 thoughts on “Meeting the Grey Knight

  1. You are most gracious, m’lady.

    Your eloquence is a rare treasure, worthy in itself of being a holy grail.

    Having made your fair acquaintance it puzzles me more that you squander your time with the jesters of which you write.

    I suppose they are but mere distractions until a knight rescues you from this maudlin mass of mankind?

    I must not tarry for my fair love awaits me.

    Adieu, for now…

    • Quite true, Kim!! It happens with friends as well as lovers. And it’s so much fun when you can really connect with someone. It’s truly a shame he and I can’t see more of each other 🙂

  2. Well done Ann. Imagine my surprise to find a post featuring the Grey Knight. His blog has become a favorite of mine. I began following shortly after a comment he made in the Tony/Fox drama. It is nice to know he is irl as he portrays himself in writing. I too am struck by that strength of character and something in his writing touches me. There is also the very real sexual charge. Funny, the power of words. Someone’s blog has a post entitled “blogging turns you into a pervert”. I must say, reading them has certainly affected my perverted thinking.
    Ann, I always like being party to your perspective on things as well as voyeur in your real life world of sexual things I can only fantasize about. I find you both to be brave and exceptional at telling honest stories honestly. You help me to navigate my own stuff. Thank you both for that! Don’t worry about not having a GK cock report. That was one of the more refreshing parts of this post. I am a fan of Friday’s boob day. Cock day would make me very happy too!

    • Thank you so much, Cheri!! Yes, he’s great…definitely represents himself honestly on his blog.

      You know, if there are things you fantasize about you can make them a reality!! (I guess depending what they are, lol)

      I would love cock day. I never minded receiving (most!) cock shots when dating online.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to The Grey Knights blog. I spent a bit of time reading it, and I must say I like reading the males perspective about dating and trying to find The One. We could learn a thing or two from this man. 🙂

  4. Oh, how fun! What do you think those British women don’t like about him? He said he doesn’t mesh well and I don’t get it. He sounds lovely.

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