Holiday thoughts and a brief update 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I’m pretty sure blog traffic dies today – it did last year – as everyone drives all over, cooks turkeys, watches American Football (naturally), and online shops.

That’s what Thanksgiving is all about, right?

I’m thankful every day for what I have, so my attitude toward days like this is similar to Valentine’s Day and New Year’s resolutions; one day a year doesn’t suffice, but sometimes focus is good.

I mentioned earlier that Tony has been rather quiet this week. He’s shooting two jobs and preparing for a couple more. It’s always chaos when he’s in this place; trying to coordinate, not sure exactly when everything is going to happen, and last minute surprises.

As he said to me yesterday, he is reluctant to make plans because he doesn’t control his schedule and many times he’s ended up bailing on people. He said he did it enough times that he stopped making plans in the first place and has ended up a bit of a hermit. His words.

I reassured him I understood the risk. We were in a conversation about making dinner plans with the “school couple” who like him as well. Not sure it will ever happen if we don’t try.

Last night we talked on the phone as he was driving to his shoot location. He told me he wanted to have a “steamy” talk about vacation options; he wanted to know what I’d learned about Hedonism, which we’d mused as a possibility for a trip option (by the way, if any of you have been let me know what you thought – in comments or via my “contact me” page).

I told him I hadn’t done too much investigation because I didn’t want to “plan without formal approval”. I asked him – not sternly – if he was serious about it. He needs to sort out some work stuff but we talked enough about options I do think there’s a possibility it can happen.

Which would be awesome. A few days in the sun by the ocean with a sensual man, having lots of sex and waking up with his fuzzy strong body next to me? Sign me up!

11 thoughts on “Holiday thoughts and a brief update 

    • Will definitely let you know. We probably won’t go there since flights are crazy expensive between Christmas and New Years. We are thinking about going to somewhere nearby; you can buy day passes which might be a happy medium.

  1. I’ve been to Hedonism twice twenty some odd years ago….I think I would approach it quite differently today. There is a much more beautiful swingers resort that Bobby and I looked into…in Mexico. Check that one out. I think it was called desire or something like that

  2. I think waking up next to a fuzzy body after a night of sex sounds really nice!
    Hope it works out.
    Happy Thanksgiving Ann, even if you don’t celebrate it, or at least not today 🙂

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