A little musical interlude 

Tony is quiet this week; he’s gearing up for several jobs in the next few weeks and has gotten darn busy.

I haven’t imploded or worked myself into a “he doesn’t like me frenzy”. I did get temporarily miffed I hadn’t heard from him in well over 12 hours but I chose to send him a fun text and not worry about it. He called me before bed.

I got a new phone: the iPhone 6s which isn’t inherently exciting, but I am jazzed about getting the one with 128Mb memory. Finally I can have the amount of music I want on my phone. I have a massive music collection (over 200,000 songs in iTunes – don’t get me started on my hate for iTunes and its inability to handle large libraries) and love music, period.

Which reminds me; I got Liam hooked on old rock and metal and he now has two rock posters in his room. A few days ago I looked at one wall which has a poster of Kiss and space rockets side by side, then an old advertisement for trains, a painting my mother did of the rabbits from “Guess How Much I Love You”, and another painting of hers. It seemed a great representation of how he is both little kid and big kid at this age.

Last night after Liam went to bed, instead of creating photo books online for him for the two big trips we went on, I decided to finally buy some of the music that’s been filling up the “media” wish list on my phone. Whenever I hear of / see something I want to buy, or someone recommends something to me, I put it in the list. It’s helped free me of endless notes or pages pulled from concert programs.

My library already had a bunch of the stuff I was looking for – like Joe Cocker’s song “Space Cowboy” which was featured in the 20 Feet From Stardom movie (which you should definitely see if you haven’t). It’s a pretty good listen given what’s going on in the world today:

But some I had to buy. The list made me giggle because it was diverse, and I was reminded of Will Carrier telling me I should write more about music because he loved the posts I did about it.

So here goes: the list of stuff I bought last night on iTunes:

Cat Power | Dark End of the Street EP
I first heard her at a friends house late one night over drinks. Fell in love; her song “Lived in Bars” is in high rotation.

The Orb | Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance Mix 2)
I had this album in College and sonewhere along the way it was lost. Not sure what reminded me of this song but I wanted to listen again. Helps if you are under the influence.

Khachaturian Ballet Suites (Spartacus, Gayanch, Maskarade)

I saw pieces of Spartacus and Maskarade performed live and was absolutely captivated. Not that I can pronounce the composers name, but I will look it up someday.

Yo Yo Ma | Great Cello Concerts (bought for Edward Elgar)

Same as above; I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Yo Yo Ma live in concert and Edward Elgar is one of those composers who I’ve always loved and never collected.

Adele | 25

I have all her previous albums (I’m a big fan of soul) and wonder if I’m the only person who knows Harry Connick Jr named his albums this way a rather longer time ago. If memory serves, his first one was 12.

Benny Dayal & Shefali Alvares | Badtameez Dil

I’m on a Bollywood kick. There’s something fantastic and infectious (in a good way) about the beats in those big dance numbers. My Dad sent me about 100 songs to slog through, but this one I bought. All similar suggestions welcome.

Leon Bridges | Coming Home

Sam Cooke is one of my all-time faves. So when I heard there’s a new version of Sam Cooke on this earth? Done. Fox and I were supposed to see him in concert.

7 thoughts on “A little musical interlude 

  1. Music is so versatile and every mood asks for a different kind of music. But I could se a slow dance with a glass of wine on cat power grin.
    Joe cocker is just awesome. ooh haven’t done a Friday on him yet. guess Sinatra will have to wait another week.

    I so dislike Itunes. i use it as little as possible. It just suck you need to use it with a damned ipod.

    I love music.. and Kiss is a classic.. Rock on… Love hearing he has a poster. I had me Eddy from Iron Maiden.

  2. Why not just use Spotify? No need for massive phone storage, easy interface, can import iTunes playlists, etc.

    Anyway, here’s one for you in the spirit of being present in the moment…

    • Well because I like listening to the music I have spent a lifetime collecting 🙂

      Although I will check the feature of importing iTunes lists… Didn’t know it could do that!

      I still like making the equivalent of 80s mixed tapes for me and my friends.

      And thanks for the link! I will check it out 🙂

  3. Random trivia- my step-father baptized Yo Yo Ma’s child.

    I *love* music, I’m continually trying to introduce our kids to new genres and artists. This summer we took them to see the Foo Fighters at RFK Stadium, also on the bill were Buddy Guy, Heart, LL Cool J, Joan Jett and Trombone Shorty- what a fabulous eclectic show that was!

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