Um…1,000? Really? Thank you!

Wow. As of today I have 1,001 followers:


I find this rather astonishing.

As I said in June when I noticed I had 900 followers, I know there is some overlap in this number between Twitter and WordPress. I think many of my Twitter followers are promoting their own wares (such as dating and porn sites). I also seem to attract porn stars and while I’d love to think they are reading my stuff, I’m a little cynical.

I also know following isn’t the same as being engaged. But for all the arguments I can come up with as to how this number isn’t “real”, it still feels pretty good.

A year ago this time I had 500 followers. Is 500 per year a lot? I have no idea. I’ve learned to not benchmark against anyone else’s success. I’ve seen bloggers with tens of thousands of followers and barely any comments. What I do here, and what I get from it, is perfect for me.

I don’t do many things other bloggers do to expand their audience. After my fuck up with Google+ I got rid of it. I’m not on Facebook because I’m NSFW and it’s overwhelming to think of creating more content. I tried posting some stories on Reddit which spikes my views but doesn’t translate into followers or commenters (with a couple of notable exceptions – hello fellows).

I forget about Twitter and don’t constantly promote my content there. I’ve been pretty bad lately about commenting on other people’s blogs (sorry). I don’t participate in the daily memes common to sex bloggers (the exception being my exceptional friend Hy and Boobday, once in a while). I have been asked to write for different blogs and content aggregators and while I’m incredibly flattered anyone would think me worthy, I don’t think I can take more on and I’m bad at “top 10” posts.

I’ve never made it to any “top blogger” list – and while I can pretend to not care, not being on Rori’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2014 did hurt. There were so many blogging friends there and it was hard to not be in that amazing club.

But people seem to find me anyway.

I just do what I’ve done from the start – write about what I’m going through with as much honestly and frankness as I can muster. I will say it over and over again – I am consistently amazed at how wonderful and supportive this community is. I have real life friends I met through blogging – something I had no idea was even possible.

I remain honored every single time someone follows, reads, or comments.

Thank you.


P.S. For the stats junkies (I’m looking at you, Will), here are the other stats which took me by surprise today:

Crazy Stats

I simply can’t imagine I’ve written close to 600,000 words on this blog, but generally each post is around 1,000 words. It also makes me wonder if I’m vulnerable to losing my content – should probably get on that. I also have no sense whether the number of views or visitors is good / bad / indifferent, but I just shake my head in amazement. Thank you, again.

56 thoughts on “Um…1,000? Really? Thank you!

  1. Wow! A big congrats to you for hitting the big 1000 followers. I can’t say I’m surprised, you tell the most entertaining stories!

    Here’s to the next 1000! 🍻 <~ we can just pretend it's champagne, okay?

  2. Ann, I would read your blog even if it wasn’t about your sexcapades because you are a good writer. Add to that the scintillating content and it is well, like a favorite bra, it has both form and function. Then add to that your raw honesty and skill with suspense and you are a winner in my book! Congratulations!

  3. And here I am, happy I have now officially over 150 followers πŸ˜‰
    Congrats Ann, you deserve it.
    And according to my standards, 5,600 views in one day? My high is 380 I think πŸ™‚
    You rock Ann. Whether you write a lot or not, you rock. Keep rocking, that’s all that counts!
    (And why did I think of Will too when I read this post? πŸ˜‰ )

    • Congrats to you my friend! Nobody can find you through search engines so that’s pretty amazing…

      Those 5,600 views were a result of Reddit if I remember correctly, and a couple other things that all happened on the same day. But I think I only got one new reader that day. So it was fun to see the traffic but ultimately it didn’t mean much.

      Will has asked me before what my stats are like. So I figured I’d just get ahead of him this time.

      • Oh, well… I’m happy with it πŸ™‚
        I mostly enjoy the comments, so the views are a bonus, but it’s the interaction I crave πŸ˜‰
        I know Will asked you. We have had that same discussion a few times too πŸ˜‰

        • Right, it’s the interaction that’s the most important to me, because it’s helped me grow. Writing is the first part but then having other people reflect back what I’m saying to them has been like having multiple therapists with different opinions. I can’t understate how amazing it’s been.


          • I know. Believe me I know.
            And just for the sake of it: my stats are exploding today. I don’t think I’ll exceed my daily views, but… still going crazy, and it brings a smile on my face. But not quite as much as seeing how people reacted to my latest post…

  4. I’ve been on a list or two and tried promoting. Ive written tons and tons of content. I’ve published and tried everything and nothing brings in views or makes ppl comment. I’ve been blogging a long time and am just at 500 followers. Sometimes you just have to stop trying and people come around. You frustrate yourself otherwise.

    So kudos to you for being able to garner views and engage people. You have great content and that’s what matters.

    • Thank you Cara. I suppose it’s true when I think of what makes me stick with people – it’s not what lists I see them on, it’s whether what they write or show appeals to me.

      Loved your pic today, if I didn’t say it on your blog πŸ™‚

  5. Like you, I get a buzz when my “Followers” number moves through another notable milestone but I’m also sure most of my supposed followers have only visited the blog on a very small number of occasions over my four years in this strange but beguiling community. On the bright side, I have made some genuine friends through doing this, and friends are always lovely to have πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats Ann! I am lucky enough to be follower and friend! I am still amazed at the blogosphere and how it works. I was going to comment on the 5600 views in one day too but looks like you answered Dawn above.
    I’m here for the writing and advice!

  7. I think you are absolutely right, people interacting engaging talking to you is FAR more important than thousands of numbers, receiving feedback is all that matters………. lol that’s my humble opinion πŸ™‚

    (Reminds be of those facebook accounts where people have hundreds of friends?)

  8. Well I’m blown away and those numbers look astronomical to me. Way to go Ann. I’m sure your numbers will keep skyrocketing as you gain double, triple the number of followers you have now. I love reading your stories too….you and M are the best parts of my feed πŸ˜‰

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