Reblog: Being catfished. You’ll probably laugh at me.

I was doing some blog maintenance today (more fun than working) and came across a post that still makes me laugh – link below.

On a random note, I’ve been reading some dating stories from female bloggers recently and generally speaking, when they complain about a guy’s douchy behavior, I see all the red flags that got them there. Either in the way he treated them, or what he said, or what she did. But it’s rarely a surprise to me, based on what they write.

I’m sure there are exceptions, but it does make me wonder whether I should attempt to provide advice to people via this blog. I have never really thought I knew enough to do so. Madeline (The Woman Invisible) tells me I should quit my day job and become a dating therapist.

What do you think?

In the meantime, check out this old post: Hook Line & Busted: My Catfish Experience.


36 thoughts on “Reblog: Being catfished. You’ll probably laugh at me.

  1. From a married person who does her fair share of dating and relationship listening/advising, I think you’d be fabulous! I could then simply refer my friends who bitch to me repeatedly about the same douchey men they met last month, last year, in high school (they all seem to be the same man with different names and faces). They grow weary of my brand of common sense; perhaps hearing someone else’s perspective would be helpful.

  2. I did say you should write a book, but providing advice to others via the blog would be great I’m sure. You could share others’ stories, dilemmas and offer your thoughts.

    • True, you did. I’m still pondering a book way back in the recesses of my brain.

      I’m thinking along the lines of people sending in questions / links to blog posts and me and my readers could respond. But it’s a nascent thought still.

  3. I know what I’d do!
    Learn all that there is about you!
    And!!!!! Just love you for who you are!!!!
    As you are!!!!

    Nothing I would want to change about you at all!!!!

  4. Heh. It’s always EASY to see what’s going on from the outside. I’ve seen you give great advice to Madeline on her blog and then watched you struggle with THE EXACT SAME THINGS here on your blog. It’s fascinating. And it’s not about you personally: that’s human nature.

    We can’t be objective with ourselves when our emotions are engaged, when we are in the middle of a thing: we are too busy justifying and excusing and just trying to come out the other side in one piece. Of course we can see it all perfectly clearly with hindsight (when it’s really not all that useful, dammit!). That’s why objective third party opinions are so very useful, why we see therapists, ask friends, post questions on discussion forums etc.

    And yes, you should absolutely do it :).


    • You are quite right, my dear. One of the reasons I connect with M is because we’ve had similar struggles. I’m not sure I’m so good when people are wired really differently from me.

      Speaking of advice, you’ve been relatively quiet about Fox. Is there anything you think I should be aware of at this point? Any red (or yellow) flags you see?

      • I have been quiet about Fox: I’m just enjoying seeing you happily exploring with him and keeping my fingers quietly crossed that it continues to get better and better for you both :).


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