My boyfriend is romantic AND dirty.

Yes. He did this ^^

Fox continues to surprise and delight me. There are many things going through my mind about him but I’m struggling putting it into words. I’ve tried to explain it to friends and the thoughts are starting to coalesce – which means you will see them here soon.

But I wanted to share some recent moments with him.

This past weekend, we spent both Friday and Saturday together overnight. Friday we went to a sporting event and by the time we got back to my place I was exhausted. I knew we had a busy day Saturday and really needed my sleep.

He was kind enough to let me sleep. And unlike the weekend before when he woke me up at 7am for sex (yay to sex; boo to not enough sleep) and then I was slightly crabby the rest of the day, this time he let me sleep. I heard him leave my room at 7am and later moving stuff around in my kitchen below – but I finally went back to sleep.

By 9am, when I padded downstairs in my slippers and robe, he had fed and caffeinated himself and had baked a batch of cupcakes. From scratch (really the only way to do so).

I had that great slightly fuzzy feeling of sleep and romance. He hugged and kissed me in my kitchen and I enjoyed the nice intimacy of it all. I rested my face on his chest and he was warm and it was sweet.

But then, as can happen, the kisses and touching got more intense. His hands roamed and I could feel – literally – his excitement. Then he said:

“This could go two ways. I take you right here, or we go upstairs”.

I voted for right there. And he took me from behind while I held onto my counter and tried not to spill anything. I may have had a sip of my freshly made latte. We eventually went upstairs for rounds two and three.


That night, I met some of his friends for the first time. It was at a house warming party that was otherwise rather boring and uneventful. But I got the opportunity to chat with his buddies and see the interplay between them.

We were almost an hour from my place, so we stayed in a local hotel. We got there late and as I went to the bathroom to take off my makeup and brush my teeth, I could hear him busily moving around. I didn’t think much of it, but whenΒ turned the corner back into theΒ room, the bed was covered completely with red rose petals.

Yes. That photo above.

I was made love to on a bed of roses.

But, then he grabbed a butt plug and I was DP’d. He’s my kind of man.

I told him I loved him. And I really do.

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  1. Wonderful to hear, sounds like you’re both making each other very happy, and you deserve it. Here’s to much more happiness and adventures for the two of you.

          • Actually… yes, I can. I know a few men who enjoy cooking. Heck, I even remember my ex (one of the things I have to concede he could do) once going all out to cook me a fabulous meal. Mind you, in 20 years of marriage, that’s not much πŸ˜‰

          • My ex liked to cook but rarely did it. I did all the cooking that our nanny didn’t do.

            Fox really enjoys it, so what I find amazing is that he cooks for me, in my house, and he’s okay with me not doing it. I give him other stuff and it’s all good.

          • Yes, that’s exactly it. He liked to cook, but I had to clean up after him, and most importantly it only happened when he wanted to. Or it would be some not really healthy thing…

            I have a friend whose husband does the same, he’s the one doing all the cooking. I love to cook, but.. once in a while, I’d like not to have to πŸ˜‰

            As for your last comment… that’s what relationships are all about, isn’t it? When one gives the other something and they return in kind. πŸ™‚
            I’m happy you have found that, and eager to read that post that has been brewing for a while πŸ˜‰

  2. YAY!!! Ok, I knew from the beginning that there was a reason this guy got a name πŸ™‚
    I’m kind of glad you have this man in your life. Yay you for saying I love you. I know it’s not easy πŸ™‚

    I just want to hug you I’m so happy reading this!

    • He is indeed a real person. And I haven’t been writing about *all* the great stuff. But he is not perfect by a long shot. There are things that give me pause – which I need to work through. But he excels at treating me very very well.

    • I know, right!! Although he split from his wife 14 years ago… so he’s probably the one saying “it’s about time”. I’m rather impatient but I recognize if I met him a year ago I don’t think I would be ready to have this relationship.

  3. First of all – I made it to current date! Its been a long time coming, and here I am. UP to date! Its been a fantastic time reading and catching up. I may have possibly shouted out to your blog on my latest post. Because damn other people should read this too. Atlhough, I think you’re doing just fine on number of followers. I’m probably at 10 myself right now?

    As for Fox, sly, smooth fox. Give it up for this man. Experimental and he’s a total smooth criminal.


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