Love, actually.

Fox came over late yesterday afternoon. We originally planned to have lunch but he came later and stayed. I had a space between conference calls so we took advantage of it and I greeted him naked in my bedroom.

The sex continues to get better. He’s committed to making me squirt and is getting pretty close to success – all suggestions and links to videos welcome.

I had to get back on a call but only had to listen, for the most part. Fox and I started fooling around again with my male colleagues chatting away in the background. I put the phone on mute and rode Fox to an amazing orgasm.

That was a first. We had a good laugh about it.

I got back to work. We sat side-by-side in my bed, him trolling Facebook and me doing my work thing.

After I was done, there was more talking and more sex. I ended up talking about Tony and told Fox about the decision-making I had to do when I was on vacation. I’m trying to find the balance of being open but not excruciatingly so. Of being honest without telling him things that will worry him unnecessarily. I’m not sure I’ve found the right balance, but I’m trying.

I read him two blog posts: the one I wrote about how I defined a serious relationship, and the recent one where I describe my excitement and fear. He liked them and reiterated the sentiment.

A very relaxed evening was had. Another round of sex, dinner out, back to my place to watch a sporting event, and lots of talk throughout.

It was late when we went upstairs to my bedroom, joking there was to be no sex due to fatigue and overeating. We crawled into my bed and he pulled me close. I felt his erection against my leg and wondered out loud in amazement that he actually wanted more sex. I could see his sheepish look in the dark.

He snaked his hand down my body and between my legs. He kissed my shoulder, neck, and behind my ear. And then he whispered:

“Ann, I hope you realize I’ve fallen in love with you.”

47 thoughts on “Love, actually.

  1. You’re posts lately make me feel so happy for you. Even if you don’t feel “in love” now (we don’t always fall together, after all), I think you just may soon. 😉

    Either way, I’m happy you’re enjoying the experience of someone appreciating you for the intelligent beauty you are!

  2. Congrats! I congratulate you and at the same time I am so very jealous of Fox. You are a very unique woman and I wish there were more like you who are insatiable and want to push boundaries. At least I can live vicariously…

    • There may be more than you know… you just need to give them the right environment to blossom in 😉
      I mean, I understand we may not be completely representative of the wider population, but there are a few of us here on WP already 🙂

      • I know you lovely ladies are out there, and here on WP it isn’t hard to find you all. In person its a very different circumstance. I’m sure there are more than I or anyone else realizes, but they are like hidden treasures.

        • I think the difficult part is to find one who is aware of her desires and so on. I know it wasn’t that easy for me to figure that one out!
          The good thing is, it may be possible to find one who isn’t aware yet and help her discover that side of her. That must be a lot of fun, I’m sure!
          Good luck with your explorations 🙂

    • Thank you – and yes, you’re welcome to live vicariously although I do hope you find someone who meets your needs.

      I don’t think I’m super rare – there are a few of us here on WordPress so I’m sure there are more outside this community as well 🙂

  3. Oh Ann! I’m soooooo happy for you!
    It must be wonderful to hear someone say they love you when you can feel that it’s true in the ways they behave with you!
    I am looking forward to experiencing it, one day 🙂
    And naughty you, having sex with your colleagues on the other end of the line! I’d feel very naughty for doing this, I’m sure I’d love it! Not going to happen in my line of work though, conference calls are just not a regular occurrence 😉
    I’m so happy for you! Or is it my own happiness that makes me even more happy for you? 😀

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