He sent me roses…

My birthday was Tuesday. Fox is away on a business trip, but made me dinner and sang “Happy Birthday” to me on Saturday night before I dropped him at the airport.

So I wasn’t too sure whether there would be anything else from him on my birthday.

I woke up to a lovely text from him. Liam made me a latte (I must be doing something right as a parent). I fielded a phone calls from Will and my Mom and Step-Dad, and some early Facebook and text well-wishes.

Liam brought me breakfast in bed (a family tradition; I picked yogurt with granola and berries to make it easy for him) and we hung out. I enjoyed how pleased my little son was at doing a nice thing for me. He told me later he could make me a coffee every morning.

I went to work, where none of my current team knew it was my birthday. It was fine; as the leader of the team I worry someone would feel obligated to do something for me. I had lunch alone at my desk but it didn’t matter; I got lots of love on facebook, via text, and even here in blogland πŸ™‚

My parents were coming over for dinner so I left my office a bit early. I arrived home to nothing special in the mail or at my doorstep. There was a momentary bit of disappointment as I realized – for the first time that day – deep down I’d hoped to receive something from Fox.

I was in the midst of talking myself out of such a silly expectation – after all, he’d made me dinner, sung to me, brought me cupcakes, and wished me well the day of – when my phone pinged and I saw an email from my brand-new assistant:

“Ann, Happy Birthday! I didn’t know! Oh, and you received flowers to your office after you left for your meeting. I’ve left them on your desk for you.”

My heart skipped a beat – he’d done it!

It was the first time since I was 22 I’d ever received flowers to my office. Will was too private and thought it inappropriate. Never mind that he never bought me flowers the first 10 years we were together.

I texted Fox to thank him for the flowers but told him I hadn’t seen them yet.

When I arrived at my office this morning, I was blown away.

A dozen white roses.

Recently he’d managed to work in a question about my favorite flowers. Clever man. My answer? “I’m not sure: I love white flowers. Peonies are my favorite but I love roses too. Hate lilies.”

He also knew which floor I was on because he used to work in the same office tower, for a different company.

When I again gushed my thank you via text, he said he wanted to be sure I knew he was thinking about me that day.

As I write, the fragrant beauties are sitting on my nightstand. He makes me feel so content even from so far away. I could get used to this!

25 thoughts on “He sent me roses…

  1. So happy! I never had flowers delivered to me, from anyone, or anywhere. Except maybe on my wedding day, but they weren’t for me, but for *us*. It must feel nice πŸ™‚
    Enjoy Ann, you deserve every bit of it!

  2. Fantastic, Mr. Fox! Doing everything right, imagine the possibilities! And while I praise him, I must praise YOU and Liam… you have raised yourself a very thoughtful little man who will one day be a good husband!

  3. Love this! Go go go foxy! We both love white peonies, that’s funny. I know the feeling of receiving flowers after so many years of not – it’s just the best. And I don’t think there is anything wrong of having that thought you would like to receive something on your birthday….I am so thrilled he did such an amazing job!
    Small things equal big things. πŸ’–

  4. I think he sounds fantastic! Regarding the question re: no anxiety/drama, I think it remains to be seen if he’s a good longterm match for you. In six months or a year you’ll either have fallen in love with him, or you won’t. And then you’ll know what to do.

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