Two years ago | Yet another sign.

Some dates will always stick in my head. My wedding date. The day Will and I decided our marriage was over, and the day I moved out.

I moved out just over two years ago. I didn’t note the anniversary because I am on vacation and didn’t know the date. Which is an awesome thing.

But here’s what I found amazing. 

I think I wrote about this but since linking in an iPhone is a huge pain, I will provide a summary. The day Will and I sat down over a fast food lunch to finalize our separation agreement in mid July 2013 (days after we made the decision to end our marriage), I ordered onion rings with my hamburger and got a heart shaped ring. Not kind of heart shaped, distinctly heart shaped.

The two-year anniversary of my moving out, a couple of days ago, I was staying with my son Liam, my brother, and his fiancé, a few hours from the rental house. We were on a tiny remote island. Walking back from dinner (at one of two restaurants on the island) I noticed, deep in a neatly stacked pile of wood, a heart shaped log.

Again, not kind of heart shaped, precisely heart shaped.

I snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook. I didn’t think of the date, until a commenter reminded me of the heart shaped onion ring post.

I’m not sure what it means, but if the onion ring was a sign that I was making the right decision, perhaps this is another positive sign. Perhaps about Tony; perhaps not as precise a commentary.

I am definitely on the right path.

I don’t need signs to tell me that, but they are a nice reminder.

9 thoughts on “Two years ago | Yet another sign.

  1. Life really has a funny way about it. Also curiously interesting that when something like this happens who or what it is that we think of…

  2. I love those signs! And I’m so glad the two year mark feels so positive for you. Your post made me realize that this month is my three and half year anniversary of taking the tremendous step of separating. That was more momentous in so many ways than the actual divorce date. And no matter how hard things are at times, it feels great to know I did the right thing.

    • Congratulations Holly. It’s pretty amazing when you realize how far you’ve come.

      Yes, there’s no question in my mind it was the right decision. Even on my worst dating day I know I’d rather not still be in my marriage.

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes, you are totally right about marriage vs. onion rings… although onion rings haven’t ever given me an orgasm. Although neither did my ex for a long time 😉

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