Summer to-do list update | Week 9 Update (Aug 13)

I fell off the wagon with updates, and with progress. Such is life. Mental progress was made about Tony; perhaps that should have been my #1 goal instead of weight loss, because that’s been a pretty big one.

Lose at least 10 lbs. My real goal is 18 but at the very least I want to fit into a particular suit and dress, and I know 2 lbs a week every week is not going to happen.

NOPE NOPE NOPE | Perhaps I should modify this goal. I haven’t really tried other than increasing my physical activity. I’ve been good on vacation; every day Liam and I have played tennis, or frisbee, or catch. I was determined to move my body and I’ve done that.

But there’s been no weight loss. 

Fox could be good for me in this regard. He’s also trying to lose a little bit since he’s unhappy with putting some weight back on. He has a strict diet he can use and I may follow it as well, just for a couple of weeks.

List and sell all of the wedding silver on eBay.

NOT YET | I have weeks without Liam once back from vacation and I will use that time to get it done. 

Start doing yoga again at home, at least once a week.

FAILNot. at. all.

Go to the gym three times a week.

KINDA SORTAreplaced by a weekly tennis lesson and a couple of bike rides. See above for what I’ve done on vacation. It feels good. A trainer from the gym has emailed me to ask if I want to train with him. When I’m back I will set up a time for him to put me on a routine.

Have less owing on my line of credit.

ON TRACK  | I’ve avoided looking at my accounts whilst away. Perhaps I should. I think I’ll be okay; this vacation was paid for a while ago so shouldn’t do too much damage at this point.

Book the meeting with the financial planner.

ON TRACK | failed to book meeting before my vacation but still need to get it done.


Settle on the dates for vacations with certain family friends. | MODIFIED & DONE | I planned the one trip for October. Hopefully I will get to see a couple of fellow bloggers whilst there. The other trip I will sort out later. It’s not urgent.

Stop staying up too late during the week. | DONE. The vacation has helped re-set, as has work which now requires me to actually be in the office at a reasonable hour.  

Buy a bike and ride it with Liam on weekends | DONE

Sell the pile of Liam’s clothes that have been sitting in my office for months. | DONE 

Book (and do!) the boudoir photo shoot I just bought on Groupon. Yes, again…I let the last one expire. | DONE – booked it for August 22nd.

Finalize my updated will and powers of attorney. | DONE – WAITING | First draft reviewed and corrections made. Getting close to being 100% done.

6 thoughts on “Summer to-do list update | Week 9 Update (Aug 13)

    • Thanks Caroline! I need to do something in the short term to lose it; then I’m stable when I keep a close eye on my intake during the week then eat whatever I want on the weekends (my reverse 5:2 lol).

      Fox lost 100 lbs on a diet so it’s what he can go back to pretty easily for a few weeks. I have resisted dieting generally (I used to do it and my weight was a roller coaster) but I need to undo the damage from the last 8 months.

  1. Reading these updates, I’m reminded of a saying that I have on a post-it note at work- if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse.

    Not saying you’re making excuses, but if week after week you’re failing to do something, is it really important to you?

    • Some of the stuff isn’t important but I have to do it (selling the China). My weight loss obviously conflicts with my simultaneous accepting of my body. I do want to do it but I’ve wanted to eat and drink more 🙂

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