Newsflash: I had a date and didn’t have sex. 

Fox and I had a great time together the night after I returned from my vacation, and had a follow-up date set for mid-week. He was also planning on spending the following weekend with me.

Is that a lot of time together?

A few days before my return, Fox texted me with his plans for seeing me upon my return, along with the caveat if he was monopolizing my time or if it was too much, to let him know.

Frankly, it was wonderful on many levels:

  1. Someone other than me was making plans. Actual, specific, plans.
  2. Someone other than me was moving things forward.
  3. He clearly was interested in seeing more of me. Not just satisfied with once a week, or every few weeks.

It felt especially good because earlier on I was a bit worried Fox’s schedule rigidity with his schedule would become annoying and frustrating for me. He has a teenage child who newly lives with him full time, and he wants to ensure he is home for them on a regular basis. He also knows what he needs to do to maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle by eating right, finding time to exercise, and getting enough sleep.

Back to our plans. It was amazing he was moving things forward and I told him I’d be delighted to see him that much the week of my return.

The mid-week date he planned to take me to a musical he thought we’d both enjoy. It turns out he bought tickets for the wrong time (matinee vs. evening show), which just continued my comedy of errors from the previous week (I could write a whole post on it but let’s just say my mind was really on vacation, I ended up paying for a hotel night I didn’t use, and I’m lucky I didn’t miss my flight home).

I was starting to feel like I really just needed to be at home in my own space. As much as I like being away, and seeing friends, I also need time to recharge. The day we arrived my Mom and Step-Dad came over to see Liam and we had dinner together – which was awesome because I had time to get laundry started and unpack. Sunday, Fox came over after I dropped off Liam. I had been out on Monday and Tuesday nights with friends. I was perfectly fine to not be out on Wednesday as well.

I told Fox this and he was immediately responsive, asking if I was sure I still wanted to see him. Yes, I told him, but suggested we either make dinner together at my place or I can bring prepared food from a place near my office. We chose the latter.

We met at my place and chatted and ate and it was nice. We moved to my couch and at some point I sat on the floor in front of him, between his legs, while he gave me a massage. We picked random vinyl records from my Dad’s collection and laughed at some of what we heard.

It was very relaxed, and very nice.

Then Fox says – “Um Ann, I’m not sure how to ask you this…”

“What, Fox? You can ask me anything, you know that.”

“Well, I know you have a really high sex drive, as do I, and I was uh…well…are you going to be upset with me if we don’t have sex tonight? I had kind of planned on it, and I want to, but this, sitting here with you, it’s just so nice and relaxed that I sorta want to just keep doing this.”

I laughed, kissed him, and told him while I’m always game for sex, I was super content to just sit and enjoy the time with him.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Now, we did have a crazy hot makeout session on my couch a short while afterwards, which kicked up my desire and almost took us upstairs, but I decided against it. I was tired and needed my sleep. He needed to get home so he wasn’t completely exhausted the next day.

I masturbated before I went to sleep, but I wasn’t frustrated. It was actually really, really, nice.

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  1. Well… I read this when you published it but couldn’t comment from my phone. Now… I just want to say you made up for it 😉

    Joke aside, I think it’s a wonderful thing that you both felt comfortable enough to not push for it 🙂

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