I have my priorities straight: sex before food.

Part One

Although Fox and I couldn’t quite get the angle right to really get me going (something I didn’t tell him – all in good time), the kitchen sex was damn hot. We changed things up a few times and I ended up sitting on him as he was on the sturdy bar chair.

At the point when my legs were cramping I needed a change of scenery. We went upstairs to my bedroom, still without having the customary date-starting-drink.

More sex was had. Lots, actually. He takes direction well. He’s learning what I like and I confess I’m soaking in all the attention and will soon need to return the favor. 

Soaked with sweat and body fluids, even with my air conditioning on I reached the point where I wanted nothing or nobody touching me until I cooled down. We talked and caressed each other until realizing it was well after 8pm perhaps we should get that wine/beer and eat dinner.

True to his word, he’d made a salad – quinoa, beans, other good stuff. The man really likes to cook and he’s rather good at it. I could get used to it. 

There was eating and talking and slow kissing. 

It’s amazing to me how much of a difference there is with him since he’s decided to open up. The conversations are far more interesting and easy going. It’s a huge difference. 

Sitting on my couch, he says “okay, I’m not sure how to bring this up” and I wondered what the heck he was going to tell me. He wanted to have the exclusivity conversation, so we do. I reiterated what I said briefly over text: there is nobody else I want to date right now, but I also don’t want to set myself up for failure or deception. I say I’d like to occasionally explore with others, with him there. 

Fox reiterated what he told me over text: he was curious about things but wasn’t sure how he would respond to any of it. I reassured him for me it was new as well. 

He asked me how often I wanted to play with others. I told him I had no idea but not as often as weekly and probably more than once every few months. We laughed and agreed we’d figure it out. I also told him we should talk about how things make us feel and if either one of us is uncomfortable then we’ll need to revisit our agreement. 

He was all good with that. 

To give him some context of what I’d been exploring and how often, I told him about Jason, and all that we’d done together. How we met, the threesomes, the gangbang night, going to the club where a woman went down on me and I went up on a cross. 

I was worried I’d told him too much. But he just absorbed it all and said he was good – the only thing that really caught him off guard was the gangbang experience. 

He didn’t judge me. 

So after that conversation he knew I wrote a blog, knew about my early dating on the naughty side of a dating website, knew about all of my wild sex club experiences, knew I am interested in sleeping with other people (with him) while we are in a committed relationship, and there he was, still sitting on my couch. Telling me how amazing I was.

Mind. Blown.

We had another round of sex and then he had to go home. We had plans to see each other again in a few days and again on the weekend. I couldn’t wait. 

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  1. Bar stool sex is pretty awesome. Next time try it with you sitting on the bar stool with your legs over the arms of the bar stool. Then he can pound you standing up and holding onto the stool to keep you from sliding away!

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