I gave him the best sex ever and he’s falling for me. Not in that order.

I spent the weekend with Fox.

The weekend started Friday morning when he dropped his car off at my place. He works not far from where I live and it was easier to park then go into his office. Which also meant he could see me in the morning. I’d given him a key so he could just let himself in if I was sleeping.

Being woken up with kisses and a warm male body next to me is pretty damn awesome. Some decent sex and a coffee in bed later, he kissed me goodbye at my front door and was off to work. I worked at home, because I could. I had a few things to get done, in particular preparations for my boudoir photo shoot the next day.

Oh, right, how could I forget? He told me he was “falling for me”.

I’m too tired for a play-by-play but Friday went well. I had to pick several outfits and get my nails done. Do some work. Shave my bikini line. That kind of thing.

Fox came back to my place at the end of the workday. He was quite interested in the outfits I’d picked for my shoot, so I told him I’d put one on for him. White dress shirt (one he lent me) unbuttoned, black lace boyshort panties, black thigh highs, and 4″ gorgeous black & white heels.

He took one look at me and I could feel just how much he liked what he saw.

I am thrilled to say I finally figured out a second sexual position with him where the angle is oh-so-good. Turns out although he’s six inches taller, his legs are pretty much the same length. I’d been compensating for his height, which was unnecessary. He took me from behind standing up, as I bent over my bed, without heels. Perfection.

I didn’t want to have a heavy meal the night before the shoot so we went to a local sushi restaurant for dinner. There was more sex before my early bedtime.

Saturday morning? More sex. A shower, an actual attempt at doing my makeup, and off to the shoot. While they “strongly” suggested professional hair and makeup, I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to look like myself. Anyway, great sex always takes off my makeup, so how can it be a boudoir shot with perfect hair and makeup?

I will hopefully get the pictures within a week and am praying I like some of them. At some points the photographer was very excited with the shots and while I’m pretty sure he says that to all the girls, perhaps not. He took 100 more pictures than he was supposed to; I’m choosing to believe it’s a good sign.

Fox had run an errand and met a friends for a coffee; he met me back at my place and we went for a late lunch. I was ravenous. We sat on a patio and ate unhealthy food and soaked up the sun. Once back at my house, we chilled out, talked, and listened to music.

But at some point I wanted to put my corset on for him. I didn’t tell him what I was doing, but popped upstairs to get changed.

I will interject to say the corset was the source of a slight internal conflict. When I was away, Fox sent me a text saying he was super excited to be the first one to see me in the corset. He presumed since it was in the same place on my dresser that it hadn’t been worn. But of course, it had been worn – it had Tony’s sweat all over it from a couple of weeks before I left for vacation.

I was eager to have Fox be my most recent memory of it.

I came down the stairs in the corset, a different pair of black lace boyshorts, and a gorgeous pair of Betsy Johnson black satin high heels with a hand tied bow (the same as are in that picture). These shoes have made a sex appearance before: a few times with Tony, specifically.

Fox had mentioned that he’d love to have sex with me in the right kind of heels. I figured this was a good shot at the right kind.

Little did I know.

I stunned him into silence and inaction. After a few minutes he laughed and said he literally didn’t know where to start. I asked him what he’d like first. His answer? “Could I sit on your couch naked, with you kneeling in front of me, and could you give me a blow job?”


So that’s what we started with. Until he wanted something a bit different.

We went upstairs to my bedroom where he pushed me onto my back on my bed. He kneeled beside my bed and started to kiss my legs, and my shoes. He was really into my shoes. He took the heel in his mouth and sucked. He pressed the heel of one foot into his pectoral and he held the other in his hand.

He asked me to press hard. I could see the marks the heels were leaving on his chest as he sat on my floor in complete rapture. I have no idea how long he caressed and sucked and licked and kissed, but I was quite content to watch him enjoy it.

I had never done anything like that before, or seen anything like that before. He told me it was a lifelong fantasy that until that moment, was unrealized.

So I asked him what else he fantasized about. A woman straddling his chest, pinning down his arms, masturbating to orgasm with a toy, so he could suck it afterwards.

“Want to do that right now?” I asked him. So we did.

When I put the 8″ dildo in his mouth after bringing myself to orgasm and has leaving quite the puddle on his chest, I told him the sight of him with a cock in his mouth was damn hot. I think I have a sub on my hands, people. Not sure what to do about that.

There was more sex, but I stopped at two lifelong fantasies fulfilled. My next trick? He’d brought an anal vibe he uses sometimes when he masturbates. I asked him whether it stimulated his prostrate and he said he wasn’t sure if he was getting to the right spot. I lightly suggested we try it while having sex, and told him to put it in.

Turns out, it hits the right spot. I rode him and watched him have the most incredible, intense orgasm. He first came without ejaculating. Didn’t know that was possible…and the second time, he told me he literally saw spots. I have to confess, I felt pretty damn good in that moment.

He told me later I’d given him the best sex of his entire life.

46 thoughts on “I gave him the best sex ever and he’s falling for me. Not in that order.

  1. Happy that things seem to be progressing for you. Not sure if being the Dom is going to work for you. You sounded a little hesitant. It will be an interesting path to watch you explore. The dry orgasam, at least that’s what the guy I’m “doing” calls it. Less mess and less to swallow but I miss some of the messy. Lol

    • Thank you Spencer! I’m okay with being a Top every once in a while, but not regularly. It’s all new for me so we shall see!

      Glad to hear you also have experience with that orgasm. I guess I need to research!

  2. Wow! So happy for him, and for you too!
    I am glad that you had a good shoot. I think the fact that you are comfortable with your body and your sensuality is a big plus going into a shoot of any kind. That’s probably what the photographer saw and why he took so many shots πŸ™‚
    As for the lifetime fantasies? Mine are different, but I can understand the pull. And understand why he is falling for you too πŸ˜‰
    You must have been quite a sight, I understand why he’d lose it πŸ˜‰

    The way you describe all of this is scrumptious. I’m *really* happy for you!

    • I know, right?? This is totally new for me. I’m so pleased he trusted me enough to show me that side. I think it’s great to explore and I have no idea how it will all go, but that’s okay too.

  3. Amazing! I’m dying to try more anal toys on Bobby too! How do you even know what to do?!!!

    I wonder how you will do with a sub? Not sure about that one….tricky at best for a strong woman who likes to be dominated.

    • Well, in this case I asked him to show me how he puts it in. So I could watch it. Next time I can do it.

      I’m not sure how I will do with someone who has subby tendencies. He’s not all sub…he’s good at doing things I like as well. But I’m willing to explore with him. It can’t be all one-sided!

      • “He’s not all sub…he’s good at doing things I like as well.”

        *laugh* No no, you misunderstand: If he’s a sub, then you get ALL THE THINGS YOU LIKE, ALL THE TIME. That’s why it’s awesome.

        If he’s a fetishist (e.g. feet/shoes) or a bottom (i.e. likes things done TO him), that’s a different thing.


        • I totally misunderstand, yes. This is entirely new to me. My friend Madame is telling me I should LOVE this…her sub cleans her damn house!

          I really don’t know all the things he is, and I don’t think he knows either. I can tell you he has expressed concern he can’t be dominant like I like, but when we’ve talked about what it is I like (not BDSM all the time, for example), he seems okay with it.

          He’s also interested in pegging which I know doesn’t mean anything in particular.

          Perhaps I should get him on Fetlife, as I did, to research and learn and figure out what is appealing to him. Any advice?

          Ultimately, I’m really happy he’s trusting me with this stuff. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him to a) tell me, and b) let the situation happen.

          • I wouldn’t get him on Fetlife or worry about any of the labels right now. Seeing/reading about what random fetfolks do/think is completely irrelevant to you two finding your feet with each other. I’d even say it would be a distraction from what’s right in front of you.

            Explore, enjoy: you obviously feel safe with one another and have great communication. That’s a lot more than the majority of people on Fet (or anywhere!) are capable of.


          • Good point; I’m not worried about labels, I just know for me it helped to read some things and say “yup” and “ugh” to stuff I read or saw. It helped me better understand how to articulate what I was curious about.

            But no, there’s no rush for that. He said next week when he’s on a work trip he’s going to research how to make me squirt πŸ˜‰

          • To be honest, he has more chances of finding Hy, since my blog is hidden. But if he finds the post that links to us… πŸ™‚

          • I know!
            Sometimes, I think of sending The Dancer a link to a post I really liked, but then I remember that if I did, he’d figure out easily who I am and where to find my blog. I’m not quite ready for that yet!

  4. Do we get to see the boudoir shots? I’ve had a few professional photo shoots done over the years and they’re such fun and I love seeing other people’s photo shoots too! (People I know I mean rather than professional models!).

  5. Very cool. I think it shows just how much Fox is invested that he trusted and felt safe enough to share and try with you his fantasies that he had never shared with any other woman. Seems like you’ve got an open, honest and trusting guy on your hands, and there’s no question he thinks you’re incredibly special. I hope things continue to develop nicely for you both.

    • Yes, Josh, I realized this as well – I think my being open with him about the things I want to experiment with also helped him. I’ve told him a ton of things I’ve never told another partner / boyfriend, and showed a lot of vulnerability.

      Things have been developing very nicely…thank you!

    • I’m sure I will figure it out. I suspect he’s a switch but either way we’ll explore and see how things go and what he gravitates to *and* what he’s willing to do. Either way, I’m really looking forward to experimenting together.

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