Got two other drafts but here’s a Tony update

Yes yes yes I know I haven’t finished the Fox story yet but bear with me.

Tony just called.

There has been no communication since our brief exchange about when I was returning from vacation, six days ago.

I looked down and saw his face on my phone. I almost didn’t pick up but realized there was no point delaying the inevitable.

He said he was wondering how I was doing since he didn’t hear from me since I’ve been back. He asked about my vacation and work. We talked about how crazy busy he’s been. It was a 12 minute conversation (yes, I looked).

We both had calls we had to get on at the same time – thank goodness. I deliberately avoiding opening the conversational door about getting together. For example, I didn’t mention that I don’t have Liam for two weeks, because the natural follow-up is “well then we should hang out”.

While it felt very strange to not suggest we get together, or to even say “see you soon” – I managed to simply thank him for calling and wish him well on his project today.

And then I hung up the phone and went to my meeting.

Anyone want to takes bets when / if I’ll hear from him again?

20 thoughts on “Got two other drafts but here’s a Tony update

  1. I don’t want to take a bet on the length of time but guarantee it won’t be exactly when you want or need it. I’m not sure what’s happening but I don’t see your posts very often. Thanks for stopping by my blog to remind me😀

  2. Ann, this kind of sort of reminds me of a guy I carried a torch for for near 15 years (not in the same way as I do my husband, to be clear)…and he always gave me just a “little” to keep my mind on him. I don’t doubt Tony has feelings for you. It must be really, really hard to hear from him.

    • Actually it was okay today because I felt better having talked to him and not moved things forward. I’m certain he knows something is different. But I have treated him well despite not wanting to see him at this point.

      What will be difficult is if I’m dating Fox (or someone else) exclusively in the future and Tony resurfaces saying he’s ready. But I can’t worry about theoretical possibilities!

  3. I bet he manages to have his phone eaten by shark with rabies. Or his car gets stolen by a banjo playing dwarf. Or his house is attacked by a herd of angry barn cats. Or he contracts leprosy from borrowing his friends underwear. And aside from all that he will be very, very, very, very, busy. Like President Obama busy.

  4. I know that you will hear from him again. I don’t know when, hopefully at a time when you are strong enough in yourself, and know where you are in your relationship with Fox, to handle it without too much effort.
    Well done on this time 🙂

  5. Hi Ann!
    I can’t begin to place bets because I just don’t know! How’s that for a cop-out??
    I’ve learned first hand that the unexpected becomes the norm and just when you think you won’t hear from him again…you do.
    I still do from someone…almost 30 years later. Not in the same way, nor is it the same situation – but Tony has always reminded me of this somebody who was in my life many years ago. It’s probably why I can feel your battles so personally.
    You know I’m in your corner – I only want the most fabulous ever for you. xo

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