When I didn’t plan to be beaten or have sex with a woman (2)

[Part One]

Jason led me by the hand to the play space. It was already filling up with couples and single men. Jason and the husband (we’ll just call him “H”) picked a platform bed. His wife (“W”) still hadn’t said anything but he said “oh, she likes you a lot”.

It was surreal.

H said “we usually like to start with massages; do you like massages?”


I really wished it was Jason’s hands on me. Throughout the next hour I would always know the second he touched me… I suppose after 18 months it makes sense. (And for anyone relatively new to this blog and wondering why Jason isn’t my boyfriend…he found out shortly after we started dating, in the Fall of 2013, that he had a 9 month old. His son lives with him now and he’s been slowly determining with the mother of his child whether they are going to get back together).

Massages commenced. H was okay with his hands but I generally like a stronger touch. He included my feet, which I love, and told me I had amazing strong calves that reminded me of some athlete he was with once. Which made me giggle since I’m no athlete.

W still hadn’t said much. She had large fake tits and was smooth where I was dimpled. She was also much shorter with darker hair. An interesting contrast. I decided I had to let go of my insecurities as H was definitely enjoying his hands on my body.

When the massages finished we got down to business. I think I started with kissing Jason, but it soon became a blur. At first we had a “full swap”… I was with H and Jason was with W, but he would occasionally put a hand or mouth on me. We each gave them blow jobs. H was small. Not even small side of average – small. Been there before, I was nonplussed. I could feel the circling of the single men around us, some jerking off under their towels.

During the blow job I focussed on watching the glory hole action, which was next to where I was. At first I couldn’t figure out why the guy seemed to be fucking himself against a mirrored wall. Then I figured out what the hell was going on and tried not to laugh with H’s cock in my mouth; a guy might take it the wrong way.

H doesn’t like having his wife on top, so she was excited to mount Jason. H just wanted to fuck me in the missionary position. It wasn’t exactly my first choice but he was actually rather respectful and pleasant so why not. I took one for the team.

I watched Jason most of the time…seeing him be pleasured by another woman was interesting. I wished it was me but didn’t feel any jealousy. Just desire to get on top of him.

H finished and wandered off to get cleaned up. I sat up and a couple of single men asked if they could play with me. I declined. Then W finished and I decided I wanted to mount Jason. H was back and Jason told him I wanted DP…so that’s what I got. H had a bit of trouble getting in but because he was small it was actually pretty easy for me. I think Jason wasn’t super hard because he’d cum with W. But, it was still pretty fucking great, pardon the pun.

Then Jason and H asked if W could go down on me. This is what Jason was waiting for and I thought – why the hell not.

I lay back and enjoyed another first. Jason whispered in my ear and kissed me and she touched me – geez women are soft – and then I felt her kisses which started with my breasts. When she put her face between my legs, it really didn’t matter what gender she was. She was skilled. I found myself wanting her to put her fingers inside me at the same time, but as she brought me to orgasm, with her husband on one of my breasts and Jason on the other, and an audience surrounding us, I really didn’t care.

She and Jason started playing and the men told me to kiss her. So I did. She was strangely devoid of passion, but it still felt good. I played with her tits. Jason asked me if I would go down on her and I said no – I wasn’t ready for that.

H disappeared somewhere and W was once again engaged with Jason, so I took the opportunity to go find my friend the Dom. I felt like I was running a sex gauntlet as the single men I pass through each said something to me: “hey gorgeous”, “hey wanna play”, etcetera.

I was a little turned around but finally found what I was looking for – the St. Andrew’s cross. It was in the centre of a large room – not mounted on a wall – so people could watch from the playrooms on one side and the big room on the other. People were gathered on couches, some just watching, some watching while pleasuring their partners. The bar was at the back and more people were watching from bar stools.

There was a slender woman on the cross and a man was whipping her. Gulp. I’d never seen anything like that in person before.

I had put my purple lace panties back on but otherwise was naked. The man looked up, saw me, broke into a big smile, walked over and gave me a hug.

What. The. Fuck.

[Part Three]

46 thoughts on “When I didn’t plan to be beaten or have sex with a woman (2)

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good time, I was hoping that she would be more aggressive with you but doesn’t sound too bad for a start. LOL Did you walk around and look on the other side of the gloryhole? I can imagine that it looked strange from the guy’s side of the hole. πŸ™‚ Hopefully you had a good time tied to the cross.

    • The cross post comes tomorrow πŸ™‚

      She wasn’t aggressive at all…and while I was attracted to her, at least with me she was missing a certain sensuality. It could definitely have been me, but it was a bit fake / mechanical.

      I lamented to Jason on the way home that she had a nicer body and he said it didn’t matter, he preferred how I moved.

      I didn’t look at the other side of the glory hole actually, my mind was elsewhere after being with the couple.

  2. Now this post is the reason I feel in love with Ann St. Vincent’s blog! πŸ˜‰ Honest, good details, and a cliff hanger at just the right point…thank you!

    Sorry you had to be stuck with the small package, but it sounds like you had a great time and just went with the flow! It seems like it only got better too. These places sound like a complete sexual playhouse! Can’t wait for part three!

    Glad you explained the Jason thing, cause that thought definitely crossed my mind more than once. I am sure your other readers too. The one other thing that did totally pop in my mind though was when you were explaining the women going down on you after you had sex with two guys with condoms on?!? That condom taste is not a turn on. You were smart to not indulge…Have your first time be without that taste! That is one memory/taste that I wish I could forget!

    • Yes, Jason is a great guy and we are now in a very familiar and comfortable place with one another, having experienced so much together. But it’s highly unlikely we would ever have a relationship at this point.

      I’m pretty sure I got the order of operations right…but perhaps she went down on me first. Either way, you are right, condoms taste icky.

      I’m not sure I will be going down on a woman any time soon…but noted!

    • I actually have the same reaction going down on a man after he’s worn a condom, which I still prefer to him going commando in a sex club atmosphere.
      I put it down to me being allergic to latex. Or maybe my reaction makes it even ickier? It does take a moment to get rid of that first taste.

  3. I wondered whether Jason was a good match for you relationship wise, but figured there were reasons you maintained each other the way you do. I like the relationship you have with him, it seems easy and comfortable. Some things are just too beautiful to mess with. πŸ™‚

    • Jason is great. I should have mentioned in my post that I told him I blogged and I said at times he’s the hero of my blog…his response? “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to read that; it would be like reading your diary. They are your thoughts.”

      That’s just the kind of guy he is.

      • It’s funny how the guys vary. I have had some ask me for the URL only for me to tell them that, no, they could read some posts, but wouldn’t get the address, to others not interested (dyslexia and a very basic grasp of English would have made it very difficult), to The Dancer’s reaction, which is similar to Jason in the sense that he wants me to keep my secret place to sort my thoughts, but enjoys reading whatever it is I share with him. Of course, that’s only true if the blog isn’t the meeting place!

  4. It’s funny, I must be truly bi-curious, as I have gone down on a few women by now, though I can’t say I’m good, I’m still quite new at it, but I certainly enjoyed it. However, no woman has ever gone done on me yet… however both The Dancer and I wished it would happen… I wonder what I’m doing wrong πŸ˜‰

  5. I doubt if you are doing anything wrong, just the circumstances haven’t been right. Probably what you’re doing wrong is that I’m not there to watch and you know how much I’d miss it. πŸ™‚

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