When I didn't plan to be beaten (3)

I added this feature image because I deliberately put a small pic of my bruises at the end of this post but it seems WordPress likes to make it a feature image, which I didn’t want. Don’t scroll down to the very bottom if you don’t want to see the bruise picture. I’ve offended some people, it seems. Again.

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I watched the woman writhe and moan under the Dom’s ministrations. It was startling to watch what he was doing, but I could tell he was very skilled. Soon afterwards they were finished, he helped her down off the cross (words I can’t say I ever thought I would write), people applauded, and off she went.

He came over to me. We laughed about meeting at the gangbang night without even realizing. We chatted as if I wasn’t standing in from of him almost naked and he didn’t have a whip in his hand. I asked him about his Prince Albert piercing…I’m admittedly, a little curious.

Then he asked me if I wanted to get on the cross. I must have looked terrified so he walked me over to the big bag he had on an ottoman and showed me a few things.

Knowing about my bad experience with the Dom at the gangbang night, he explained that in these situations, it’s the Sub that has all the power. He told me he would start slow and gentle and be constantly checking in with me to see how I was doing. He told me I could use three words – Yellow to say I was reaching my limit, Red to say I was at my limit, and a third word (unique to people from my area) which means stop immediately.

Nobody has ever had to use that word with him.

I explained to him I’d only ever experienced pain like spanking during sex and I wasn’t sure how I was going to be in the absence of the physical pleasure that accompanies sex. He said he could be more “hands on” depending on my level of comfort and his interest. I said – shyly, ironically – I didn’t mind if he touched me as well.

The only pressure I felt was in my own head. This was what Andrew suggested I might enjoy, way back in November. This was one of the reasons I joined Fetlife. And this man I knew was a real Dom who could be trusted.

Up I went. He showed me how to put my hands through the cuffs at the top and where to hold on so I was more comfortable. He told me to spread my legs.

There were probably about 30 people, maybe more, watching me at this point. I still had on my lace panties. I looked to my left and saw Jason sitting on a nearby couch with his arm around W, smiling at me.


The Dom always showed me what he was going to use, before he started. I often joked with him because some things looked really fucking scary.

Floggers. A wratenburg wheel. A dull knife (yes, really. He started with that one saying “do you trust me?” and I retorted “I wouldn’t be up here if I didn’t!”). A crop. A whip. Feathers. Goodness knows what else. He showed me but I have no idea what the names are of the tools.

He started soft, then removed my panties (“here, let me help you out of these”). Asked me to rank my pain on a scale from 1-10. He got harder. It felt good. I wasn’t going to cum from it but I still enjoyed it.

A few minutes after starting, he says “ah, Ann, do you bruise easily?”

I said “have you seen my complexion?” And then said I was supposed to be seeing an ex boyfriend the next day so perhaps he could keep the bruising to a minimum. He told me afterwards he didn’t think my bruising would be that bad. Live and learn.

At one point, a guy came up to me on the other side and said “when you are done I want to eat you out”. I had to say “sorry, WHAT?” and he repeated himself and instead of laughing hysterically I said “um, maybe…I just need to finish getting beaten”.

Fully down the rabbit hole was I.

The Dom came around to my front and put my nipple in his mouth. I was hyper sensitive and he knew it. It felt very good. He used the wheel on me at the same time and boy, did I like that sensation.

You know when a Dom says “this is going to sting”, he means it. The only things I really disliked were the crop and the whip. He didn’t do much of it but wanted to give them a chance, I suppose.

After the whip, I felt his hand between my legs. He quickly and expertly made me cum and squirt. Now I was cumming, loudly, naked, surrounded by an audience of strangers. He did that over and over.

Then he helped me down, wrapped me in a towel, made sure I was okay, and handed me over to Jason. I introduced them. I was fine. I wasn’t in pain.

Jason offered that I could stay but I had no interest being alone. We went back to the changerooms where the cute staffer gave me her number and told me to call her.

I was fine that night but completely shocked when I looked at my ass. I had no idea I would be that marked. It generally has not hurt at all, and the bruises are still there but fading, 9 days later.

The Dom has checked in with me every single day since then. He has offered to play again any time I want that he’s at a club. He knows about after care and I would trust him to do it again. Not sure I will, but I might if the opportunity arises.

I was relieved at some level I didn’t see Tony that weekend, because I wasn’t keen on explaining what I’d been up to that Friday night. But someone did see my ass the next day, and he added his own marks to it. I will get to that post next.

And for those of you who have asked, here’s what the marks looked like:








48 thoughts on “When I didn't plan to be beaten (3)

  1. Wow! Yes, the bruising looks scary, but considering I had bruises for over a week after basic accupressure… I get it!
    The experience sounds delightful though 🙂

      • I think it’s the fact you’re in a different state, you don’t register the pain on the same level as you normally would.
        I know that’s probably what happened with my accupressure… done in an intimate setting 😉

        • Nope that’s exactly it. It didn’t hurt like it would, but it wasn’t particularly pleasurable either. I couldn’t see myself even writhing with pleasure at being whipped.

  2. All I can say is yummy.. Grin… Brave to go to a whip as well, it takes lots of practice from the D. Knowing the length fully the curve stiffness. the strength used.

    Okay getting of the speaker box.

  3. Glad you’ve found someone who can take good care of you and beat your ass. LOL I’d like to meet him as he sounds like a really good Dom and will take you deep down the rabbit hole. Glad to hear that you’re picking up groupies also.

  4. Since he made you squirt it seems a worthwhile experience. The bruising looks bad; but if you enjoyed it mostly ; it is just one of those things.

  5. Holy shit, Ann! Makes me wonder why I learned to induce pain without leaving a mark but, yeah, the part of me that’s chivalrous had a minor coronary to see that bruising while the sex fiend in me said, “Hmm, not bad…”

    And just how do you explain something like that to another lover when you look like ya just got finished fighting Rhonda Rousey?

    • Well…the lover on Saturday (I have yet to write about him) I met on Fetlife and he likes things rough so wasn’t worried about it.

      I was really only worried about seeing Tony… because who knows if it’s even occurred to him that I’m having sex with other people, given we are broken up and all…

  6. I’m feeling awfully stupid… I have a couple of questions. What caused the red scratch like marks? I understand the bruising but I can’t figure out what would cause the red marks. I support you fully in your explorations (and am glad that you felt comfortable to post your picture, again). So, if it didn’t hurt and you’ve crossed it off your bucket list why would you consider doing it again? If you are uncomfortable with my questions, please don’t answer them. I would be ok with that. I just don’t think I will have an opportunity to ask. Lol. And Larry had it right – you do have a set of groupies.

  7. i’d be interested in knowing what you felt and what thoughts ran through your mind when you were being punished. I’ve seen a lot of people being “beaten” and know that it is a good pain but it’s always interesting to hear what you’re feeling while it’s happening?

    • It’s hard to recall, actually. I felt powerful and exhilarated for the most part. Wondering what was coming next. Thinking about what hurt and what felt good, and why. Random thought like I wanted a huge black dude I saw in the playroom to have sex with me and I watched him and another guy a very obese white woman. I thought about skin contrast and their obvious love of a huge ass and remember thinking why the fuck was I insecure about mind. Then I would think – ow! I don’t like that tool. That kind of thing 🙂

  8. You just lost me as a reader….dont like the graphic pics….good luck to you though and I hope you take time to love yourself and be happy with yourself….

    • Well Lisa, I’m very sorry to hear that. I deliberately cropped it tight and put it at the end of the post. And as you know I rarely post pictures. I’m sorry to see you go and hope you reconsider.

      I do love myself and am happy; thanks for your kind wishes.

      • It showed up as the first thing I saw as I looked through the blogs today…Wordpress doesn’t care if you put a pic at the end….I guess you didn’t know that…I know last time you posted a pic you got mixed reviews and I do realize its YOUR blog so of course do what your heart wants you to do…But like I said in your last pic you removed, reading it and seeing it is TWO totally different things and thats why this pic was too much for me….

        • Totally understand it was too much for you. There was someone else who also expressed their displeasure by saying I’ve lost them as a reader. I’m saddened by the choice given its the exception for me to post a pic like this (or pics at all, usually) and I would hope that all of my other content stands above…but knowing me I’m sure to offend again at some point!

          • You didn’t offend me…I just thought it was gross…I guess that’s why I’ve never had any desire to be beaten before….or whatever you call that happened…You make a good point about your other content and I’ll prob come back and check how you are doing every now and then….take care…

    • Indeed I can. I’ve never made a list but perhaps I should. I love lists…

      And thank you. Writing for me is like I’m sitting across from you telling a story. But with less swearing and better punctuation!

  9. Sorry to hear you’ve lost readers from exploring kinks and telling us all about it. However, the more we talk about bdsm/kinks, the more people (uncomfortable or not) will think outside the box. Yes, not everyone’s interested in it, but to de-friend someone for being honest about a consenting experience that makes them happy is crazy in my eyes. That’s like de-friending someone because they like avocado sandwiches.

    Here’s a big thankyou for choosing to show and tell rather than hiding it 🙂 We should all feel good about being honest and open and despite the couple of negative responses, I hope you still feel good about it.

    I’m surprised you said the crop was the most painful, I always thought the whip was the evil one? I’d love to experience all of them (one after the other) to compare 😀

    One more thing… You go girl! Hahaha xx

    • Maybe it was the whip…I lost track after a little while lol…

      You can go read their comments yourself but I think they left because they didn’t like that I put up a picture of the marks. The second time I cropped it really close so it was the marks and not actually of my ass. My goal wasn’t to titilate as much as to show the impact. Particularly because I didn’t think I would bruise like that.

      I don’t feel worse about it because two people said they won’t read me anymore because of it – but I frankly would have preferred they just stayed silent about it. I didn’t need to hear that I offended someone.

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