The night I didn’t plan to be beaten & have my first experience with a woman (1).

Imagine me last week:

Monday I was able to end my three-week long sex dry spell with a hookup at a sex club. Tuesday night I had crazy-but-empty sex with Lewis and then realized there was no future with him as he had been slowly fading away. Then I had a great night on Wednesday night with Tony, and acknowledged despite how I feel about him, there was no near-term future with him either. Tony and I were planning to have our talk on Saturday night. It was tentative depending on how his work went.

Thursday night I got home, fussed online, and watched television. I had met a couple of interesting prospects on Plenty of Fish who seemed normal, mature, articulate, and keen to meet. They met or exceeded my guidelines. But with plans on Friday to have dinner with a girlfriend, a potential date on Saturday with Tony, and then getting my son Liam on Sunday for the week, it seemed it wasn’t going to work in the near term.

However my dear consistent Jason was in contact. He asked whether I could see him on Friday night. I knew dinner with my friend could easily go for a few hours but relished the thought to forget my troubles with him and being with a known entity. We left it that I would text him when dinner was over, which would probably be around 10pm.

My girlfriend and I had a great dinner as usual, talking about an upcoming trip in October and how excited we are. She has a flat where we are going and I haven’t been there in many years. It’s one of my favorite cities and I can’t wait for a few nights of great food, drinking, shopping, theater, and cultural exploration. There are also a few of you bloggers who live there…

Anyway, I hadn’t looked at my phone in three hours. I went to the bathroom before we left and saw a text from Jason which he’d sent two hours earlier:

“Mind if I see if I can get a couple to meet for drinks and maybe more tonight with us? :)”


He and I have talked about this multiple times. After all, he’s the one who procured Andrew for me, and joined me my first night as a unicorn at a swingers club, and was supposed to come to the gangbang night (which he still feels guilty about). But he’s wanted to play with another couple for as long as he and I have talked about playing with others.

Sometimes the less time I have to freak out about something, the better.

When I texted him back he asked if I wanted to go to a sex club that we hadn’t been to before. He added he may have found a couple to play with us.

My first thought: Crap! I haven’t shaved my bikini line.

He agreed to come pick me up, as I got ready. He explained the woman was bi-curious like me, but her husband was straight. He sent me their pictures (hard to see other than the fact that she had big tits) and gave me their number to confirm.

As I was getting ready I texted the Dom I’d been in off-and-on touch with since last November. I reached out to him on Fetlife to learn a little more about D/s, and despite a few attempts at meeting it never worked out. He was busy with his wife, children, and girlfriend, and since he wasn’t a romantic interest I wasn’t too fussed. But we’d gotten back in touch and were again trying to find a time to meet.

Why had we gotten back in touch? Long story short, I thought I’d had an exchange with him (non-sexual) at the gangbang night. It only occurred to me after the fact so I’d reached out to him to ask if it was him. It was.

I sent the Dom a note saying something like “OMG I’m going to [such-and-such] sex club tonight!”.

He said “well, I will see you there then. I’ll be at the St. Andrew’s cross”.

I literally laughed out loud. It’s funny how things work sometimes. For those of you who don’t know, the St. Andrew’s cross is a X shaped cross that’s used in BDSM. People get attached to it and then shit gets done to them. He’s an expert in “beatings” and so he goes to clubs on a regular basis and introduces people to the cross or plays there with people he knows. I thought it was hilarious I would get a chance to say hello to him that night.

Here I was thinking I was just having a dinner with a girlfriend.

At 11pm, Jason picked me up. I wore a short dress and a gorgeous pair of black boots. Purple lace boyshort panties. I knew it was unlikely I’d be in them for long, but they made me feel sexy.

The club was more like the first one I ever went to, with Ariel. The front area was like a sexy nightclub and the back had playrooms that opened at 12am. After midnight you could be naked anywhere. We purchased our membership and were given a tour. I bought us drinks while texting the couple who was there but kept missing us. At midnight we went back to get our locker and get undressed. One of the female staff commented on my boots saying she loved them and would “do me” in them. She was cute.

The couple found us as we were getting undressed. The man was significantly shorter than I was and while not intrinsically unattractive, he did nothing for me. He greeted us happily and vigorously and commented on my height. His wife was exotic looking – slavic / Russian – with big eyes and huge gravity-defying tits and she just stared at me intently, silent. I was instantly unnerved.

We got undressed and the next thing I know I was being led by the hand into the back rooms. It might as well have been dropping me down a rabbit hole.

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25 thoughts on “The night I didn’t plan to be beaten & have my first experience with a woman (1).

  1. Aaaannd… another cliff hanger πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes the less planned things are the best. Looking forward to reading the rest πŸ™‚

    • I am SO SO SO behind in writing Dawn. Gah!! There’s a whole new person to introduce everyone to… perhaps I will just sit with coffee non stop for the next few hours and write. Problem is, living my life is getting in the way!!

      • I know what you mean!
        I still haven’t finished writing about the swinging club, or the time where I told The Bouncer… and now, I’m writing another post about yesterday night. If only life were a flowing river, we would have time to write everything… but we wouldn’t have anything to write about πŸ˜‰
        Don’t put your health at risk for the sake of writing. You know what happened. We are just by-standers who would appreciate a peek, but we’ll survive without it πŸ™‚
        Looking forward to hearing about the new person!

  2. God, I’m already in love. I hope she turns out as good as I think she will. Please write fast and don’t spare the 4 letter words! πŸ™‚ One thing you’ll find is that rarely you meet a couple that you are attracted to both sexually. Most of the new couple on couple hookups have ended with a 50% success rate. That’s more the norm than the usual.
    P.S. Send us a picture of your ass post-cross!

  3. Oh my… you’re totally bringing my past back up to me! Have fun lady, and enjoy it. Do enjoy it. And start carrying bottles of chocolate syrup, it sounds like it will come in handy verrrrry soon!

      • Most of them are fabulous memories. Whenever people tell me about stories in Penthouse Forum and how none of them could ever be true, I laugh knowing I’ve experienced much more intense shit than those stories! πŸ˜‰

        • That’s so true!! I watched “50 Shades of Grey” a few days ago (just to see if it was as horrible as the books” and found myself saying – pfft, that’s nothing πŸ™‚

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